Boring day.

Well, I can’t really comment about today. There was absolutely nothing that happened. Even my video game news sources didn’t provide much of excitement today, which is to be expected mid-week. Things just don’t happen in the middle of the week.

I suppose I could comment on the three year old that shot itself a few days ago, but does that really matter? The father left a loaded, ready gun out in reach of a three year old. No matter what Wii peripheral the girl may have used, that never should have happened. And hence, I have the same opinion as to nearly everyone else who has read the story. Yep, nothing much of excitement there.

I spotted Fire Emblem for the Wii at a decent price, for I had held off too long when it was available. So, now I’m paying 45 + 6 dollars shipping to get it. Could I possibly get it cheaper from Gamestop? Sure. Do I want it used? No.

Well, there you have it… Boring day, huh?

At least I can leave you with this knoweldge: Monster Hunter is addicting.

A major purchase justified.

God of War III Review: Olympic Glory – god of war III – Kotaku.

Mmm…  The opinion here definitely makes it sound like I have spent my money well.  For, I have went ahead with the insane and already have the ultimate edition-

God of War III Ultimate Edition

-on pre-order at Amazon.  Is it a lot of money to spend 90 dollars on such a treat?  Sure.  However, I think I will enjoy it quite a bit.

In other news, the reviews for Final Fantasy XIII are a disappointment for me.  Square, please do us one major thing: allow for Jap language tracks in your games from now on.  Other companies have managed to do this, so can you.  At the very least, that will alleviate some of the “horrid dub” opinions that jRPGs are pegged with.

As for the rest of the stigma..  I understand that people want the RPGs to only have some random avatar as the main character, which they can personalize like crazy.  However, do you really get an iconic character that way?  I really don’t want the RPG genre to go purely non-linear.  Having a strong character and story can be great assets.

Overall, I think both options of RPG are great.  However, don’t rate down an RPG game solely because it has a linear story that it wants to tell.  I’m really tired of that trend.

I lied

Ok, after failing a thousand times over on disecting the meaning of the default set-up theme for buddypress, I downloaded another one.  Then, I dissected it and redid the colors.  Thus, here we are.

Maybe it’s not fully to the standards where I would like it, but at least now it looks harmonious with the rest of the content on my site namely the forums.

So, yay.  Hard work and not really wanting to build a theme from scratch paid off.


Well, got one of my objectives achieved.  I managed to figure out how to get icons to effectively show with each of our posts.  So, now it will be easy enough to see who is posting.

However, the downside is that I can’t seem to find an aesthetic theme for this, yet.  I liked the look of the other theme, but it didn’t do all that I wanted.

Should I make my own custom theme?  Probably.  However, such an endeavor would be…  Quite the endeavor.  PhP sites are split up to so many mini-segments.  A quick look of the build of this theme shows at least 10 mini-segments that I’d need to address.  I also couldn’t easily find the color pallet.  So, I am not even certain where to start, if I can manage to start, that is.

If anyone wants to offer assistance, yell.

My new-found love: Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter Wiki – Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter 3, and more.

Whee, I’m becoming such a fan of this series.  I really wish I hadn’t skipped out on it at all.  The designs are just beyond awsome.  And I have cats as chefs.

I repeat: I have cats as chefs!

Anyone who doesn’t find these guys as the most cute and awesome thing ever deserve to be shot.

If you have a Wii, please look into Monster Hunter 3.  Even if you don’t have a Wii, look into this series!

If anyone wants to try out escorting a novice hunter, I have a PS3, so I can try ad-hoc party to play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 or Freedom Unite with you.

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars

Ok, had to go searching high and low to figure out how to get avatars here.  Basically, it’s not stored locally.  Instead, you  need to set up an avatar here:

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars.

To date, since it looks like I’m bending the rules of this thing, I can’t set up different avatars for the posters.  Minor detail.  If and when I figure that out, I’ll definitely fix that.

Halcyon lives.

Mwahahaha! Welcome to the blog for the psycho pyro sorceress, who goes by the name of the black dragon… Yea, I guess that doesn’t work. Heh.

I finally got off my butt and decided to implement the blog that I had plotted for years. So, here it is. Le ultimate of bloginess. I will blog. I will put up insanity. No one will care.

But… I shall do it! And you shall all fear.

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Enjoy the stay.

If by any chance you are looking for alternative past-times, here are some options:
The staging grounds of a multi-dimensional war
The cataloging and documentation of these wars