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Desiree: Kalysto! At least try to be somewhat kind. She’s just a child. *rolls her eyes* Milena, settle down. This won’t take long.. *she shakes her head and starts up the SUV. Once she reaches the area where Zulmire is, she skids the SUV to a stop. She then stares up at the dragon that is impaled, scewered, and otherwise mutilated onto a “cross”. She then stars as she watches blood stream down the branches of the display so that it forms a constant stream that flows into the ocean*

Jenna: *narrows her eyes and tries to push herself upright* I… That is not important. *grunts as she has some difficulty standing*

Dimitri: *is still hiding in his room. However, he’s settled down enough to stop crying. Instead, he’s now shiftless and picking at the scales of his wings as he tries to preen them*