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Seferia is starting to form a theory.

It’s not a very sound theory, but it is a theory… Trillian might be the cause of some amount of instability for my streams. I may need to keep it closed in order to improve performance. Or… replace my video/sound cards. Given that my vid/sound cards are still basically awesome… I’ll go with option #1.

Anyway, tonight had two different streams. First, there was the continuation of the combination of two epic laughs of insanity. Unfortunately, mid-conversation, skype went crazy and Seferia had to reboot her computer in order to get it working again. Feel free to watch it here.

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Halcyon Presents a WOM Production!

Last night, four members of the WOM agreed to a long-term commitment of love and dedication. We shall tough it out through every weather and prove that we are enGAIGEd in every manner that can possibly come to play. As proof of our intentions, we finally put together a stream that had been plotted for weeks.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Enjoy the devastation. Feel free to pick on my silly mistakes. I’d happily pick on them.