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When spell checks go wrong

Spell checks are wonderful things.  They help people locate errors that had been overlooked for various reasons.  I know for sure that I have had my share of typos that have been caught by spell checks.  They definitely can save a piece of work, that’s for sure.

However, one must always be careful when utilizing an automated service to look over a product.  There’s always the chance that the program will guess the wrong word when attempting to decipher bad spelling.  Sometimes, the spell checker is not programmed properly, so it doesn’t know the word is wrong.  So, it’s always best to double-check the spell checker either on one’s own or by asking someone else to review it.

However, despite how sloppy it may look when a spell checker does come up with the wrong word, I manage to find a fair deal of amusement from the results.  Results such as these two.

“He could feel burning heat around him as he struggled to the service, desperate for some air. Once he reached the service, he swam slowly over to a rock ledge and pulled himself out of the lava.”


“While Ada was on her mission and reported to him about Jake Muller, he was surprised that he had a sun, but he did not show it.”

Both of these examples came from the same mediocre story.  In fact, there’s other points that I can pick at, such as the author’s notes being longer than the actual chapter, but those two sentences simply stuck out.

Thanks for the laugh via wrong word usage.

The season finale is approaching.

Freedom Fridays is quickly reaching the end of its life. As I had mentioned before, I have intentions of replacing my weekly Monster Hunter stream with a TriU-based stream. I’ve yet to pin down a name or day for this stream, so I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway, this past week’s Freedom Fridays was a complete success. It may have started off slow, but once it picked up, it was a blast. I also beat my prior records of nearing but not passing 9 hours of streaming. Yes, now my record stands firmly at a ten hour long non-stop stream.

The only sad thing about the stream was that at about hte half-way point, the frame rate became unstable. I’ll try to isolate the problem to determine if I can stream with music playing again or not. However, the music that I was playing at the start of the stream had to be killed off.

There was also a slight issue near the end with a person making comments that were not quite ones that I wanted to support in any way nor give any impression that I support. I do not enjoy having an entire group of people blanket-hated upon. I care not how one wants to term this hatred, it is not ok. Those that do come on the calls for my streams with such attitudes will be removed each and every time.

Anyway, if you think that you can make it, enjoy watching the recording of the stream.

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More lessons while experimenting

I’m still on my quest for the perfection in which I seek. This perfection is escaping me for now, but I will eventually obtain it, I swear.

However, Trillian turned out to not be the key to that perfection.

Last night, I once again performed a number of test streams. This time around, I did some research and looked at my resources. When I glanced over what programs were munching up resources, I quickly found that Skype likes to eat a whole lot of resources. I also noticed that Trillian, on the other hand, does not. So, a brilliant plan of using Trillian instead of Skype for stream Skype calls came into play.

It didn’t work out as well as the brilliant plan idea that had been envisioned. Apparently, while Trillian does indeed use less resources, it doesn’t have an option to turn off the mic volume adjustments. So, my voice was regularly brought to a near whisper thanks to the program’s tendencies. So, Trillian has been cut out of the available options.

Maybe I’ll look into the mumble thing that had been mentioned once. I remember using vent while on WoW, and that was a nice program, though I wouldn’t want to pay for another vent server.

Anyway, if you want to watch the fail, here you go.

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Why Betas exist

Authors really should look for fanfiction circles to find people willing to beta read for them. There are simply way too many stories that clearly go without them and show. It’s painful to see a story where it almost looks like the author has some semblance of half a grasp on grammar, yet they randomly drop important things like quotation marks and capitalization for names.

Not that the perfect grammar would likely bump this story up to the “gem” statue. However, it definitely could have used someone to look over it and mark all of the obvious errors for the author.

Just a real shame.

Late night streams from the weekend

Most probably missed these streams, since they started off rather late. The first one wasn’t planned at all, sort of. My participation wasn’t planned, that was for sure.

Shayla started off playing Operation Raccoon City with her friends from Unity while I was playing Freedom Unite with Deva. For the record, Deva still has a long way to go. Deva is not quite Fatalis-ready, nor elder dragon ready, nor upper G-Rank ready. Deva needs work. However, that’s not with this blog is about. So, we shall forget that detail.

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When a bad fic can be spotted by just the title

Seriously, do people even think sometimes? Any effort?

Master Chief vs Chris Redfield vs Darth Vader vs Harry Potter by christopher1235
Who would win in a battle.

Yea, I’m not even clicking this one.

Words: 299

Really am not clicking on this story. I don’t even need to look at it more than that…. Well, it could be worse. I mean seriously:

A Coming Out Story by Yooney
Cloud and his girlfriend Tifa move to Midgar, city of the gays. After being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle, Cloud becomes curious and fascinated. All it takes is a man with beautiful long silver hair and a hidden motive to remind him of a long forgotten past and turn his life—along with his sexual orientation—completely upside-down. Yaoi/Seke Cloud/Shota/Cheating

It could be much worse.

Disclaimer: click on these stories at your own risk. I did not read them at all. I only saw the summaries.

So very wrong, and yet so very fun

Well, I had two requests to review this fic and present it up here. I know that I have mentioned it at times to various people, but it’s not really that high on my list. It’s only a fanfic that is unquestionably wrong and funny at the same time. By all means, the very concept of this story should put it under the “automatically horrible” column. Yet, somehow, the author managed to pull it out.

So, I shall go ahead and speak of it today. My Little Wesker is definitely not the pile of sludge that I was expecting when I first read the name and saw the categorization of “My Little Pony/Resident Evil crossover”.  I will be honest, the first time that I read the title, I had images of a terribly written story with raging out of character interactions.  I couldn’t even comprehend how such a story could possibly work.  I’m certain the same thoughts are going through the heads of those reading those right now.  They all lead to “NO!”, I’m sure.

Well, I’m definitely no MLP fan, I watched the original series as a child and have watched the Friendship is Magic series out of sheer boredom and because my friend insisted that I check it out.  I have no strange fascination with the series.  It exists.  Is it bad?  Not completely…  The dialogue is noticeably horrible if you hear it through another’s speakers.  But it has some quirks that make it reasonable as a product.  So, I can understand why some people enjoy the show.  However, it isn’t something that, for lack of better terms, I find magical.  It exists.  That’s it.

Resident Evil and Wesker, in particular, should be no means be able to mesh with the MLP ideas.  Sure, they came close to having an actual villain worth notice at the end of the 2nd season with the shape-shifter.  However, there is definitely nothing that I would classify as an actual threat in MLP.  Thus, the interactions should by no means work.

Yet, somehow, this author has managed to make it work.  Even Malek commented that the humor in the fic was actually charming.  I think the thing that makes this story work is the fact that it is aware of itself being something that should not work.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously.  However, it is written maturely, so it doesn’t look like a complete mess.

I have found many flaws in the story though, such as it using the show/video games as a strong clutch.  Scenes from Umbrella Chronicles and the show have both been presented and reformatted for purposes of this story.  Like the other story that I presented the other day, the story does rework these scenes to make them fresh.  So, it is a minor point in some ways.

Also, it is noticeable that Wesker is a bit not quite spot-on with characterization.  At times, the internal dialogue and dream sequences indicate that the author does understand his characterization.  However, there is just a bit off in general with how he interacts with others.  Still, overall, it’s not too strongly out of character.  So, this story does not stray into the “bad” category.

This story is still in progress, and I do read new chapters as they come up.  Hopefully the humor and odd quirks will continue to intrigue me.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy the fact that I presented this story to you.  Check it out if you want your mind blown with absolutely bizarre humor that should not work.

I also think I have an idea for my next target fanfic.  However, I shall hold off on it until tomorrow.

Yet another fun stream was had today

Seferia once again teamed up with Shevaman in order to create a stream of RE6ness. It was… something or other that is that thing. Yep. It was that. Feel free to enjoy the recording.

Also, seferia.net was moved a new server today.  So, hopefully some of the silly things that have been giving my site slow loads will be gone and over with.  Hopefully.

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Another dillemma-time for Seferia

First and foremost: Little Big Planet, you torment me!! I once had over half the game 100%ed and was well on my way to doing so for the rest of the game. I was steady and certain in the fact that I would get it all. Then, came the great crash of the PS3. Back then, around 2008ish, when the crash occurred, I didn’t have cloud saves. Nor could I even turn on my PS3 in any attempt to recover the data.

So, that save was lost and I was brought back to nothing. Thus, after some time of avoiding the PS3, I went back to go through the game, but not with the same enthusiasm. So, I played through a good chunk of the game again and became appeased that I could make funky costumes yet again. I was content and had moved on.

Now, recently, my harddrive crashed. However, I thought everything was all good. I had things backed up on the cloud save and all…. Apparently, LBP was immune to the back-up. In fact, recent pokes has shown that I should have done things manually to get that….

Anyway, I once again want/need to go through the game to recover what I had lost. Thus, LBP is the tormentation of love. Yes, very much so.

Anyway, that’s not my dilemma. Nope, my dilemma for tonight is that I may be split four ways or more. First, I had spoken to my Aussie gal, Kat, about playing LBP since I wanted to regain stuff. She had mentioned getting her stuff tonight. So, I had a basic plan of playing that tonight.

Then, there’s Russia. He’s a cool dude, though sometimes repetitive. We were playing through Leon’s campaign in RE 6 on professional last night. We were having fun. So, I did want to continue with that. We didn’t finish a full chapter, so we’re currently mid-way through.

Which brings me to dilemma part three, Shayla/Shevaman contacted me last night and asked me if I wanted to do another campaign with her tonight. That’s so tempting since she’s so fun. However, if I were to do such on my PS3, I’d lose that save with Russia. If I were to do it on my 360, I wouldn’t have as good of skills. Perhaps I can finish our chapter then move to Shayla? However, there’s also Kat…

Onto the last bit, Malek mentioned playing Tri tonight. Perhaps… maybe, I can talk Shayla into playing Tri and we can giggle at her going after monsters. I’m sure Kat will be fine with waiting.

Yes, it is definitely time for Seferia to think.

And the Saga of Chris Strife ended tonight

This time, I only had a few blurps of sound that occurred when cutscenes occurred. Overall, it was a much better stream. However, my Hauppauge is definitely being a pain at times for livestreaming. Overall, it’s good. However, I’m strating to really feel the unstable driver’s properties.

No matter, enjoy the many, many, many deaths.

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