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Where did these elements come from anyway?

Well, this is more of a prelude for future segments of fanfiction highlights. So, sorry if you’re actually hoping I’ll target a specific story today. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to rant about various aspects in fanfiction that I’ve noticed come up repetitively. These aspects seem to be out of place, yet seemingly, next to everyone who writes in those various sections use them. I simply don’t get it.

First, I’ve gotten bored at times and wandered into the territories of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanfiction. Since I like bad boys, I tend to search for Spike stories when I do that. However, I am baffled by the “mine!” thing that many stories seem to include.

I cannot think of a single instance of vampire mating found within the source material, let alone some moment where one vampire will mark another while proclaiming “mine”. So, I honestly am baffled as to where this trend started. I imagine that it had to come from some other vampire fiction. At least, I hope that it came from another vampire fiction and wasn’t just a bunch of authors mimicking each other.

Then again, I have noticed that fanfiction writers will emulate previously successful stories ad nauseum. If one author has success in making a compelling story with time travel, all the sudden there’s 100 different stories with the same concept. However, I am diverging from my point at the moment.

I still have no idea where this “mine!” thing came from. It completely baffles me. However, not so much as what I encountered when I once again got bored and started browsing Inu Yasha fanfiction.

Well, to put it simply, I found a variant on the “mine!” with just mating and marks. So, I think I will need to revise my theory that this trend was some replication of a vampire fiction that I know not of. For, it clearly was adapted for dog demons as well. Unless the authors have at some point confused vampires with the yokai of Inu Yasha and… I don’t even want to think of that.

Anyway, I must admit that these trends have slightly irked me. While some authors have managed to use these cliche’s of fanfiction to some sort of proper effect, the overabundance of stories with these elements do honestly irritate me. Perhaps they wouldn’t bother me so much if I felt that they were canon, but I’m more than certain that they are fanon.

People make no sense.

I can’t believe it!

Remember how Seferia ranted about a story utilizing the second person perspective yesterday? Remember how she also mentioned that she somewhat dislikes having people write in the first person perspective?

It can’t be hard to remember those things, they’re only two posts down.

Well, Seferia has just stumbled upon a story that must be designed specfically to make her want to kill something. Yes, that has to be the only explanation for this story. It is designed just to drive her into a murderous rage!

In fact, she is in a murderous rage right now. How could she have possibly found a story that uses both first and second person? How does that even exist?

Seferia is so angry at this story that she doesn’t really want to give a properly long rant for it. She is just going to put up this rant and let it be. Yes, that is what she is going to do.

That’s it, I’m going to Torchlight II to blow up stuff!

Ready for that promised rage?

Well, it’s almost here.  Sadly, this piece of junk that I just came by isn’t quite worthy of rage.   No, not rage at all.  Only the pathetically perturbed feeling of knowing that I found a winner of bad-fanfiction terms by only reading a single word.

Seriously, I didn’t need to read more than a single word in order to know that I had stumbled upon a disaster.  That single word was “i”.  Seriously, this person didn’t have a spell check or was too lazy to actually capitalize that word?  How…  I don’t even want to know what has to exist in order to produce a person that would “publish” a piece in such a deplorable state.

Just no.  Absolutely no.  I don’t even care if this story may have wound up funny if it had good grammar or spelling.

On further thought, how do stories this bad wind up with a lot of reviews?  “Reviews: 1,163″…  Seriously, does this story deserve that much attention?  Sometimes, I feel completely scared for the future of humanity.

I’m even more scared when I stop to consider that despite the fact that I was able to proclaim this story trash within seconds, this is not the worst that I’ve seen.  By far,. it’s not the worst that I’ve seen.

Why do I always find these ones?

In my quest for hidden gems amongst the grime, I regularly come across stories that are ancient, good, and have no hopes of ever being updated again.  They have a charm to them that pulls me in.  However, the fact that they were last updated over four years ago always is there, tormenting me.

This story is one of them.  I took a chance on it when I bumped into it, figuring that it would be horrendously full of banal one-shot moments that would lead no where.  However, it did keep my attention enough for me to devour it.  Unfortunately, the sad truth is that it has no hopes of ever being revived.

I know the way the game is played.  No fanfic writer returns to a story after years of decay.  This story was last updated on 06-15-07, so yea, not a chance that it’ll ever be returned to.

However, if you happen to be at least vaguely interested in InuYasha and want a few good laughs, I do recommend it.  The author did manage to capture an entertainment that did not depend on awfully out of character moments or banal senses of “this must be cute”.  Overall, I found it rather fun for what it was.

Now, I’m certain those that know me are going “where’s the Seferia raging at bad fanfiction?”  It’ll come.  I just haven’t found something that is actually worthy of rage yet.  However, it will come.  Bad fanfiction is a part of life for a fangirl.  Fanfic writers never fail me on this matter!