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The end of the Dead Space run has come

This time, Seferia did not have the technical glitches. However, Shayla on the other hand… Her mic became possessed by powers that possibly were summoned by Harv. Yea, I’m pretty certain that Harv was the one who set her up for the downfall.

Also, a lot and very public Happy Birth to Harv. The guy didn’t have cake though. So, poor guy. Cake is good. Especially if it were ice cream cake.

Anyway, want to watch the end of the saga? Feel free to check it out below.

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Sef’s first use of OBS project may be her last

Last night, the saga of Dead Planet 3 continued. Along with this saga came yet another attempt to optimize my streams and get to my semi-professional level look that I’ve been aiming for.

So, I decided to try out a program that people seem to rave about, OBS. Once I got my stuff together to get the program to properly capture Windows Media Center, it did look like it might be a good choice of program. However… However… The DCs. The program worked good for an hour, but the moment a spike came in my connection, it simply freaked out. The program dropped the stream about 3 times within ten minutes. Thus, I had to retreat back to Xsplit.

There’s a chance that setting my bandwidth at 1500 was too high, so I might give it another test. I also think I accidentally had messed with a setting in Xsplit that may have contributed to Harv having the stream freeze on him. For that, I apologize. I noticed the error after I finished streaming and fixed that setting.

I think I’ve also might have thought up of one more thing to help improve Xsplit so that it wouldn’t take so many resources.

Anyway, if you want to watch last night’s addition to the saga, check it out below. Though, there’s going to be minor holes in the conversation during the points in which the connection dropped or I was switching programs. Sorry.

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Late night streams from the weekend

Most probably missed these streams, since they started off rather late. The first one wasn’t planned at all, sort of. My participation wasn’t planned, that was for sure.

Shayla started off playing Operation Raccoon City with her friends from Unity while I was playing Freedom Unite with Deva. For the record, Deva still has a long way to go. Deva is not quite Fatalis-ready, nor elder dragon ready, nor upper G-Rank ready. Deva needs work. However, that’s not with this blog is about. So, we shall forget that detail.

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