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My iPod has a tendency to surprise me

Many know that I have songs. Lots and lots of songs. My collection of songs is more than enough that I don’t always know all the songs and music that I have at my side at any given moment. So, it’s not too surprising that my collection can surprise me at times.

Well, yesterday, when I was driving home, I noticed that my iPod was playing a song that I had originally put into “background noise” priority. However, as it continued to play, I realized that the lyrics are dark. Extremely dark. These dark lyrics quickly made the song one of my hidden gems of my collection.

What was this song? Well, feel free to check it out.

I personally have a tendency to sympathize with stories of battered individuals. I myself was once a victim of abuse. My mother used to be shoved into closets when my father was angry. My father broke my mother’s wrist and tried to choke her while I was standing five feet away from her. The actual trigger for my parent’s divorce was the fact that I had a black eye.

I don’t even remember this black eye nor the events around it. My mother once told me that all she could figure out was that apparently I had gotten a dress dirty while visiting my father’s family in Long Island. According to what she was told, I was thrown into the back of a pick-up truck, as in the bed, not the back seat, and my father drove home. So, it is unknown if a punch or the movement from being unrestrained gave me the black eye.

To this day, if you yell at me, I will freeze up and not respond well at all. Yelling and anger are not good things to me. In my brain, they still lead to very bad things such as pain.

Anyway, yea, I may go into more details on my less than wonderful past on some other day. This song still really struck a cord with me when I actually listened to the lyrics.

The many yays of gifts

Wish lists are such great things. They manage to get me things that I actually want. Unlike things like a new pair of jeans that I once got as a child… In fact, I made a rule starting around my 14th birthday that if any attempted to get me clothing as a gift, they’d receive the glare of death along with more than sufficient scorn for a full year. They got the message quite quickly.

Anyway, this year, I was more than happy to receive Little Shop of Horror’s Director’s Cut Blu-ray. I have a slight love for that movie. Audrey II is more than a memorable little evil plant full of great amounts of devouring hunger. I mean, this song alone was one of the reasons that I had always had a soft spot for the movie.

Few villains who sing that I know of have songs that rank along with that one. This one is just so irreverent and clear on the point that “Twoey” is not messing around.

I wish I could find a good copy of the version where she eats Seymour. However, it appeared that was of short supply on YouTube. So, I made due with a really good quality from the original ending.

Anyway, I absolutely adore the original ending. It has a great amount of humor along with karma to it. The sad thing was that I was not aware that there was two different endings until recently, when David Willis had tweeted about the Blu-ray. However, now that I know of it, I am very pleased.

I also got the Ratchet and Clank HD collection and a Hex 3 Jaja stylus.

I had previously blogged about the stylus several months back when I had discovered Lar’s tweet on it. At the time, it excited me to have the chance to turn my iPad into a lesser Cintique. Well, now that I have it, I’m not disappointed. It does look like it will do exactly what I had thought it will. It’ll take some time for me to get used to it though. So, we shall see if I can start bashing out sketches.

Hopefully I won’t be too lazy on that front.

Oh, I also got some silly fantasy artist’s bible thing. It has some interesting reference things. However, most of it is rather basic. It’s not bad.

With that said… I want to listen to Mean Green Mother from Outer Space again!!

For Slim

I love The Wolrd Ends With You’s music. It’s just so fun and catchy. And this song just popped up on my iPod. So, I felt like sharing the awesomeness of the songs from TWEWY.

And yes, one day I’ll go back and finish the game. I’m 1/2 the way there. I swear!

In other news, it’s amazing how bad Devil May Cry fanfiction is in general. I will probably highlight something from there sometime soon. I just need to pick the right one.

When a stash is too large

One tends to forget the little tidbits and trinkets that are hidden away in that stash.

I have been gathering and building a huge music collection over the years.  I don’t tend to get rid of the music that I’ve gathered, I just add more and more onto that stash.  So, I have a large chance of encountering songs while my devices are playing on random and going “what is that?”

Having raided OCremix back in the day doesn’t help with that.  Not in the least bit.

This was one that I did exactly that to this morning.  It caught my attention because it is rather fun and entertaining.  So, I feel like putting it up and sharing it.  Enjoy.

In other news, I’ve been streaming quite frequently from my various computer games, but I don’t feel like putting up the recordings in a post. Still, the streams keep on coming.

I may or may not stream more Saints Row: The Third tonight.

Dang you, iPod!

Making me want to play Beat Hazard when I can’t!

This song recently came up in my random playlist:

As I’m listening to it, I’m just imagining all the ways that I’ve screamed in fear and terror as I tried to survive all ten minutes in Beat Hazard on Insane while playing this song.  In fact… Now that I think about it…  That might make a fun video to record!

I’m pretty certain my X-split can manage being the recorder for such an event.  Yay for idea spawning.

Journey is a beyond glorious experience.

Yesterday, I had the great excitement of having a game that I was greatly anticipating arrive in the mail. Certainly, I could have picked it up before straight from the PSN. However, at the time I wanted to wait for a sale. Then, this was announced:


and I knew for certain that I wanted it in that format. I was not disappointed by the set.

This collection is well worth the money. Each of the games are breathtaking. Not to mention, Flow, Flower, and Journey all provide soundtracks which are equally as majestic. Even when I was done playing Journey, I spent my time last night playing Flower and listening to the music from Journey.

If you have never considered picking up this title, you should definitely consider it. This game is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced before. I believe that this game may have actually managed to capture the experience of just pure wonder at art in a game. Each moment was breathtaking to me. I do not know if I can explain in words how absolutely wonderful this game is.

For any that need more convincing to buy this game, here is some of the great music and visuals. Warning for spoilers. Hence, I shall hide it behind a more.

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The Guantlet has a new home!

Once upon a time, Seferia was bored.  In fact, a lot upon a time, Seferia is bored…  However, that is beside the point.  So, Seferia made a group on Capcom Unity to entertain herself for a while.  During that time, she permitted for bending of rules, for it was a private group.  All members were adults, and fun was had.  Seferia approved.

However, that group has died down, and now Seferia is bored again.  So, Seferia is reviving the most popular topic and event from that forums here on her own site with even looser rules.  The only rule is no pornography/illegal content.

Thus, Seferia introduces you to the Gauntlet.  It is a thread of ultimate “top this”-ness.  The objective is to find the worst of the worst out there, of all genres.  Share it and then find more of the greatness to laugh and snicker at.  For quite some time, this thread had a lively following of evilness.

Without further preamble, Seferia presents to you the highlights of the original Gauntlet!

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The revival of the blog.

It has been quite some time since I have utilized this blog, no? Well, a movement is coming, and that movement will likely have me blogging much more than before. That movement will be revealed in a bit. However, first, some music.

Enjoy the sounds of Video Games Live, a concert I attended while I was at E3.
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