Looks like Seferia has a weekend project.

Miskey has asked Seferia to take photographic evidence of her plush collection…. Seferia really needs to clean her living space… Yea, this is definitely going to be a weekend project.

Seferia also wants to pull her bed out and do a really big vacuum under it, for she knows that it is littered with cat fur. Sephiroth enjoys laying under her bed. Seferia knows exactly where he likes to hide. That spot has got to be completely filled with fur…

Speaking of Sephiroth, the poor boy is not happy. Seferia recently found that he had a bunch of matted fur and has spent the last few days brushing and giving him baths. Finally, his fur is feeling nice and soft and unmatted and shiny. His fur has never been that bad, so Seferia doesn’t know how that happened.

Why does Seferia talk in third person sometimes? Because it amuses her.

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