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Curse you, Hasbro!

I’ve been a fan of Transformers for years; however, I’ve mostly kept my toy collection restricted to either Starscream/the seekers or a few scattering of Decepticons in general. However, Hasbro has been recently producing a line that has multiple figures that I want to collect in general. The main guy in this upcoming line that I will need to find a good spot for is Devastator.

Images gathered from seibertron.com

He was one of the most prominent combiners that I noticed while I was growing up, especially since I watched the movie religiously as a child. However, I never really got around to collecting a version of him, whether because of missing out on it, not having the funds, or not liking the design. This time around, the only issue is space. However, I have plans and plots. I am certain that I can find a home for a single combiner. However, if the rumored Trypticon comes out as well…

We’ll get to that bridge when we cross it!

Anyway, there have recently been another set of announcements that have caught my eye.

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One day, need to hunt these down

Today, someone asked me a question about my plush collection, which lead to me looking up the site of the maker of a set of plushes that I absolutely love. I have not been on this site for quite some time, so, it was very nostalgic to go back on there.

Unfortunately, it also brought back one other thing. I had skipped out on some of the great and fun plushes that Toy Vault had made due to money constraints. One day, I really should go back and hunt down those few plushes that I never really had the chance to get.

See, I had fallen in love with some of the designs such as this one:


And I had always been on the sidelines with this one.


However, if I were to go back and get a plush that is missing from my collection, it would not be a Toy Vault plush at all. No, the one that I really want to go back and hunt is made by Palisades. For a time, I was collecting life-size chestburster. I have the facehugger, regular, and queen chestburster. However, there was a final one that I just didn’t have the money to nab back then.


Dang, the holiday season is quickly approaching

This is a short blog today, for I don’t really have much to comment on at the moment.

I’ve been looking at the dates and going “dang, it’s time to spend a lot of time on my Amazon Wishlist again”. Just shy of 2 months away from my birthday, then soon after, it’ll be Christmas season. I already am buying myself a WiiU, so I might as well fill up my wishlist with stuff and update the notes so people don’t just assume old stuff on there is really wanted.

It’s kind of a fun little activity, messing with my wishlist and updating it. Keeps me entertained at work, at the least.

Meanwhile, I got to GR 19 in White Knight Chronicles II last night, yay! I am just 9 more levels and one more GR away from being an 80! Then… I need a lot of Vels and stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Stuff is good. Mmmm-hmmm.

I am really grateful that I joined the guild that I did in WKC, though. NekonimisFTW has been a great group. We all have helped each other and been rather friendly. Though I’ve only met a small handful of the entire guild so far.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince more of my friends to join the game, because the online quests are really fun.

Thank you Lar!

You just brought to my notice a great little gadget that I am certain that I will jump on it if not as soon as it comes out, rather quickly.

Oh yes! A stylus for my iPad that will be pressure sensitive? That will definitely make my desires to use my iPad as a sketchbook complete! In fact, I’d probably sketch more if that was the case, for the current stylus that I have makes things feel chunky. I can’t stand drawing while things are chunky.

I’m just so excited to see more about this.

I’m so broke this year…

So, so, broke. However, the things I’m buying are so awesome. Dang you dillemmas!

I just came across this pair, and I’m so nabbing them!


My Monster Hunter plush collection is growing big-time. There’s a lot of Rathalos and Rathians, but I don’t care. They’re all so cute.

Journey’s Collector’s Edition also shipped out yesterday. I use prime, so that should arrive tomorrow, but I won’t be playing tomorrow. I have plans to Stream and play LBP 2 with the WOM. So, Journey will have to wait until Thursday.

Oh, that reminds me, I should try to nab the soundtrack for Journey. I had heard one song during Video Games Live, it was quite enjoyable. For that matter, I should also hunt down Skyrim’s theme and add it to my music collection.

Seferia gives in to the power of Umbrella

A few months ago, Seferia bought an umbrella and she was happy. The umbrella was one that replicated the iconic Maltese cross of the Umbrella Corporation.


I was happy and content at the time, for I thought that I had gotten around the fact that Amazon and the Capcom store both had pre-order bonuses that I wanted. However, then something occurred to me.


There was a second different Umbrella. I wanted both, but I didn’t want to give up on my Amazon pre-order either. Well, today I gave in and pre-ordered the 360 version from Capcom’s store so that I could have that second Umbrella umbrella. This will also give the other half of my friends the chance to torment me. So, it’ll work out.

There is a statue for a character cosplaying as a Monster Hunter?

Kinda cool, in my opinion.

Anyway, I regularly stop by Ami Ami, a site that Hobbes had referred me to once, to see what they have going on with new products and things like that. Today, I indeed found a new figure, but it baffled me for several good minutes. Check it out:



When I first encountered this statue, I tilted my head and stared at it for several good minutes.  The armor looked like it could be Naragacuga armor; however, it wasn’t quite there.  Thus, I was genuinely baffled.  Then I looked at the title for several good minutes.  At long last, it hit me.  This figure was from this clip:

Rather fun to think that there’s a statue of an anime interpretation of Monster Hunter.

The pangs of gaming.


Due to space concerns in my room where I game, I usually game from my bed.  I also use my computer from my bed.  I’ve been doing this for years.  However, there’s a large draw-back to this set-up, I have no back-support.  So, I tend to be in serious pain if I have to sit at my computer or for my games for long periods of time.  Wireless gaming can solve this, since I can lay down.  However, not all circumstances permit this.  And lounging on my side to my computer keyboard has seemed to pull muscles as well.

So, I am now at the point in which I must think of back support.  I don’t think I can continue to stand playing games without any form of back support.  However, previous attempts, such as husband pillows, have faltered due to sliding out from behind me.

Enter my candidates for new choices on my gaming set-up:

ZEEK Gaming Chair w Black Canvas Folding Frame

The Zeek Gaming Chair – for the price, it seems like a sturdy choice.  However, I do not know about reliability or comfort.


The Foof Wedge Chair – More expensive, by far.  However, I have a Foof Chair and I love it.  They are very reliable pieces of furniture as well as very comfortable.  However, I do not know if it will supply reliable back support.

Well, those are my thoughts for now.  I’ll probably get the cheaper one for now.