All Your Base Rules and Regulations

This information can also be found on our Facebook Page. This is for easy access to any who view my posts here.

Ground rules for the alliance:

  • Have a base over HQ lvl 11. There are multiple reasons for our minimum. First, we aim to keep our members around the same level of strength. Second, we maintain mins because many of our wars are difficult enough that lower bases do not even manage to score. We also need a decent line up for our opponents to face.Our mins occasionally get pushed up as the average membership goes up in turn. If you are already a member, do not worry about these changes.
  • Remain active. Three zeroes in a row without any prior notice is grounds for removal. I’ll do my best to keep members, but we can’t carry inactive players.
  • When taking time away from war for alliance events, participate. Minimum points expected by members will be 3000 points each. Not participating, especially when war is not occurring, is grounds for removal. I do also pay attention to daily activity and send out warnings if a member is lagging behind.
  • Be friendly and cooperative. Toxic players make no one happy. Just support the team and know we’ll get there in time.

Have fun!

Line chat also available here: