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A test of various art programs

So, as many of you might have noticed, I’m doing that drawing thing again. Even more, I’m painting in those drawing things… well, today was uneventful, for I was up until 5 am finishing the last project. However, I did a bit of testing to see what program I want to do what in…

So, without further ado… pictures of eyes because that is what I doodle, eyes. (And people wonder why I’m so good with expressions…)

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Seferia actually finished some artwork?

What? Say it ain’t so! That lazy woman actually did something for once? Wait.. you say it’s in color as well? You lie! Seferia doesn’t know how to do color! Lies!!

Ok, in all seriousness, got an Apple Pencil for my birthday and went crazy with it. Enjoy the finished product!

Now, since some people enjoy seeing how art progresses, check after the break for the full set of pictures that show the progress of a drunken Eshrel.

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Head’s up

Just did some revamping of the set-up of various pages and sections for this site. Those of you who come here from All Your Base, you’ll find that I have officiated a section on this site for the posts that concern that alliance.

I’ve also made some changes to the about page to update information on myself and the avenues of locating me.

At least one person had issues posting because his posts were flagged as spam. I have not yet determined the reason why my spam filter targeted his posts, but I shall work on trying to get down to the bottom of it.

Other than that, there is not much new on this site.

Forging my own path

I am going to put up this prelude before I make this post. What is about to follow has many personal and in-depth perceptions that might not agree with every person that reads them. I’m certain that my own personal choices and opinions are not shared by the masses. I have no delusions about changing anyone’s way of life to fit my own either. However, I wished to write on this subject. So, read what follows with an open mind.

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Last vocab self-study tool that I’ll need for the semester

JPN 211 Chapter 5

The vocab words needed for Chapter 5