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The swarm conquers all

Except Seferia’s desire to be lazy last night. I almost didn’t play any Starcraft last night because I was on the edge of falling asleep.

In fact, I spent most of my evening watching Hellsing Ultimate, which I blame Meez for. He’s currently using Alucard as his avatar, which reminded me that the original anime series was interesting and that I had never gone back to properly watch Ultimate. I’ll definitely say that Ultimate is much better than the original anime series.

Anyway, back on the real subject. Starcraft is going quite well. I may flail about when having to play as Terrans, but I zerg with some form of ability. I’m not fully certain what that ability is, but I do do it.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy the show after the more:

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Seferia has joined the swarm

Mmmmm…. Zerg!

I am more than happy that my special editino of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm came in tonight. I basically jumped on it as soon as it came to my house. I only had to wait a short bit for it to install, then I plunged into my adventure as Sarah Kerrigan.

Even though I was certain that my strategies were not up to par, I felt like streaming this game. So, I spent several hours this past evening hitting SZZZZZRVSZZZZZ F2 and so on. It was rather fun. I do honestly enjoy Starcraft. However, I am by no means good enough to try to seriously play it.

Anyway, feel free to watch the streams here.

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The day is nearing

A few may have noticed that I’ve been excited for the nearing release of a game. I’ve spent a good amount of time speaking of a specific character who I find to be a shining example of how to do a complex villain right. She has strength both psychically and mentally, which creates a fearsome adversary. She has a strong story filled with emotional drives, which makes her a lively dynamic. She is certainly no 80s cartoon villain. She is the Queen of Blades.

I may have a rocky relationship with Blizzard, having fallen away from World of Warcraft twice already and maintaining no plans on returning to that. I do feel that their merger with Activision has attributed to their decline in my mind. There are a number of things that occurred in WoW that just did not properly please me enough to make me worship them. However, I shall not go into that. Despite what negative feelings that I have in the loop for Blizzard, I absolutely adore Starcraft.

Still, I am more than excited for the Heart of the Swarm. Out of all of the races from the Starcraft games, I love the Zerg the most. Perhaps it is just that I have a tendency to like monsters, especially well-designed monsters. The Zerg have always had designs that please me. If I could, I’d happily take a pet Zergling.

Then there is Kerrigan. As I said earlier, she is a very complex and developed character. Her history is not in any way simple. I have to admit that I haven’t read the books that may have more on her past than what’s in the games. However, I can’t deny that this scene here is a very good reason to seek out revenge.

I know there’s other elements, such as her Ghost training which, from what I have read, was not a pleasant experience. I’m also aware that the Zerg-infestation twisted her personality. However, I always felt as if most of it was a removal of inhibitions. So, it brought out things that were already there. I feel like the trailers for Heart of the Swarm back-up my beliefs on this matter.

Then there’s the fact that I simply love the design for the Queen of Blades. I call myself a wing-aholic. I love things with wings. The more interesting the wings, the better they are in my book. Few have wings more unique than the Queen of Blades. Of course, the wings are not practical. There is absolutely nothing to them that would realistically permit for flight, for there are no feathers nor webbing. The near skeletal quality of the wings certainly are just for show. However, I love them nonetheless.

Then there is her battle prowess.

This is a woman who is feared for her capabilities. She is respected for her abilities and tactics. Through ruthless tenacity, she earned her right to lead the Zerg through her battles. I most definitely enjoy the fact that Blizzard made a strong female as one of their “villains”.

So, I am more than excited that the Zerg expansion for Starcraft II is coming out next week. I’m very likely to play it a lot more than I played Wings of Liberty. Raynor does not entice me quite like Kerrigan does.

Anyway, there’s an awesome trailer out there that makes me even more excited.

I don’t think that I need to say anything else after that. Ok, maybe I will. I want the music from that trailer!

Almost time for Starcraft

Well, within the next few weeks, I shall finally have my hands on Starcraft 2 and all the critters that come along with it. I’ve had this game pre-ordered since early last year, so I am more than glad that it is finally coming out.

However, I might not be able to fully enjoy the game until I get my new computer finally built. As it is, I’ve just been nabbing parts here and there. I have a case, a monitor, a power supply, and a sound card (yes, I know that isn’t needed, but I prefer having improved sound for my surround-sound speakers) in the bag. Within the next two months, I’ll go into full gear and buy the rest of the items.

So, for now, I think I’ll have to hope that Starcraft runs fine on my laptop. To date, my laptop hasn’t had many issues with games at all. So, I think I should be perfectly fine with that set-up.

Of course… I am so going to suck at the game. Heh. I’ve never been great at being patient for resources.