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Nemesis: *swings around to face Hope. As she turns, she unfurls her wings to give the motion a more dramatic effect. She then broadly grins at the girl* Ah yes, we did say that you would get to meet your parents, didn’t we? Hmm.. *she reaches out with her right hand and pats the top of Hope’s head* Yes, we did indeed. Guess we might as well deliver. *she then suddenly slams the tip of her tail through Hope’s back, severing the spinal cord within seconds before the tip pokes out of her chest* You shall meet them indeed.

Hope: *her eyes widen in surprise as the tail slams through her. She gasps as she tries to regain any breath, however, with a tail going through her lungs, she finds that impossible. Soon enough, her body becomes limp. However, she does manage to whisper out* Why…?

Seferia: *glares over at Sephiroth* ~Do as I say. I have more power than most available here. I am also leader. I cannot ask anyone to jeapordize their lives when I can do it myself.~ *she shakes her head* ~Go, I’ll hold her back.~

Gorchev: *jumps back as he watches Nemesis impale Hope. His ears pin back in sorrow toward the scene. He then snorts at the call for retreat* Damn you… *he hisses before turning tail and rushes to follow the others*