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Seferia actually finished some artwork?

What? Say it ain’t so! That lazy woman actually did something for once? Wait.. you say it’s in color as well? You lie! Seferia doesn’t know how to do color! Lies!!

Ok, in all seriousness, got an Apple Pencil for my birthday and went crazy with it. Enjoy the finished product!

Now, since some people enjoy seeing how art progresses, check after the break for the full set of pictures that show the progress of a drunken Eshrel.

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Ok, going to do another character profile

This time, I’m actually going to do a real character profile. I’m not going to do the quickly thrown together timid character profile that I added at the end of Jenna’s entry. Also, for the record, I probably will go back and redo a proper profile for her. I was mostly analyzing the designs and changes that I had done to her through the years with my artwork. I was also just establishing her as a creation that preceded a certain contest.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. On to the main present. I present for your reading pleasure the details on the creature whose name you are well acquainted with. She is the being that is highlighted the most out of my fictional works because I abuse her name.

I present to you, Seferia Catanya.

Not quite the avatar picture that I use, huh? That’s because the avatar I use is not Seferia at all. So, time for the education to begin.

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For your reading pleasure: Jenna, the psycho-pyro sorceress

It’s been basically forever since I’ve bothered speaking of my original fictional works here. Most of that is because I figure that most people would not care. There’s also the bit that it still needs a lot of love and work to be fully matured and ready for display.

However, for today, I’m actually going to present a very major element of these fictional works, mainly due to the fact that Capcom Unity is currently holding a contest that asks for proof that my pawn is a look-alike. Well, I can’t quite prove that she was designed after something if I do not give proper proof of the design, no?

Anyway, let’s get cracking. This is going to be a lengthy post, so I’m going to provide you with a more. Feel free to click if you are interested in the information that is about to be divulged.

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