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I was wrong before

There are only four endings to Drakengard 3, not five. So, my prior statement of having four more endings to find was incorrect.

However, I am still having fun unlocking the other endings. Tonight, I endeavored to find endings B and C. They are definitely as strange as I have come to expect from the series. Unfortunately, in the trek for these endings, I did die a number of times. I am in no means a perfect gamer. Anyway, the deaths are always fun for me.

Anyway, if you missed the stream and are interested in watching it, please check it out below.

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One ending down, four more to go

I’ve been having some fun streaming my blind run of Drakengard 3 since it came out. Sadly, I haven’t been able to play it every day, so it’s been a bit slow going. However, I’ve managed to be pretty stable at whacking it bit by bit.

However, I have come to the end of the first branch tonight. There were a few bumps in the road, but I didn’t die quite as much as I expected to. I might continue on and try to get all five endings in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, if you are interested in watching the recording of what occurred please click on the more. If not, please listen to this song and try to not say that it is not awesome.

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Freaking Babies….

Babies that will eat your face, I do not like you!

Anyway, I once again streamed Drakengard 3 tonight. I’m having a blast doing this blind play, and have convinced a few people that picking up the game would be a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, tonight’s stream had some very fun elements, as well as some very not so fun elements.

I particularly did not like the fog of foginess that made it near to impossible to see where I was going. I swear the babies were lying to me. Freaking babies…

Anyway, if you would like to watch the recording, feel free to check it out after the more.

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It seems like I might need to poke my connection

For, I’ve noticed another stream in which it mysteriously split into two segments, which should not have happened.

Anyway, I am continuing with my promise to provide a blind play-through of Drakengard 3 to the public eye for mockery and just plain old fun. So far, I’ve been enjoying the game quite a bit. It has a bit more humor than the first game, and the dragon is not quite as integral as it was before. However, I’m still having a blast.

Feel free to check out today’s offerings after the break.

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It’s been much too long

Sorry to anyone who might actually look at this blog, I’ve been a horrible person this past year and been busy with life in one way or another. So, I’ve not had a good chance to post here for a while. If you’re interested, I’ve been playing a lot of MH 4, which entertained me quite a bit for a good long time. In fact, MH 4 still entertains me, for it is a great game. However, I also have a bunch of other games that I want to play for a bit, so I’m working on them for the moment.

Also, these past few months have been filled with a choice to try to take some courses and improve my education. I’ve found that the local community college offers courses in Japanese, so I’ve been indulging myself in those courses. I have every intention of taking each of the courses they offer in the language so that I can come closer to being able to properly understand it. Some people may have noticed that I made very simple sentences in Hiragana on Twitter. Unfortunately, I do not know enough to go much farther than the simple sentences, but there will come a day in which I might be able to listen to raw Japanese without subtitles.

Anyway, as for the reason that I am making this post, I’ve been busy producing livestreams, and I hadn’t put them up on this blog! So, please feel free to check out the recordings after the break.

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Of hammer lessons and cursed quests

The last two nights have been very, very interesting. Extremely interesting. Unusually interesting. For usually nothing of interest occurs during working days for me. Usually…

However, this week has been very different. Different in ways that make me just doubt the right of things to work in a way that… Ok, nah, I’m making stuff up now. Heh, but the streams I’ve had the last two nights have been very fun. So, check them out after the “more”!

But first, I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to put up this one big statement: I want this to happen and come to the US! Interruption over. Carry on.

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I need to bar myself from reading on the weekends

For when I find a good story, I will spend the entire day reading it, even reading until 4 am in the morning. Then again, staying up until 4 am on a Saturday is no problem for me. I can easily sleep until noon on Sundays.

I’ll be honest, that’s where most of my missed Saturday streams come from. I just get into good stories and don’t want to put them down. I’m so bad with that sometimes.

Anyway, I may have missed my Saturday stream this weekend; however, I made it up by having a blast on two impromptu Sunday streams. I also amazingly managed to get some rare items that have been eluding me for some time now on Sunday. It was a very productive stream.

As per usual, I’m sticking a jump here before embedding my streams. So, feel free to press the more link and check them out!

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Seferia adds breaking Niric’s internet to her tally

My ability to break things that I’m associated with continues in multiple ways. I just seem to be capable of making things glitch on people by being around now too. Inanimate objects just simply do not like me. That must be it.

Anyway, all joking aside, last night, I got the pleasure to join Niric on his Monster Hunter stream. It was a complete blast hunting with both Niric and Ivy. Both are fun in unique ways.

Anyway, I nabbed the embed link for Niric’s recording of the stream, so feel free to watch the hijinks then witness the stream freak out as time goes by. It may have been possessed.

Watch live video from niric on TwitchTV

Thanks for having me on your stream, Niric. Oh, I do hope that Ivy eventually did wake up, too.

Also, once more, bitches love cannons.

I know this is late

Sorry once again for being so erratic when it comes to blogging.  It’s the busy season at my work, and I’m getting new tasks handed to me now that our management is reorganized.  So, it’s becoming rare to have a calm, lucid moment for me to gather my thoughts with.  However, there’s been plenty of quick breather moments, hence my activity in twitter.  I’ll try to get better at blogging, not that I need to please anyone aside from myself.

Anyway, I have a number of streams to present from this past week and weekend.  So, feel free to check them out after the skip.

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Holy wall of text!!

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time. I’ve been busy at work for the most part. I’ve also had a week of whining to my ISP to get things running properly. So, I just have been drained for a bit.

The good news is that my work is restocked with people filling the spots that I was filling. So, I’m no longer doing 2.5 people’s jobs. Still, it is summer time, and that’s the busy time for the moving industry. So, expect me to be tired still.

On the same note, that’s the main reason I didn’t stream this past Saturday. The secondary was because I was supposed to help out cleaning and needed to get to that anyway. So, I just took a day away from my normal schedule to sleep and relax.

However, that all isn’t why I’m making this post. I’m making this post because I have once again stumbled upon a horrid fanfic.

I’m still on a Hellsing kick because Alucard is awesomesauce. While the section doesn’t have nearly as many stories for me to hunt through as Final Fantasy VII or Resident Evil, it still has a healthy supply of them. Sadly, this also means that I have a large chance of hitting stories that just simply should not be.

This story is one of them. I was once again running low on good stories, so I started to lower my standards of searches, which is usually stories that reach above the 10k word mark. Though, I’m still rather stringent about looking for stories that average over 1k words per chapter. Sometimes, this produces some interesting forming works. Other times…

Well, other times, I get stories like this one. Please, author of this story, learn to use paragraphs! It hurts my eyes! I didn’t get past glancing over it and seeing that wall of text. I just simply cannot think of reading through that.

Read at your own risk, I take no responsibility for headaches that occur.

Also, sorry I haven’t done my normal stream roll blog post. With all my test streams and whatnot I’ve had the last few weeks, I figure I’ll leave that be for now. If you want to watch the latest streams, feel free to check my twitch channel.

Also, just for the record, Malek, you have competition. 13hxane leaped off cliffs left and right last night.