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Limited edition PSP for Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker coming

Metal Gear PSP Front

Well, Sony is preparing yet another specially colored PSP to release with the upcoming MGS Peacewalker.  This specific one has definitely caught my interest, for it has several things going for it.

First, I have my launch PSP still.  Yes, it works; however, I have never been happy with it.  From the first day I got it, I had clusters of semi-dead pixels on that PSP, a problem that was common amongst the launch units.  While, this problem possibly could have been solved early on by a choice to turn in the PSP and get a new one, during those days, the pickings were slim.  Not to mention, I had convinced myself that the problem wasn’t major, which it honestly isn’t.  I can play my favorite games without the clouding issues being any problem.

Furthermore, seeing as this is a 3000 and my system is a 1000, there should be a much faster loading time on this unit.  To be honest, the slow loads on my unit have started to irk me.  Ok, perhaps it will be only a bit faster and not “much”, but it still would be faster.

Next, it’s a gorgeous color.  Now, I’m not saying that color alone will get me to buy a unit, though it has its appeals.  That has never been the case for me; however, I will say that I wouldn’t touch a system that was a puke-worthy color.  Nonetheless, the color is a nice draw.

Last, it comes with a game that I plan on buying.  I am a Snake fanatic, and Naked Snake is definitely fun (perhaps even more fun that Solid).

Hence, this system will definitely be on my radar.

Source: New Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Pack – PlayStation Blog.