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A yay and a bit oops

I spent most of yesterday working on this site again. I really should not let myself get so distracted by my hobby, but I enjoy it too much and pride myself on the work I’ve done on this site over the years.

After all, this site has changed drastically since I first said “I’m going to make a website because that’s cool!” when I was about 16 years old. I may have been 15, I don’t remember exactly when I bought my huge book of html code and took an online class on basic html… However, I digress!

This past day, I took some time on a little project to rid this site of a possible database hole. There was a phpbb which had existed for years on this website. For the most part, it was ok, but it had not listed an update for years, on coding side. So, I felt that it would be better placed as the forums on this wordpress-based part of the site. So, I merged them with the main part of the site. It took a few tries, but I did manage to bring them over.

Which brings up to the “oops”. There were previously a set of forums on this side, “The Maw”. I may or may not have overwritten them. I completely did. So, those few posts are slightly, just a bit, completely AWOL. I think the only thing of interest was the listing of games that we were sharing. So, not too much lost…

Anyway, oops.

Now, I need to do stuff, which is important. It also happens to be stuff.

About that Gallery

Well, I lost a bit of sleep last night fighting with this site to get the gallery working like I wanted it to. If there happened to be anyone who was trying to do something… like maybe a classmate wanting to use my self-quiz to practice for the quiz today… Sorry, I think my attempts to get the gallery working in a way that I wanted it to had brought this site down a lost last night.

I am contacting my host to see if there are ways to improve the stability of this site. I would rather not fight with this site like that again.

Anyway, I now have a gallery that hosts a ton of the pictures that I’ve taken through the last year. I don’t really have many pictures from before that time, though. So, feel free to browse it. A fair warning, I never properly went through the ton of pictures I took when on my 30th birthday trip. So, there are a number of nighttime shots that I still need to hunt down and delete, for they blurred to the point of uselessness. Thus, sorry in advance.

This site just got a recent overhaul

I recently changed out the theme of this site since the previous theme started to glitch out when it came to javascript thanks to buddypress’s last update. At first, the change of theme was only going to be temporary. However, I started to bash at it and swap things around. In the end, I put in a lot of work tweaking wordpress’s twenty-fourteen theme to get it to my liking.

Now, I’m actually rather liking the new theme. So, there’s a large chance that this change might be a permanent new look.

There are things that I’ve noticed in need of extra tweaking. For instance, there’s an “Older Posts” button that shows up on my iPad which does not show up on any of my desktops. That part is not too big of a deal, but I would rather like to get rid of all the green from the original theme. So, I must hunt down the css coding for this button and eliminate it.

I also am not fully certain why my iPad automatically switches to a mobile phone version when it is viewing the site. It works, though, so I don’t really mind that.

Overall, I am content with the work I’ve put into this new theme. However, if anyone encounters any problems or suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Oh, one last thing to take notice of. I’ve added a Gallery page to the tabs. I might need to tweak that page a bit more in the future, but I currently like how that worked out.

Hehehe…. Oopsie…

Seferia done goofed a few times these last few days. First, she gets herself locked out of her own site for fifteen minutes because she was messing around with settings and trying to find files and opening bad areas of her site.. The security system that was responsible for that got fried and fired.

Then Seferia tried to add in an alternative anti-spam to WangGuard, but it conflicted with Jetpack. Seferia did not like that, so that plugin got fried and fired.

Then… Seferia realized that the Jetpack comments that she liked because they permitted for Twitter and Facebook peoples to comment without making an account on her site were locked out because a Captcha add-on was not showing… Seferia should have tested that a few weeks ago when she added Jetpack. Silly Seferia. All is fixed now. The plugin did not get fried, but Seferia tweaked with it to make it work better.

Seferia also let her friend Kat know that she had a plugin installed that generated auto-tweets that claimed that Seferia was talking when it was Kat talking. Seferia might change the wording if her Aussie sister decides to abuse her site again.

Now, if only she could figure out what is making wordpress load slowly at times. It could just be crosswinds.

Yay, did some maintance fix-ups to the site.

Encountered some color issues yesterday when I actually had a conversation going in the comments. So, I am happy to announce that the color issue is now fixed. The blog once again looks nicely designed without having any important text elements made illegible due to css color mistakes.

Furthermore, Seffy decided to add in a nice feature for those who actually decide to become official members of her blog. There are now group forums activated. So, chit-chat can occur here. Seferia tried to install site-wide forums, but they didn’t want to work. But group forums are just as good.

Enjoy the improvements.