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    Please input identification:


    Identification authorized. Subject Jenna verified. Access level Alpha given. 96.4827901% of the files may be accessed, read, and written. Access to core programming denied.

    How may I be of assistance to you today?


    1. Halcyon
    2. History files
    3. Personnel files
    4. Inventory
    5. Secured folder. Classification: Private data
    6. Chaos
    (subjects will be placed in as I work on them)


    Subject: Chaos

    Sub-topics listed as:

    1. What is the nature of chaos?
    2. Does chaos automatically mean evil?
    3. Are there higher powers?
    4. The balance
    5. Corrupted data
    6. Chaotic state of earth.
    (more may be added)


    Subject: What is the nature of chaos?

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: *sighs as she looks at the camera. She then shakes her head before muttering* Well, one would think that would be an obvious answer, would it not? Chaos is the lack of order. However, would plopping chaos and order to define each other be appropriate? *She begins to click her claws together as she thinks* No, that would be too abstract of a definition. Nor, does it really relate to anything. That would not do at all.

    *She releases a deep sigh* As far as I see, chaos is indeed life. To be chaotic is to be able to live and choose for yourself. For, if you were ordered, every step of your existence would be pre-ordained. *She crosses her arms* I don’t believe in fate. That is just pure nonsense. So, chaos, in essence, is living. But that doesn’t fully explain it either, now does it?

    *She shakes her head in agitation* Hrmph.. No, for Chaos alone without order would produce no life. A constant ebb and flow without any form of organization would not favor life at all. However, at the same time, all origin theories that have ever existed in every religion, culture, mythos, and so on indicate that all stemmed from Chaos. So, Chaos is the source of all of us, is it not? It should be the most important thing to all life. However, most think of it as something to fear…

    *Growls in frustration* This is such an annoying thing to try to define. It is so abstract that it doesn’t really have a true explanation. *she snorts in irritation* Well, chaos is what everyone thinks it is and at the same time it isn’t. That’s all! I don’t even know what the fuck I was thinkin-

    Transmission ended.


    Subject: Does chaos automatically mean evil?

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: There are several human books that classify things that are chaotic as being the worst form of evil that can possibly exist. Somehow, they think that chaotic creatures desire nothing more than an oblivion without life. I can’t possibly see how this can be the truth…

    *She shakes her head* To be chaotic can’t mean to be evil by default. Evil means meanace, chaos just means.. Well, I think it means freedom of choice. Freedom from those who wish to have control over you. Yet, there are several creatures that are deemed “chaotic” who bend to the wills of a higher power.. Is this an oxymoron?

    There are creatures who have sought to send the world into a quote-unquote chaotic void where no life can exist. Yes, I do believe that there is indeed no life in existences that are purely chaos with nothing more. Still, the void is a tool, not the evil itself. Is it not? Is it not the ones who desire such things the ones who are evil?

    On the same hand, is death in and of itself an evil act? Perhaps, murder can serve a higher purpose? For, what is life if there is no death? Life would suffer greatly if there were only life. Death must be a natural bit. And death comes at quite chaotic intervals. Then again, birth itself is chaotic as well…

    *Glances off to the side and mutters* Does that mean that I myself am evil in nature as well for what I carry?

    *she quickly shakes her head* No, chaos is not evil incarnate. Evil may be chaotic, but the two do not equal the other.

    Transmission ended.


    Subject: Are there higher powers?

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: A subject that has plagued the minds of mortals since the beginning of time. Most blindly believe that there is indeed a set of higher powers that they must bow down to. Hmph, I suppose that is true, to a point.

    *She picks up a book from the table in front of her and flips through it* My research does indeed indicate that there have been encounters with so-called gods in the past. However, if they did indeed exist, why did the direct influence cease and desist? It seems that all visions, encounters, and so on stopped all together around the advent of somewhere around the 3rd to 6th centry. Perhaps this date is wrong, but I care little about correct that detail. *dismissively waves her hand*

    Around that same time, another series of events was occurring. Perhaps these events do indeed explain why all “gods” ceased to exist at that time. For, around the time that the prophets died out, so did the dragons. Humans turned against the dragons, calling them evil and unholy. They hunted them down.

    Still… *looks up at the ceiling* These events could just be coincidence. For, if it were dragons who posed as gods to ancient humans, why would they tell word that would lead to their own demise? Of course, there could have been a few that just wanted to get rid of families that they were feuding with. However, with Christianity leading the war against dragons.. No, this explanation doesn’t feel right at all.

    *sighs* I swear at times that I’ve seen indications, while casting my own magic, of something beyond the realm that can be seen.. Perhaps, gods do truly exist. Perhaps, their influence still exists?

    Not that I care whether there are gods or not. *loudly snorts* No matter what they are and if they do exist, I would not bow down to them. They have done nothing for me, hence I have no reason to respect them. *narrows her eyes, which are slowly shifting coloration, and grumbles* Anyway, I believe I have enough pow-

    Unexpected error. Rest of file is corrupted.

    Attempting to restore file….

    Please return later


    Subject: The balance

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: The more I explore the abstract known as Chaos.. . Hrmph. *shakes her head* It matters not. I have found another topic in which I want to save for later. So, I shall begin right here and now. Several tales that document good and evil, light and dark, chaos and order, so on and so on give indications of an eternal battle between the two for supremacy. However, within that battle, one thing becomes quite apparent, the balance must be kept an maintained. Yet, the exact means for maintaining this balance is never quite clear.

    I’ve read some books that indicate that the balance is kept in check by higher powers. The so-called gods and denizens of the cosmos watch over all and insure the balance will never tip too greatly to one side. *She deeply frowns at this thought* I think that story gives idiotic gods too much credit. They are selfish beings from my encounters.

    Others say that the balance just happens naturally. However, unnatural events can push the balances off the edge for a bit. Still, no matter what, the balance would be recovered in time, for nature does not like to have one side dragging it down. *shrugs and dismissively waves her hand* I suppose this is a likely occurance. However, I just.. I don’t know.

    I suppose, at times, especially when I am not particularly thinking of much at all.. Heh, what does it matter what things I think I remember? This is not the point in this log. *sets her right hand on her forehead and sadly shakes her head* No, those illusions are of no importance at all.

    *She lowers her hand and looks directly at the camera once more* No matter, I still believe that the balance must be the most essential part to all existence. It must be maintained in order for any life to exist at all. I suppose I shall document my thoughts on the absolutes to both sides later, when I understand more.

    Transmission ended.


    Attention: You are attempting to access a corrupted data set.

    Do you still wish to continue? Y/N


    Acknowledged. File recovery program initiating.

    File constitution restored to 95%. Some errors may occur.

    File subject identified.

    Subject: Let’s play a little game

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    *The screen crackles and flashes as a broken image first shows. At first, only brief flashes of Jenna, cutting herself and setting blood down on the floor of an empty room can be seen. After a minute, the screen goes completely black.

    Finally, it slowly returns to displaying a more or less clear image of Jenna sitting in a chair. She is garbed in a black leather outfit that shows more skin that it protects. In fact, the outfit is only composed of a mid-length black leather jacket, reaching down to about her mid-thighs, a tube-top leather brassier, a pair of short leather shorts that could be classified as Daisy Dukes, a belt and set of holsters for two guns that she has at her sides, and a pair of thick black boots that are decorated with silver plating on parts. She currently has her head tilted downward, so that her eyes are obscured. Also, in her left hand is a rather large bottle of hard liquor which has clearly been liberally sipped from so far.

    Jenna is sitting in a rusted chair that once may have been an ornate throne made out of precious metals. Meanwhile, on the floor, there is an intricate pattern that would indicate a magical spell. The runes are drawn completely in blood. The symbol also creates a perfect circle around the chair.*

    Jenna: Why, hello, little snake.
    *With these words, a large, morbid smirk appears on her lips. Unlike the normal mannerisms that Jenna displays, this grin might actually be classified as malicious. Also, her entire tone of voice is a bit off and seems as if she’s half-way singing the words.*
    Did you think I never expect your approach?
    Little snake, little snake, little snake indeed.
    How dense you think of most.
    *She darkly chuckles as she taps the side of her head, which she also shakes.*
    Hmm… *She glances at the side then smiles again. Then, she brings up her right hand to her chin, as if she were pondering something.* Let’s play a game.
    *Her smile grows wider for a moment as she drops her hand and turns her head back to the camera.*
    I’m certain that we might both gain.
    Or perhaps not at all.
    Here, let me toss you the ball.

    *With these words, she chuckles once more then grins as she lifts her head to look into the camera. Her bangs slip down a bit as the force of gravity pulls them more toward the sides of her head than straight down over her eyes, revealing her eyes. Rather than the fire-quality eyes that she normally has, blood red eyes glare at the screen. One could say that the look in her eyes can prove that there are quite a few screws loose in her head*

    I know what you want.
    Yes, yes, I might even possess.
    *She glances down at her right hand and begins to click the claws together as if she were idly thinking about something*
    Of course, then again,
    That might be yours to assess.

    *She moves her hand out toward the camera, as if teasing to give a offer. Then, she loudly clanks her claws together and moves on to her next set of words*

    *Meanwhile, the image breaks apart and distorts for just a brief moment. During this time, a brief flash of the spell being active and brightly lit up can be just barely seen for a milisecond. Finally, the image returns to the previous clarity*

    Jenna: *Lifting up the liquor bottle that is in her left hand, she begins to slowly slosh the liquid around in a circular pattern and seems to speak out in an absent-minded manner*
    In between the dark and light.
    Flesh no longer exist.
    Stop and stare ahead.
    Perhaps you’ll see through the mist.
    Dark ahead and light behind,
    I don’t think either do really mind.
    Gold does rise and weave.
    But maybe it is only there to peeve.
    Speak, I dare.
    Voices do not drift.
    Then again,
    Knowledge of the words might fall into the rift.

    *She yawns and acts as if the words she just spoke are rather boring to her. Then, she brings the bottle to her lips and gulps down a small bit. She then lifts her head to look up at the ceiling.*

    Dare you enter this realm?
    Do you even know what it is?
    Have you drifted so far from your path?
    Do you forget the purpose of this quiz?

    *Once again, she smirks and chuckles, shaking her head as if she knows the answer*

    Hm… little snake.
    I won’t ever forget to repay.
    For every planet you do consume.
    I shall send ten away.
    *With these words, she glares at the screen once more, growling at the very thought that her threat would not be taken seriously. Also, the image momentarily breaks apart again. This time, it seems to show a flash from another file. In this flash, there is a man being slowly skinned and screaming. However, it doesn’t last long.*
    Oh, do you not like that news?
    *She tilts her head to the right side and smirks once more*
    Little snake, what do you carve?
    I know most certain indeed,
    You will not like to starve.

    *She chuckles and licks her lips then shakes her head. With this, she leans forward and sets her chin in her right hand. Once again, the image distorts again, this time just becoming a bright flash of static snow. However, it returns just as Jenna settles back down in the chair and begins to speak once more.*

    Oh yes, the game,
    How mean of me.
    I did forget,
    I must have indeed.

    *She crosses her arms and acts as if she’s berating herself for her brief lapse, though the movement is clearly faked. She then chuckles and looks straight at the screen once more*

    Seek between the lines,
    And then even deeper.
    Then again, maybe only those of flesh,
    *As if to emphasize her point, she moves her right index finger to her breast and presses her claw into her skin, making it bleed. However, she is completely indifferent to the fact that she is causing herself pain.*
    Might become this sleeper.
    Then again, maybe I do lie.
    I guess that is yours to find.

    *Finally, Jenna pulls out a knife that was hidden within the side of her right boot and throws it at the camera. A loud crack can be heard as it instantly breaks upon impact. Thus, the video ends a chaotic pattern of static and slowly fades back to darkness.*

    Transmission ended.


    Attention: The folder you are attempting to access is encoded and protected.

    Do you wish to continue? Y/N


    Please input access key:

    That access key is incorrect. Please try again.

    That access key is-


    Override accepted. Bypassing security systems. Access: Granted.

    Topic: Private log

    Sub-topics listed as:

    1. Fucking hell.
    2. Home sweet pile of crap
    3. Old friends
    4. Lookie, a visitor


    Subject: Fucking hell

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: *glares at the screen as she holds onto her forehead. In her left hand, is a clump of long silver hair. She loudly growls in annoyance. Her eyes are currently a blood red color* God man annoying.. *She digs her right hand’s claws into her forehead again* How dare he try to do this to me? I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

    He thinks that he can change me. He thinks that I am not worthy of living as I am now. Who made him a judge. *she lifts up the clump of hair and glares at it* Silver-haired idiot. He’s in for a surprise if he thought this hurt. *chuckles and deviously grins* I’ll rip him apart. I’ll pull out his intestines then choke him with part of it while I stuff the colon down his throat.

    *She hisses in annoyance and stumbles slightly, clutching at her head even more. Meanwhile, her eyes begin to flicker between a lighter fire-like quality and the blood-red coloration* He’s trying to lock me away, the bastard. He doesn’t approve of the fact that I like to have fun. I deserve something for all the shit that I’ve put up with! So what if the humans die while I have fun. They don’t deserve to live, those little ungrateful bastards. They all deserve to burn! Even so, he has no right to play god with my mind!

    *She collapses for a moment, groaning once more* I’m not strong enough… The bastard wants a faker to take my place… *she slowly pushes herself upright again. She then begins to rapidly type into a nearby computer console* I refuse to become nothing. I swear that he won- *growls in annoyance again*

    Not enough time.. I’ll at least insure that his little playmate won’t ever know me. Hrmph. I hate them both… I’ll always be the real me…

    *She collapses once more as she hits the enter button on the keyboard. Soon after, a simple “request accepted” can be heard*

    Transmission ended.


    Subject: Home sweet pile of crap

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: *reaches forward to play with the camera. Her clothes are tattered and turn, as well as burnt. The armor is a far cry from reasonably in good shape. In fact, it’s barely functional anymore at all. It once was mostly a brownish leather set of armored clothing for her; however, that can hardly be distinguishable thanks to the ragged state that it is in. Meanwhile, her hair is also singed and even more tangled than it usually is. However, her skin is more or less without any marks. There are a few dark splotches of soot on her body, but she is not injured at all. Also, her eyes are a deep dark blood red coloration*

    Hmm… Interesting little thing. You might be of some use. *she grins as she continues to play with the camera. She then picks it up and turns it around, as if she were examining it. The image would tumble about as Jenna examines the camera. Finally, she sets it back down again and then moves to sit in front of it* Yes, you will be nice indeed. *chuckles*

    Oh, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been here… Have I been missed? No, didn’t think so. *shakes her head and chuckles even more* I was never missed. They all hated me. I hate them. *snorts*

    Oh, now I know full well why Kerash didn’t just throw me back with those wretched scum creatures named humans… Oh, how they like their own filth. Filthy, wretched, disgusting, putrid humans. Hate, hate, hate. You deserve nothing more than hate back. Ungrateful little wretches! *chuckles* Oh, how you paid for your insolence.

    They did burn, they did poke, they did hurt. Oh, how it hurt. It was horrible. I didn’t like it at all. Try to help, they tie you up and set you on fire. Not very good at all… *scowls* So, I did burn them. They no longer live. They are ashes and dust. *giggles* They were so pretty when they were burning. I enjoyed it so much….

    *glances around* I hate this place. So boring. *she reaches for the camera again and picks it up* Hmm… I’ll take you with me, my little toy. Yes, we will record fun and games together. Won’t we? *giggles once more. She then pats the top of the camera. Soon after, she shuts the camer completely off*

    Transmission ended.


    Subject: Old friends

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Raim: *is rather haggard from lack of nutrition and sleep. He looks up at the camera that records his lab logs and then nods* It is almost over… I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since that day. *he slowly shakes his head* Everyone… *He moves over to the corner of the room, where a modified cloning tank is situated. Inside, there is a raptor-like creature, who is hooked up to several tubes that are feeding the organics, inside. However, this creature is largely composed of mechanical components that have been designed and shaped to mimic what would have been flesh before*

    Oh, my dear Kerash.. It is almost time. *slowly shakes his head* I wish I could have saved more..

    *There is a loud noise outside. Soon after, a bedraggled Jenna stumbles into the laboratory, swaying back and forth slightly, as if a bit drunk*

    Jenna: *stops then looks at Raim* You’re still alive….

    Raim: *stops and turns around, surprised at the disturbance* The girl?

    Jenna: *broadly grins and advances on Raim* Wow, the cowardly coward of cowards survived. I should have guessed this. *giggles* What a pity. You should have gone with the rest of them. Hmmm… *she glances around at the room then strolls to the side. Soon enough, she begins tearing through Raim’s notes*

    Raim: Girl? What are you doing? Where have you been? How did you survive… *frowns at her* Are you feeling alright?

    Jenna: *giggles* Oh, so many questions. Shhh… shouldn’t hurt your brain. *she grins in his direction then continues to look through the notes* Messy as ever, Raim. Ooh. Interesting. *holds up a series of notes*

    Raim: Answer me, human.

    Jenna: *hums as she looks at the notes* Very interesting indeed. Does someone want to go back in time? Break the time-space continuum, indeed. Pity it is flawed. Always is flawed, isn’t it?

    Raim: I said answer me! *shakes his head* Kerash always said that you were unstable…

    Jenna: *turns her attention back to Raim* Kerash was a- *looks into the corner then grins* My, lover-boy is trying to revive his precious forbidden love. *strolls over to the tank and caresses it with her right hand* Expect her to pledge her eternal love to you for this, don’t you? *giggles* Maybe we should celebrate!

    Raim: I do not believe that you are in a condition to be doing my of anything, girl.

    Jenna: *Rushes in on Raim and sets her right pointer finger on his lips* Shhh… You shouldn’t ruin the moment. *shakes her head* This is very special. Very, very special. Don’t you see? A new Halcyon will be born tonight. *giggles*

    Raim: Wha-

    Jenna: I said shh! Listen! *giggles* Oh, we should most definitely celebrate. Oh, I know just the most glorious thing to do as well. It is more splendid than anything in your wildest dreams… *she unsheathes her sword from her belt then begins caressing the blade* Did you know, that when you die, there is such tranquility? Everything just… disappears. *lazily grins*

    Raim: When you… die? *Begins backing away from Jenna*

    Jenna: No more sorrow, no more pain, nothing. Just.. perfection. Yes, I should give you a gift! You’ll like it. *She then whips around and begins to advance Raim*

    Raim: Girl, you really should calm dow- *yelps as Jenna slashes at him, slicing through his left arm. He then stumbles back, holding onto it* Stop this, now! I command it!

    Jenna: Oh, this little human no longer listens to you. *Giggles* Now, accept your gift, my friend. You’d love it! *she continues to swipe at Raim, she tries his best to stumble out of the way for the first few swings. Suddenly, the bipedal dinosaurian falls back as he trips over one of his incomplete inventions. As soon as he lands on his back, Jenna takes the moment to leap ontop of him and slam the sword down into his chest* Mmmm… Yes, so much good. *giggles* Here, have some more! *she pulls out the sword and begins to tear it into Raim’s flesh over and over again. At first, Raim struggles as much as he can manage. However, he eventually just gives in and goes limp* Mmm… no more fun. Oh well… *she stands up, leaving the sword in Raim’s chest. She then stumbles over to Kerash’s tank and sets a bloodied hand on the front of it* What a pity, you two won’t be together for what he did… Too bad. *She then yawns and moves to retrieve the notes on time travel again. Then, she looks up at the camera and smiles* Bye-bye. *she balls her left hand into a fist before flinging her hand out toward the camera. Soon after, a bolt of lightning extends from Jenna’s hand and hits the camera, making it fail*

    Transmission ended.


    Subject: Lookie, a visitor

    Video feed initiating in 3… 2… 1…

    Jenna: *the camera turn on to her fiddling with the camera. So, there is quite a lot of rustling noises as well as a very blurry view of the inside of her clawed, golden gloves. Soon enough, she steps away from the camera, revealing a man who is tied up and hanging from the ceiling via s rope which is looped around both his arms. Unfortunately for the man, Jenna has set him up so that he’s hovering over the ground by at least four inches*

    Mmmm… Guess what I found outside today. It’s something very, very special indeed. *she giggles then moves to pull on the man’s shoulders, pulling him down closer to him. Unfortunately, since there is no give to the binds that she has put him in, this causes him quite a bit of pain as she forces his joints to stretch beyond their range* Yes, very special indeed, traveler. *She suddenly lets him go and paces around him* You’re not from around here. No, no, no. Not even from this planet. *giggles* You break the rules. *she wanders over to the side and begins sorting through various knives, testing their sharpness.*

    Man: *frowns at Jenna and calmly speaks out* Let me go this instant.

    Jenna: *twists around to look at the man then sets her right pointer finger on her lips* Shh… I’ll get to you soon enough, dearie. *She broadly grins at the man. Then, she returns her attention to the knives. Soon enough, she performs a few test swings of the knife that she’s determined to be to her liking* Yes, this is good. *she hums then moves closer to the man* Now, you’re going to tell me everything you know. *broadly grins* Oh, this will be so much fun indeed.

    Man: I’m not tell-

    Jenna: *plunges the knife into the side of his ribs, taking care not to puncture his lungs. She then twists the blade about a bit to cause him additional pain* Now, now, now. You shouldn’t be such a prude. You know how to break that which shouldn’t be broken. You’re going to tell me how it works. *holds up a device that she had taken off the man* Especially this little precious.

    Man: *yells in pain as the knife is plunged into his side*

    Jenna: Hmm… yes, you will be long and fun to play with…

    *The video cuts out several times, seeming to be corrupted and missing elements. For the most part, there are brief moments showing Jenna peeling the flesh off her prisoner, or other such acts that are intended to cause him great pain. However at no point does she actually kill her “plaything”.

    Eventually, a final scene shows up in the video. The man is quite haggard by now, and the time-stamp indicates that he’s been going through this treatment for up to five days. Meanwhile, Jenna is messily writing down an equation that she’s being told on the wall by utilizing her blade that she’s recently been using on the man. So, the equation is being written in blood. She broadly grins as he finishes telling her the elements of the equation as well as the principles of the theory that he’s been using to bypass the fourth dimensional wall*

    Jenna: *wanders back over to the man once she’s done writing* Mmmm… you’ve done very well. Very well indeed. She reaches up to seemingly give the man a loving caresses on his torn and shredded left cheek* Yes, I told you that we’d be good friends once this was over. *her grin widens* Now, I should give my new friend a gift, shouldn’t I?

    *With those words, Jenna looks at her knife then suddenly brings it up and slashes it through is jugular*

    Jenna: Thank you very much. Now I give you the greatest gift that can ever be given. *She hums to herself then turns back around to look at her new finding. She then reaches into her belt and pulls out a paper that she had been carrying around from before* Hmmm…

    Transmission ended.

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