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In wait for Monster Hunter 4U

It has been an amazing last few years for Monster Hunter fans. We’ve been treated with many of the recent releases of the series, though a few still never arrived in the states. For that, I am beyond grateful for the hard work of the Capcom localization team. They have worked hard to keep the titles coming to the western market.

My own collector’s edition is in the mail and heading my way. I should be receiving it by tomorrow. However, I might be missing one part when I do receive it. I also have a Majora’s Mask 3DS on pre-order. However, I have not received notice that it has been shipped yet. So, I might need to wait as far as that is concerned.

Unfortunately, past the 3DS arrival issues, I cannot say for certain that I will be able to dedicate as much time to the western release as I did for the JPN release. I am currently well entrenched in my studies of Japanese. So, I’m determined to improve with my usage of the langauge as well as knowledge in things like Kanji. As much as I love Monster Hunter, my studies will come first.

So, to those that are likely to get into the game before I do, I know that you who are already fans will love this game. It has some great features that have made me spend hours on it already over the past year and a half. There may be bumps that you will encounter, but the rewards are well worth it. Gore Magala is one of the greatest monsters that I have come across in the series, so I do hope that he acquires many fans. Also, Rajang is broken. Freaking Monkey. Finally, Narga is missed, but the rest of the line-up make up for the lack of Narga-Kitty.


For now, I will mostly retire my JPN Seferia. She has had a strong and long run. However, it has come time to switch territories. Sadly, she and Calypso cannot come with me. However, there will be a new Seferia. There will also come a new Calypso (and perhaps even Sephiroth, if I can find the right cat). Though, their journey will be different, they will still master the arts of dual blades and bombing.

See you all on the hunting grounds!

Posting up another self-study tool

Most people can ignore this post. I’m just posting up my self-study tool for my next chapter’s vocabulary so that I can work on memorizing the words before the next quiz.

211 Chapter 2

A self-study tool for the 2nd chapter in my Spring JPN class.

I can’t say that I have much more of a reason for posting at this point in time. I’ve been busy with the start of this semester, so gaming has been set to the side. I’d much rather get a good grade than play a game at the moment, after all.

However, there has been one development worth noting. I’m likely to nab the Playstation TV so that I’d have a means of streaming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I know that it’s an outdated game. However, it’s fun to go back to the classics from time to time.

It’s been much too long

Sorry to anyone who might actually look at this blog, I’ve been a horrible person this past year and been busy with life in one way or another. So, I’ve not had a good chance to post here for a while. If you’re interested, I’ve been playing a lot of MH 4, which entertained me quite a bit for a good long time. In fact, MH 4 still entertains me, for it is a great game. However, I also have a bunch of other games that I want to play for a bit, so I’m working on them for the moment.

Also, these past few months have been filled with a choice to try to take some courses and improve my education. I’ve found that the local community college offers courses in Japanese, so I’ve been indulging myself in those courses. I have every intention of taking each of the courses they offer in the language so that I can come closer to being able to properly understand it. Some people may have noticed that I made very simple sentences in Hiragana on Twitter. Unfortunately, I do not know enough to go much farther than the simple sentences, but there will come a day in which I might be able to listen to raw Japanese without subtitles.

Anyway, as for the reason that I am making this post, I’ve been busy producing livestreams, and I hadn’t put them up on this blog! So, please feel free to check out the recordings after the break.

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Of hammer lessons and cursed quests

The last two nights have been very, very interesting. Extremely interesting. Unusually interesting. For usually nothing of interest occurs during working days for me. Usually…

However, this week has been very different. Different in ways that make me just doubt the right of things to work in a way that… Ok, nah, I’m making stuff up now. Heh, but the streams I’ve had the last two nights have been very fun. So, check them out after the “more”!

But first, I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to put up this one big statement: I want this to happen and come to the US! Interruption over. Carry on.

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I need to bar myself from reading on the weekends

For when I find a good story, I will spend the entire day reading it, even reading until 4 am in the morning. Then again, staying up until 4 am on a Saturday is no problem for me. I can easily sleep until noon on Sundays.

I’ll be honest, that’s where most of my missed Saturday streams come from. I just get into good stories and don’t want to put them down. I’m so bad with that sometimes.

Anyway, I may have missed my Saturday stream this weekend; however, I made it up by having a blast on two impromptu Sunday streams. I also amazingly managed to get some rare items that have been eluding me for some time now on Sunday. It was a very productive stream.

As per usual, I’m sticking a jump here before embedding my streams. So, feel free to press the more link and check them out!

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Seferia adds breaking Niric’s internet to her tally

My ability to break things that I’m associated with continues in multiple ways. I just seem to be capable of making things glitch on people by being around now too. Inanimate objects just simply do not like me. That must be it.

Anyway, all joking aside, last night, I got the pleasure to join Niric on his Monster Hunter stream. It was a complete blast hunting with both Niric and Ivy. Both are fun in unique ways.

Anyway, I nabbed the embed link for Niric’s recording of the stream, so feel free to watch the hijinks then witness the stream freak out as time goes by. It may have been possessed.

Watch live video from niric on TwitchTV

Thanks for having me on your stream, Niric. Oh, I do hope that Ivy eventually did wake up, too.

Also, once more, bitches love cannons.

I know this is late

Sorry once again for being so erratic when it comes to blogging.  It’s the busy season at my work, and I’m getting new tasks handed to me now that our management is reorganized.  So, it’s becoming rare to have a calm, lucid moment for me to gather my thoughts with.  However, there’s been plenty of quick breather moments, hence my activity in twitter.  I’ll try to get better at blogging, not that I need to please anyone aside from myself.

Anyway, I have a number of streams to present from this past week and weekend.  So, feel free to check them out after the skip.

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Another weekend full of streams

Seems like both the Star Wars Fridays and the Ultimaturdays are going strong. So far, I have not had a reason to miss either dose of streaming. Though, both need some work, that’s for sure.

Anyway, if you missed my streams from the weekend and want to check them out, feel free to press the more button below.

But first, a little preview of the chaos to come:

Don't Run With Maps

Yep, that did happen.

Also, thank you, Moropa, for the image.

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