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    One last sub-plot option. Allowing you to go through the past of your Sephy and the times in which Jenna spied on him as he was growing up. There will be no obvious interactions between the two, but there are likely to be a few without him really knowing. I’m also willing to take on the TURKs or anyone else to assist you in developing your Sephy’s backstory.

    Kat Aclysm

    He was born in the dull-lit basement of a run down mansion. A blizzard raged outside in the small town of Nibelheim, covering the world above in a thick icy blanket of white, but that was the least of everybody’s concerns at that moment in time.

    The primary concern of scientists Professor Gast, Hojo, and the other assistants overseeing the operation was the weakening condition of Lucrecia, the female currently trying to give birth to the most valuable experiment they would ever know. She strained and fought as wave after wave of contractions waxed and waned, further weakening the pregnant female as she continued to push with every ounce of her remaining strength. Her labor would continue for nearly 10 hours before the child was born, and she sank almost lifelessly onto the birthing table after it was over, utterly and completely exhausted, sighing in relief that it was finally over.

    The assistants at once began to handle the newborn, one of them cutting and clamping off the umbilical cord, the other applying a suction apparatus over the face and nose of the infant to remove the liquids it had inhaled in the womb. With a few soft splutters and a cough, the child began to yell raucously, flailing his limbs in distress as he was picked up.

    “It’s a boy.” The lab assistant announced, wrapping up the howling child in a soft towel. Lucrecia relaxed back on the table and smiled at the news, her eyelids fluttering closed from exhaustion; only to open them again as the crying noise became quieter. She watched in mild upset as the assistants made their way out of the room, carrying the squalling newborn with them.

    “What’s going on…?” She wondered, her voice not much more than a hoarse whisper, glancing to Hojo and Gast with concern. “What’s wrong with my baby? Is he sick..?”
    “No.” Gast replied, shaking his head. “Not at all. He was born healthy and he’s fine. You don’t have anything to worry about.”
    “Well, can I see him, then…?” she asked.
    “Why?” Hojo responded.
    Lucrecia began to cry. “Because he’s my baby, Hojo,” she began, “I just gave birth to him… the least you could do is let me see him. I know he’s to be an experiment and a valuable specimen in the Jenova project, but at least let me hold him and cuddle him for a few moments. Let him know who his mother is….” She gave both Professor Gast and Hojo a pleading look, but neither of them budged.
    “No.” Hojo folded his arms, his expression stern and cold. It was quite clear he was enjoying this, as a thin smirk slowly grew on his lips. Meanwhile, Gast just ignored her and sat down at a nearby table to write down observation notes.

    “Please Hojo…” Lucrecia sobbed, continuing her plea. “Please… at least let me hold him before you take him away…”
    “Your usefulness is over.” Hojo stated, bored.
    “What..?” Lucrecia stared at him, in a state of disbelief and shock. “What happened to you…?”
    “There is no point in the husk once it has yielded the seed.” Hojo turned his back on her and made his way back to the desk.
    “Sedate her and move her upstairs.” Gast casually said to two nearby assistants, who moved in on Lucrecia to do as they were ordered. “Give her time to rest and recover. After that Hojo, you may do as you please with her.”
    “You can’t do this to me…!” Lucrecia howled in protest, soon falling silent after the assistants had injected her with the sedative. As she was wheeled out of the room, Hojo watched with great amusement. She was a stupid gullible female who had diligently served her purpose. But now, she had no more purpose to serve.

    “Useless female….”

    Nearly 8 years had passed since Sephiroth’s birth, and the boy was growing rather normally, just as any other child would. Professor Gast and his assistant, Hojo, closely monitored him under controlled conditions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Or Gast did, at least, until he died when Sephiroth was five years old. Lab Assistants would feed the boy and tend to his other needs, while Hojo ran series after series of tests, monitoring his vitals and mapping his growth. Though the boy’s physical needs were met fairly readily, his emotional needs were sorely lacking – Hojo had forced the Lab Assistants to treat him like any other experiment and not give him any emotional attention at all. Anyone who dared object Hojo’s orders was either fired, or conveniently disposed of.
    Because of the way he was raised, the young child himself had grown rather quiet, for he had learnt that crying or protesting did not help him in the slightest. It only brought voices colder than the freezing temperatures in the lab, sharper then the pangs of hunger. His developmental milestones were not praised. His first steps had been spent moving away from Hojo and under the nearest table, much to the man’s annoyance. As he grew, tutors taught him the basic necessities he would need to live a normal life. He was taught how to speak properly by tutors, how to read, how to write, mathematics skills, and later basic self-defense. Some of his developmental milestones had been late due to his abusive guardians, but he had come along fine in the end.

    And that was his life. Between tests that sometimes made him quite ill and disorientated him, his learning, and reading, he did nothing. He spent his leisurely hours locked up in a holding cell, where he did nothing but read, or sleep. And it was boring. When he got a rare snatch view of the outside world from the laboratory window, he often wondered what the world outside was like, and he wished he were out there. Anywhere would have been better than where he was.

    On one particular evening however, Sephiroth had gotten it in his head that he was determined to escape. He had been thinking about it on and off for months and had taken careful note of which assistants came and went, and when there were easily accessible gaps in between their shifts. Even if he was not able to escape when the assistants were exchanging shifts, he still had a backup plan.

    He timed his escape carefully. Every evening after Hojo went home for the day, a lab assistant would let him out of his holding cell and allow him to sit in the laboratory area while the building’s cleaner made his bed and cleaned his bathroom area. The boy calmly sat on the examination table and watched as the cleaner swiped his card and walk into the cell, hanging his coat on the door. Sephiroth couldn’t believe his luck – he had watched the cleaner be careless in the past, but to leave his keycard in the coat pocket and unguarded?
    The boy promptly bounded across the room to steal the card, stuffing it in his pocket. After having successfully done that without being caught, he flagged down an assistant to inform him that he needed to use the restroom. The assistant wasn’t terribly impressed scolded him for not using the one in his holding cell, before escorting him out of the laboratory to use the one on the floor. Sephiroth pulled his hand free and made a break for it, promptly dashing towards the elevator. He swiped the card and quickly headed for the elevator, only to be tackled to the floor as the assistant caught up with him, roughly picking him up and carrying him back to the room. Sephiroth winced, but not in pain. He knew for sure Hojo was going to beat him for the escape. He always punished him quite harshly whenever he did anything remotely wrong.

    Sephiroth lay on the bed in his cell that night, feeling quite sorry for himself. Hojo had indeed punished him for escaping; he had slapped him across the face multiple times and left a dark bruise on his shoulder where he had hit him. Hojo had also doubled the time of his testing sessions in the laboratory for the next week, so Sephy was especially unhappy about that. He curled up his limbs and lay on his side in a ball, quietly whimpering to himself.


    Ever since she could remember, she had encounters with a man who would seem to haunt her as much as the demons who wanted her assistance and obediance. His appearances made no sense to her for years, but whenever he appeared, he’d always wind up following her, trying to tag along with her in her travels, or protect her. Her, the multi-verse’s most slippery traveler who ran from planet to planet, universe to universe, never wanting to stay anywhere for more than ten years at the most in one go, somehow always managed to be tracked by this man…

    Eventually, as the years passed she had asked him who he was and why he followed her in such ways. He claimed to be from her future and to be her mate. Such news troubled her to the very core. For, if she were to know the future, then how can she do much more than to follow fate and have it choosen for her rather than choose it for herself. Even so, she had no fate to choose for herself, so in time, she came to accept the fact that maybe she did have a pre-set destiny. Or, perhaps, this man was making her destiny for her by driving her mad throughout the years by constantly following her about through time.

    Either way, she once found herself upon the grounds of a planet whose inhabitants only referred to as “the planet”. Such a strange name for a planet, but Earth was only named after soil… or was it the other way around.. she did not care either way. This was just someplace to rest up and stay safe for a bit longer.

    Eventually, she found shelter in a town named Nibelheim which she thought was silent and peaceful. At least, she thought so until she saw the squabling of a female scientist, her bodyguard, and some other scientist near a mansion that was said to be off limits. These squables peaked her curiousity and in time she investigated. What she found was the Jenova project and soon afterwards, Sephiroth, the name of the man who had haunted her for so long.

    After that moment in time, she choose to make this planet a frequent stop in her travels, always tracking down this “Sephiroth” and watching him from the distance, wanting to know if he was for real or if her stalker was someone else completely. What she found isntead was heartwrenching and in a way… familiar. This boy was treated nearly as bad as she had been as a child at points, and even worste at other points. It angered her to watch the scientists from afar and examine their habits with the boy.

    So, she came up with a plan. She’d sneak in and make herself a caretaker for the boy and try to allieviate some of his pain. It wouldn’t be too hard, humans are easy to trick. All she needed was a uniform.

    Jenna broadly smirks as she spots an assistant leave the premises of the Shin-ra building. This woman nearly fit her body shape and size perfectly, she’d do perfectly for her objectives. She moved from rooftop to rooftop, tracing the assistant until she was all on her own. Then, with a fury of movement, she attacked the assistant and snapped her neck. The sorceress quickly gathered up the clothing before teleporting the dead woman’s body to the middle of one of the “reactors” that surrounded the city.

    “Ugh… why can scientists never clean themselves properly?” She grumbled to herself as she sniffed the stolen clothing. Still, she simply cast a spell to clean off the clothing and then slipped it on as well as changed the ID tags to fit her new disguise, setting herself up to appear to be a newly hired assitant for the Shina-ra medical staff.

    Not long afterwards, Jenna was in, heading up the elevators that lead to Hojo’s lab and preparing to infiltrate the workforce itself to get to the boy. She allowed her long bangs to hang over her face as to hide her unusually colored eyes and grinned in anticipation. Not long afterwards, the door the the elevator opened and she stepped inside the lab’s floor, looking around as if she had never seen it before.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth was tired, but he wouldn’t be able to drift off to sleep for quite some time yet. The dull ache of hunger in the pit of his stomach kept him wide awake, thanks to being denied food as part of his punishment for the evening. His fingers and toes were also cold and numb from the air conditioner blowing into his holding cell. His arm also still throbbed from where Hojo had punched him.
    Though as miserable as he was, he had to admit that he did not feel one ounce of regret for trying to escape today, as bad of an attempt that it was. Despite the punishment he had received, it did not deter him in the least. And for the first time, he wasn’t completely huddled up and crying, feeling utterly miserable and sorry for himself. He just lay on his side and pondered what conditions would change tomorrow, what extra security Hojo would install to keep him from escaping, and the best way to get around it.

    He raised his head to glance out the window in his holding cell – it must be the middle of the night right now. He guessed that from the dim lighting in the laboratory outside, and the reduced number of assistants who worked through the night.

    “Hmph…” He sighed and lay his head down on the pillow again. Another opportunity to escape wouldn’t arise until he was out of that holding cell again. For now he would just lie there and sleep, waiting for it.


    Jenna carefully peered around the level as she strolled through it, doing her best to appear inconspicuous. She kept her head lowered to keep her eyes hidden and make her appear even more meek than she already did in this ridiculous outfit. About the only thing that would tip off anyone that she didn’t belong would be her boots, which she had failed to change out of when she placed on her disguise.

    She carefully strayed away from any lingering assistants as she passed by them, not wanting to deal with mindless banter or questions and continued looking throughout the level. At long last, she came across a cell that contained a small boy, the boy who had been treated so horribly by his carekeepers. A faint grin appeared on her lips as she spotted him, feeling delighted that she had gotten this far.

    Still, she did nothing to interact with the boy quite yet. For now, she just wanted to watch him up close. So, she pulled out a notepad and pretended to be taking notes, just carefullly watching him, fascinated for the most part, and not speaking at all. She tried to remain hidden in the shadows as she observed the boy and would remain in that position til dawn if undisturbed.

    All the time, she examined the boy, noticing his mannerisms and actions and studied the cell, plotting the easiest ways of getting in and out of it. From time to time she’d look up at the security cameras, noting to herself what sort of system they were and developing plans on how to disable them as well. Still, for now, she’d only watch. It was foolish for her to rush ahead without having a clear plan.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth just hummed aloud to himself in an attempt to break the silence in his holding cell. He hummed some of the only tunes he could remember, and sometimes the same few bars over and over due to the fact he could not remember much. The lab assistants often turned on the radio after Hojo had gone home for the evening, so Sephiroth got to listen to the music they played sometimes. It was mostly classical music, but he loved it nonetheless, and put his ear to the glass to listen whenever he could. He wished he could have it on all the time in his cell as it was very soothing and had a calming effect on him, but he dared not ask Hojo about that – the man would probably punish him for even asking such a thing, and then take away what little music he actually was able to listen to.

    He sat up, frowning at the silence outside. The lab assistants that worked the night shift must have been very busy, as they did not have the music playing tonight. Such a shame, he thought to himself. Sephiroth sighed and hopped off his bed to peer out of his holding cell via his observation window, curious to see just how busy they really were. The assistant Hojo called ‘Cohen’ was busy at his desk in the office with writing – boring. The other one whose name he had never bothered to remember was busy mixing liquids of various kinds in the back corner at the far side of the lab – even more boring. Sephiroth frowned as he noticed the third assistant who was closer than the other two, glancing up at him, occasionally writing notes on her little bits of paper. This struck the boy as being rather odd, for there were usually only two assistants in the lab during these hours of the night. He narrowed his eyes at her and shrugged, figuring that she was probably there because of his escape attempt, and perhaps they needed the extra security now, not paying her any more thought for now. Sephy just shook his head and moved to lie on his bed once again, humming himself to sleep. He wasn’t quiet for long however, as he tossed and turned occasionally in his sleep, softly whimpering. His dreams were often unpleasant and sometimes even tormented him. After some time he was quiet and finally peaceful once again, staying that way until morning.

    Sephiroth was woken on the exact moment of 9AM that next morning. A loud banging sound on his holding cell door roused him from sleep, but he ignored it at first, keeping very still, pretending to be asleep. The banging continued and so did Sephy’s desire to ignore it, a small grin spreading across his face. His happiness did not last long however, as Hojo kicked the door open and grabbed the small boy by the arm, dragging him out of bed, making him thump onto the floor. This normal practice as well as standard routine, so Sephiroth didn’t complain despite the fact he would have really liked to. He had already learned that complaining would have only made things worse, especially while Hojo was angry.

    “Are you going deaf, boy?” Hojo growled at him. “It’s 9AM, wake up when somebody knocks on your door. You know the routine!”
    “Yes, sir.” Sephy replied simply.
    “Strip down to your underwear and get onto the examination table.” Hojo hissed at him. “You will have ten minutes to shower and be ready. This morning’s series of tests require you to be fasting, so you will not get any food until they are over. No funny business either. Do you understand?”
    “Yes, sir…” Sephiroth said quietly. He remained seated on the floor, not wanting to anger Hojo further.
    “Good,” Hojo growled and walked out of the room. “Now hurry up.”

    Sephiroth sighed and got to his feet, heading into the tiny bathroom connected to his holding cell and began to wash himself off for the morning. He could tell that it was going to be yet another bad day.


    Jenna looked up for a moment as she noticed that the boy is actually watching her. She quickly lowered her head again, trying to make herself look like a busy lab tech and remained that way for the entirety of the night, glancing up at him from behind her lowered bangs quite frequently. He was such a fascinating creature to her. If only he weren’t caged up…

    Still, it was not her place to free him, and even less of her place to interfere with his life. So, she remained there, leaning against the wall and watching him all night long. Once he fell asleep, she began to look around the lab at other things, taking note of the security systems and other workers in the lab. She mentally began to plot a way to get the boy out, but kept on reminding herself that she did not belong on this world and should not interfere at all..

    Yet, how could she just stand by either… This was such a problematic situation.

    Jenna had fallen into a light doze by the time Hojo had entered the lab. She snapped her eyes open though at the first hints of his yelling and quickly straightened up and hissed at herself. She did not mean to stay here so late.. Well, now she had no choice but to stay throughout the day. Leaving now would just draw attention to herself.

    So, she stepped back as Hojo entered the boy’s room, but remained nearby. She scowled to herself as she watched him yank about the boy and command him. The flames of anger toward the man were so high that she could actually feel it burning her from inside.

    Then, she realized that Hojo was walking straight toward her location and quickly straightened up, keeping her eyes hidden by lowering her head and tried to make it look like she had been taking notes this entire time. Though, instead, she just wrote down a magic spell on the paper so that Hojo would see what he wanted on the paper.

    Kat Aclysm

    Hojo moved out of the holding cell to give Sephiroth time to partake in his usual morning routine, muttering under his breath raw insult and how useless he thought the boy was. He picked up the latest printouts displaying the results from Sephiroth’s most recent tests and growled, tossing the clipboard back onto the table, quite dissatisfied with what he was reading. It was then that he noticed the female lab assistant. He never recalled hiring a female for the day shifts before. At least, not since her…

    Hojo stared at the female for a moment, sizing her up as if she was opposition, glaring at her with open and obvious suspicion. He quickly shrugged this off however, assuming that the higher ups had hired her and sent her in to work with the team. It didn’t matter. If she could do the job, could keep quiet, and was loyal to the project, he didn’t care what gender his lab techs were.

    “You, woman. I don’t care what your name is.” Hojo hissed. “I’m assuming this is your first day here, so pay attention if you want to keep your job. First, you will do everything I tell you. You will not argue or complain. If you have a suggestion, voice it, but you better be damn sure that it is an intelligent one.” He paced towards her, narrowing his eyes further behind thick-rimmed glasses. “And tie your hair back. Sephiroth is a rather defiant little brat. If you upset him, he could grab and pull on it. I also don’t want bits of your hair becoming part of the experiments, or test results.”

    Hojo backed away from her again, returning to the table to pick up the printouts of results that he had been going over just a short time ago. “Your first task is to take the tray of food on the table beside me here into the boy.” He pointed a slender finger towards a tray from the building’s cafeteria, containing a bowl of rather sickly-looking and watery scrambled eggs, two small slices of buttered toast, a large banana and an apple. “Make sure he has properly showered and groomed himself. Also, make sure that he has taken care of his bodily functions, for he is developing a habit of using them as an excuse to shirk his tests or flee.” Hojo moved away from her and headed towards his office, a small room connected to the laboratory at the far end of the room.

    “You know what to do.” He said, before disappearing around the corner, leaving Jenna standing in the laboratory. She wasn’t alone however, as other techs were working in the background.


    Jenna opened her mouth as if to protest as Hojo first began speaking to her, but she soon realized that he must be in love with his own voice. So, she simply stood there, keeping her eyes covered and allowed him to speak as much as he wanted to. It mattered not to her what threats he threw her way, it wasn’t as if he could actually do anything to her. Still, he thought she was part of his team without even asking for credentials. That was a good thing. It meant she didn’t have to fake any.

    She slowly shook her head then looked down at the small boy that she was supposed to feed and take care of. …How exactly was she suppposed to make certain that the boy took care of his bodily functions anyway?? She frowned at the preposterous idea then shrugged and strolled closer to Sephiroth.

    She softly cleared her throat to get his attention before gently touching his shoulder. “Boy, where is your bathing area?” she softly spoke, figuring that he might as well know where such details are. If anyone were to closely listen to her, they’d notice that she had a strange accent, almost feral in a way. She had spent years making the roughness in her english vanish, but there were still traces of the speach that no human should never speak on her tongue. “We might as well make certain you’re all clean before you start eating, hm?” She gently nudged Sephiroth forward, wanting him to lead the way.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth glanced up at the new woman with disinterest, interpretting her calm mannerism as a way to get him to co-operate with her. When she asked him where his bathing area was, he just silently pointed to the door that led into the small area behind his cell. Sephiroth made a mild noise of protest as Jenna nudged him and furrowed his brow.

    He was in a stubborn mood that morning. He was tired and didn’t paticularly want to do anything that the unfriendly lab assistants asked him. He knew he would probably be punished for it, but he didn’t care at that point.

    In a small voice, he gave the woman direct eye contact, speaking to her in a very quiet tone, yet very determined.

    “I don’t want to.”


    Jenna: *shakes her head and loudly sighs at the boys stubborn behavior. She has to keep her ruse of being a lab assistant if she didn’t want Hojo to give her a closer look, but Sephiroth was making it so hard. She didn’t want to hurt him or jerk him around like all the other assistants, but she wouldn’t be able to help it if he continued to fight her like this. So, she gently gripped onto his shoulders and lead him to the indicated area* Well, sometimes you need to do things that you don’t want to do. And trust me, you’ll feel much better if you’re all clean. Do you want to smell all day long, hm? *she keeps her voice low so that she doesn’t garner any unwanted attention*

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth: *allows himself to be led into the bathroom area by the woman, surprised with her attitude already. Normally they yelled, or got angry, or left the room to report him to Hojo when he was openly defiant like he had been just now. When she asked him if he wanted to smell all day long, he grinned slightly to himself as he was tempted to say yes. He knew the regular morning routine though, and it was best to follow it anyway* No madam, I do not want to smell all day.

    He steps into the shower stall, then strips down, folding his clothes up in a neat pile to leave on the small counter next to the shower door. He spends a few moments washing himself off in the shower recess area, being quick about it because he is too used to being slapped for taking too long. He finishes up quickly and steps out of the shower again, grabbing up a large white towel to rub himself dry with* Is that satisfactory, madam?


    Jenna: *watches the boy step into the shower and nods to herself. Deciding that he doesn’t need her hovering over him while he’s naked, she turns her back to the room and sighs. How is she ever going to get out of this situation? Well, it’ll be easy enough for her to fake her death if she wanted to leave, but she also doesn’t want to stop watching the boy quite yet. If she faked her death, she’ll never get another chance to be so close to the boy…

    She straightens up as she heard the boy speak to her again and quickly looks back at him, nodding* Good, now wash your teeth, I suppose, and get dressed. I’ll be waiting here.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth glances back at the woman once again, wondering why she isn’t bad tempered and sour like the others had been. Part of him almost wanted to ask her why, but he knew if he did, it was likely to get him into a lot of trouble. Instead, he moves to stand up on the stepping stool in his bathroom area so he could get a better look at himself in the mirror.

    He turned on the cold tap and cupped his hands to drink from it, splashing his face off with it. His face was already clean, but he liked the sharp cold on his skin and it made him feel refreshed. After grabbing his toothbrush and placing an average sized amount of toothpaste on it, he began to clean his teeth quickly, spending only a few seconds on it before spitting out the foam and rinsing his mouth out with water. He glanced up at Jenna as if to seek her approval.

    “I’m done now.” He said, before he moved into the small toilet area that was connected to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him for privacy.


    Jenna: *watches the boy change rooms and shrugs to herself. She doesn’t care much for watching the boy take care of his bodily functions, so instead, she strolls over to the plate of food left for the boy. A deep scowl forms on her lips as she studied the watered down food. Not necessarily because the food is less than five-star quality, no. It is simply because it is human food in the first place. She never will be able to understand how humans could stand eating such food.

    Still, she was told to make the boy eat, and she’d rather not have him starve. So, she picks up the plate and moved it closer to where the boy last was spotted. She sets the food down on a nearby nightstand and sighs in boredom* When you’re done with your bodily functions and getting dressed, you have food here.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth wasted a bit of time while he was in the toilet area, mostly because he was rarely disturbed in there. It gave him time to think to himself and ponder a new way to escape. A new lab assistant meant a new set of behaviours, and a different schedule. He decided he would keep a close eye on her and look for gaps so he could escape. He finished up with what he was doing and flushed the toilet, moving back out to the sink so he could wash off his hands. Then he picked up the fresh clothes laid out for the day and pulled them on.

    Silently, he made his way across to the nightstand where the woman had placed the food down for him. He seemed rather disinterested in the food, but began to eat it anyway because he was hungry. The scrambled eggs and the buttered toast had gone cold and he didn’t like them much, so he saved the fruit for last as he always liked them. He glanced back up towards the woman and kept his eyes on her as he munched his way through the food, frowning, wondering why the lab techs had such a desire to watch his every move.


    Jenna: *tilts her head in curiousity, fascinated by the fact that Seph could even eat that food. It looks hardily palitable to her, but then again.. She shakes her head in frustration, hardly satisfied that she was the only being she knew that was human and liked what she likes.

    It is such a lonely life that she lead, but she has no choice in the matter, just like this boy has no choice in his life. He is probably more of a captive to his fate than she has ever been and will ever become. She at least lashed back at those who would restrain her the moment that she realized that they wanted to use her decades, or eons, ago. This boy is beaten into submission on a daily basis.

    She deeply sighs and crosses her arms, rather bored. There may be points in which her bangs part a bit and give Seph a glimpse of her uniquely colored red eyes. But overall, she just appears rather boring*

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth’s eyes widen slightly as he catches a glimpse of her eyes. He had seen eyes of many colours, such as brown, blue, green, red, and golden. But never eyes that were the colour of flames before. He had been told that his turquoise coloured eyes were unusual, even unique. Maybe this lady was like him, a special person that had been made strong. He quickly shook that thought of of his mind because they would more than likely tell him something like that.

    “What are we going to do today?” He finally decided to ask her, inbetween bites of his apple.

    Meanwhile, Hojo had been getting very impatient with how long the morning routine was taking. He poked his head out of his office, yelling. “What is that boy doing?! What’s taking so long that he has to waste an entire quarter of an hour? Hurry up, we’re starting soon. You’re delaying everything!”


    Jenna: *scowls in irritation at Hojo’s yelling, but chooses to ignore it. Instead, she simply watches the boy and shakes her head* I cannot say. I was not told what was going to occur. You’d best finish eating soon though. *she shakes her head slightly so that her hair would fall in a more comfortable position but keep her eyes covered then moves toward the doorway and holds it open*

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth: *promptly begins to bite through the rest of the fruit, chewing it up as best as he can manage given the short time frame. He gives up halfway through the banana and leaves it on the plate, moving out of the holding cell to sit up on the examination table, silent*


    Jenna: *Finds it strange that Seph would just voluntarily go ontop of the table, but she chooses not to comment on it. Instead, she examines the left-over food for a moment, then heads into the labratory room herself and chooses to watch from the background. She tries her best not to draw attention to herself, not wanting to do anything else with the boy for she knows nothing at all about biology aside from what she learned by randomly sticking stuff in a cloning machine. Still, even that attempt didn’t teach her much. All it did was teach her not to go randomly sticking DNA into things you don’t understand or else you come up with bad things like Berserk.*

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth sits on the table and slowly sways his feet, humming to himself as he waits for Hojo. He glances back to the woman again, wanting to get another look at her eyes, his curiousity quite peaked as to what she is now. He doesn’t do this for long however, as Hojo shoves the door open to his office, causing it to bang loudly, and for Sephiroth to jump.

    Hojo makes his way across the room in quick strides, glaring at Sephy as he approaches him, handing a clip board to Jenna before he moves his face right into Sephy’s.

    “Listen to me, you little brat,” Hojo began. “If you waste that much time getting ready again, I’ll ensure you’re punished for it. Do you understand? I hate time wasters.”
    Sephiroth frowned, but lowered his head. “I don’t understand, sir. You are wasting time right now by telling me that…”
    Hojo growled and whacked Sephiroth across the face. “Don’t be smart with me!” He turned away from the boy and growled at the female ‘lab assistant’. “I’m going to give you a relatively simple task because it is your first day here, woman. Take a sedative out from the drawer and administer it to him. We are going to be doing a full-body scan on the brat this morning and he has a habit of moving in the machine while it is taking pictures. We only do this procedure every three months at a minimum because he would get radiation poisoning if it was more frequent. In any case, I want it done perfectly the first time. You know what to do.”

    He moves away and out of the lab with the intention of starting up the machine, leaving Jenna alone with Sephiroth once again.


    Jenna: *grits her teeth in very clear aggitation. She does not like the fact that she hasn’t even gotten the chance to get a word in edge-wise nor been able to even explain to the idiotic professor anything. She has devised a good excuse for not doing anything if asked, just claim that she is an inspector from the company’s finance department, but at this rate she won’t ever be able to use that excuse.

    So, she chooses to do the most logical thing to her twisted mind. She narrows her eyes and casts a spell to make Hojo trip, figuring at best, the man will think he just hit an uneven tile.

    A faint smirk crosses her lips as she finishes casting the spell and she moves over to the indicated drawer and looks through the medications, frowning. She becomes confused as to what to actually use, so instead, she chooses to take up any random one and to fake injecting Sephiroth. She is a mage and is more than capable of casting a spell that has the same properties as sedatives.*

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth was still sour from being slapped, and his cheek still stung. Nevertheless, he broke out into a fit of laughter at the sight of Hojo tripping over as he headed out the doorway. The man glared at the boy and simply stumbled out of the room, swearing under his breath that he would deal with the boy later.

    Sephiroth tilted his head slightly as he observed Jenna fake the injection and gave her an inquisitive glance. He did not say anything however; knowing full well his every movement and sound was being recorded.


    Jenna: *keeps her hand in a position that would make it look like she is indeed injecting the boy with the drug, but instead, she concentrates and casts a spell to create the same effect as the strongest sedatives. The way that she is leaning over the boy would more than likely give him a good look at her eyes. She pulls away from the boy after a moment. She looks around the room, a bit lost before spotting a garbage bin to place the siringe in. Once she’s done disposing of the “used” materials, she moves back into the corner to simply watch* That man better start doing his job and stop ordering me around…

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