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Kat Aclysm

Edgeworth: *seems quite frustrated by now, but doesn’t show it* Safe from what? Just in case of what? Please. I can’t help you unless you tell me. I cannot arrest somebody or be a guard, or stop a punch, or get involved in a fight. I am just a lawyer with the qualifications to back it up. Don’t you see? *sighs and turns away from him, rifling through some documents* I can set up a room for you and your siblings at the hotel. I can have members of the army come by and keep an eye on you. I can arrange things to keep you safe, proper precautions. But I can do nothing if you do not tell me what to do.

Kalysto: Yeah, bummer, huh? *flicks her ears back*

Rhyderi: *stops dead* What. *turns around to glare at Desiree and Kalysto again. He quickly moves over to Kalysto and stares at her, pulling at her ears* Oh my… heavens above. By the Light, what did you DO to yourself?!