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Why the WOM site acts like a seperate site

I just feel like rambling for a bit. This will probably be easily ignored, for it’s just for my own rambling purposes. In fact, I’d dare say that this article will bore like crazy. However, it is going to exist.

Anyway, I know that there have been people who have been confused when I made the blog for the Well-Oiled Machine. The blog is hosted on my site, seferia.net, because it costs me nothing to add it on. It doesn’t bother me at all to give some of my webspace to them, they are a great group of people with great personalities. They deserve the chance to shine. They deserve it a lot more than I do, that’s for sure. So, it is my great pleasure to let them pigg-back on my site in order to gain the attention that they deserve.

Still, I am more than certain that people notice that both blogs are based off wordpress, yet they cannot use the same account on both of them. In fact, I know because people did comment on it to start with. Well, the simple answer to that is that I did not set up a multi-site installation just in case the WOM did decide to move to a different server.

For one point, Crosswinds, as great as they are in giving me a reasonalbe price, has been subject to receiving DOS attacks. Thus, I can easily see how the downtimes that come with these attacks might cause a problem. So, I want to give them the option to move to a location that possibly has more stability. I have a relationship with the crew of Crosswinds, they do not. So, no point in forcing them into the relationship if they don’t want it.

Then, there’s the simple fact that their site currently has my name on it. Even if the wom.seferia.net had worked in the ways that I had wanted it to, seferia.net would have been part of the address. Malek has spoken of claiming something like wom.com some day, and I support his desires to have a web adress that is all about wom, and not so much about me. So, I’m certain that the current set-up is temporary.

Now, to go on a tanget for a short moment, the website was indeed supposed to be wom.seferia.net and not seferia.net/wom. In fact, if you click on those two links, you’ll notice that the sub-domain somewhat works. However, the site refused to accept wom.seferia.net as a base. So, it’s more like the wom.seferian.net only forwards to the folder and doesn’t include the entire folder. No one was able to give me a good solution to getting the sub-domain to work the proper way. So, for now, it’s stuck like it is. Maybe I’ll bother Tony one day about it. However, I doubt that would be the proper solution either. He manages the backend stuff for the server, but I doubt that he’s the right person to ask on how to get my site to work properly. Oh wells, for now, it’s not important.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this article is not something to say “Hey, you guys, get off my site!” No, I’m just rambling about my ideas and stuff, as I said from the start. I love being a webmaster and managing sites for others. As it is, no one is paying more than they were before the wom site was set up. So, everything is working out just fine.

Also, if Malek does decide to split off and gain a domain for the wom, I will be more than happy to continue providing the webmastering services that I do now. It is my pleasure to have made a site for the guys, and I do hope that more of them use it for their blogging desires.

Thus, I end my ramble of unimportant ramble.

Halcyon Presents a WOM Production!

Last night, four members of the WOM agreed to a long-term commitment of love and dedication. We shall tough it out through every weather and prove that we are enGAIGEd in every manner that can possibly come to play. As proof of our intentions, we finally put together a stream that had been plotted for weeks.

Watch live video from seferia on TwitchTV

Enjoy the devastation. Feel free to pick on my silly mistakes. I’d happily pick on them.