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When a bad fic can be spotted by just the title

Seriously, do people even think sometimes? Any effort?

Master Chief vs Chris Redfield vs Darth Vader vs Harry Potter by christopher1235
Who would win in a battle.

Yea, I’m not even clicking this one.

Words: 299

Really am not clicking on this story. I don’t even need to look at it more than that…. Well, it could be worse. I mean seriously:

A Coming Out Story by Yooney
Cloud and his girlfriend Tifa move to Midgar, city of the gays. After being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle, Cloud becomes curious and fascinated. All it takes is a man with beautiful long silver hair and a hidden motive to remind him of a long forgotten past and turn his life—along with his sexual orientation—completely upside-down. Yaoi/Seke Cloud/Shota/Cheating

It could be much worse.

Disclaimer: click on these stories at your own risk. I did not read them at all. I only saw the summaries.

Proof of the demented state of the populus

Everyone, know first and foremost that Malek is to blame for this post.  I would have rather saved this material for another day.  However, he is insisting that I use one of the various trinkets that I had encountered through  my years of going through fanfiction.

Well, now that you know who to blame, let us start with the how this story was even located.  For, this is not the type that I would have searched out on a normal day.  First of all, this story isn’t even a thousand words long.  Hrmph, if I tired, I could probably make this very entry longer than the story.  No, I do not generally read such short stories.  So, it normally would not have come up in my searches.

In fact, this story was located on purpose.  My friend, Kat_Aclysm, and I had once had a conversation on how people are strange putting characters together that should have no right or purpose being together.  During this discussion, we theorized the various sorts of wrongs that one could possibly come up with.  In general, while we knew that there was a high chance that there would be someone who would put the various characters that we were discussing together, we had hoped that we wouldn’t find the situation to be real.

Well, out of sheer desire to humor myself for a few moments back then, I looked up this story.  Actually, I just put in Cait Sith and Sephiroth in the character filters and spun the wheel.  I fully expected to find absolutely no hits.  Who would even think of such a pairing other than a laugh for a post or something like that?  Well, someone did and someone actually wrote a story on it.

So, Malek, are you happy?  Here is that story.  A villain as villain as can be and a stuffed toy as side-kick foolish as can be.  They by no means should have a fic where they do things together in the least.

It starts, Seferia shall blog about fanfics

Most who associate with me know one very important thing about this Seferia: She is a huge addict to fanfiction. She spends a lot of her free time digging through the piles of amateur fiction found on fanfiction.net in order to find the gems that actually catch her attention and draw her in. On her way, she has a large tendency to find many stories that are, to put it mildly, not up to par. However, today Seferia will not be focusing on one of those.

However, do be warned, there will come a day in which Seferia will once again find a fic that will make her rant. It will not be pretty.

No, Seferia will not be doing that today. Instead, she will be handing out a stamp of approval. For this fanfic is one of the ones that she actually enjoys following. As such, she feels like sharing it. She also feels like stopping with the third person to give her actual review.

Meet Final Fantasy VII: Another Side By: Mystwalker. I cannot say that the idea behind this fanfic is overly original or anything, it is indeed simply an alternative universe fic where Sephiroth does not go evil. However, the lack of novelty doesn’t bother me. This story is well written and has had several clever elements to it that keep my attention. I also have found no forced relationships as of yet, which please me quite a bit.

About the only thing that I find to be disappointing is that the story line does seem to follow the game’s story a bit too much. However, the author has tweaked and twisted this enough that it feels like their own take and not a retelling of the game. So, I have no problems about forgiving them for presenting the game anew.

This story is still in progress, so their is a high chance that like many fics that I like, it will never be finished. However, I do hope that this author does indeed follow through.

Anyway, I’m done abusing my blog to share a story that I like. Beware though, as I said, Seferia does tend to find more bad fanfiction that good fanfiction. So, the next time this category comes up, it may be a dozy.

Squee!! I’m happy!


It’s out! Yays. I’m so plotting on abusing my computer tonight and playing that through to insanity. I wonder what the achievements are…. Hrm… Well, no matter, I should have no issues. Though I’m not going to use that assist thing. That thing’s silly.

Once I beat it, again, I shall happily search out mods to make a team full of Sephiroths!

Today’s fandom hall of shame

I may make this a regular bit, I don’t know.  I mean, it may be a bit mean, but…  Here it goes!

I tend to frequent fanfiction.net when I’m bored at work.  It keeps me entertained to read up on my favorite characters in new ways that I may have never even have thought of.  However, as with any part of the fandom, there are always the “what was s/he thinking?”s out there.  These are pieces of work that are so bad or… bad that one has to wonder how this person could dream of putting them up for show.

Of course, I tend to set my searches to a bit of higher standards in hopes of avoiding these turds, but somehow they always slip through the cracks.  Thus, you will never see me post a fic that is below 10k words.  Anything below that point is just too easy to find horrible.

Well, here is today’s entrant into my personal hall of shame.

Dragon’s Scales

Welcome to the fic where you have a mary sue, who happen to be Sephiroth’s sister.  Gets even worse.  The pair happen to be both dragons for unknown reasons, because being a ShinRa experiment isn’t good enough craziness for Sephiroth…, and they also are mates in order to keep the dragon blood-line pure.

Congrats, Dragon’s Scales.  You have definitely made a mark.

A major purchase justified.

God of War III Review: Olympic Glory – god of war III – Kotaku.

Mmm…  The opinion here definitely makes it sound like I have spent my money well.  For, I have went ahead with the insane and already have the ultimate edition-

God of War III Ultimate Edition

-on pre-order at Amazon.  Is it a lot of money to spend 90 dollars on such a treat?  Sure.  However, I think I will enjoy it quite a bit.

In other news, the reviews for Final Fantasy XIII are a disappointment for me.  Square, please do us one major thing: allow for Jap language tracks in your games from now on.  Other companies have managed to do this, so can you.  At the very least, that will alleviate some of the “horrid dub” opinions that jRPGs are pegged with.

As for the rest of the stigma..  I understand that people want the RPGs to only have some random avatar as the main character, which they can personalize like crazy.  However, do you really get an iconic character that way?  I really don’t want the RPG genre to go purely non-linear.  Having a strong character and story can be great assets.

Overall, I think both options of RPG are great.  However, don’t rate down an RPG game solely because it has a linear story that it wants to tell.  I’m really tired of that trend.