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Another dillemma-time for Seferia

First and foremost: Little Big Planet, you torment me!! I once had over half the game 100%ed and was well on my way to doing so for the rest of the game. I was steady and certain in the fact that I would get it all. Then, came the great crash of the PS3. Back then, around 2008ish, when the crash occurred, I didn’t have cloud saves. Nor could I even turn on my PS3 in any attempt to recover the data.

So, that save was lost and I was brought back to nothing. Thus, after some time of avoiding the PS3, I went back to go through the game, but not with the same enthusiasm. So, I played through a good chunk of the game again and became appeased that I could make funky costumes yet again. I was content and had moved on.

Now, recently, my harddrive crashed. However, I thought everything was all good. I had things backed up on the cloud save and all…. Apparently, LBP was immune to the back-up. In fact, recent pokes has shown that I should have done things manually to get that….

Anyway, I once again want/need to go through the game to recover what I had lost. Thus, LBP is the tormentation of love. Yes, very much so.

Anyway, that’s not my dilemma. Nope, my dilemma for tonight is that I may be split four ways or more. First, I had spoken to my Aussie gal, Kat, about playing LBP since I wanted to regain stuff. She had mentioned getting her stuff tonight. So, I had a basic plan of playing that tonight.

Then, there’s Russia. He’s a cool dude, though sometimes repetitive. We were playing through Leon’s campaign in RE 6 on professional last night. We were having fun. So, I did want to continue with that. We didn’t finish a full chapter, so we’re currently mid-way through.

Which brings me to dilemma part three, Shayla/Shevaman contacted me last night and asked me if I wanted to do another campaign with her tonight. That’s so tempting since she’s so fun. However, if I were to do such on my PS3, I’d lose that save with Russia. If I were to do it on my 360, I wouldn’t have as good of skills. Perhaps I can finish our chapter then move to Shayla? However, there’s also Kat…

Onto the last bit, Malek mentioned playing Tri tonight. Perhaps… maybe, I can talk Shayla into playing Tri and we can giggle at her going after monsters. I’m sure Kat will be fine with waiting.

Yes, it is definitely time for Seferia to think.


I completely adore Little Big Planet.  I supported it from the first day I set eyes on it.  Sackboy and everything else in it are such adorable creations that I cannot deny their awesomeness.

Hence, upon finding that Sony plans on releasing this:

LittleBigPlanet 2 Takes November With Adorable Collectors Edition

I found myself in a total state of bliss.  I don’t care how much that set will cost me, I want it.

Source: LittleBigPlanet 2 Takes November With Adorable Collectors Edition.