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    Just something for snipets of ideas or possible larger projects. Feel free to put in comments or edits if ever you feel the need. Just try to color your edits or something. I may try to look into the wiki thing I was looking at before to do this in.


    The droplets kept coming at a soothingly constant rate, which maged to create a nearly rhythmic pitter-patter against her window. As the rain continued to all, a near perfect percussion line to her father’s voice formed to the melody of his voice as he read to her tonight. She enjoyed these sorts of nights, papa was home and everything just seemed to be perfect. If only these nights could happen all the time.

    Her mind wandered away as her father read of every little girl’s fantasy to find their perfect man. Certainly, these stories were written down as common practice, right? Still, she couldn’t help but let her imagination wander away.

    “Papa? Is there really someone out there?” Her eye focused on a distant star that just barely managed to break through the haze created by the lights of the city.

    A softly rumbling chuckle resounded behind her as her father set down the book. “Of course, dear. If you look hard enough, you’ll certainly find-”

    “But father, what happens if my someone isn’t here?”

    “Well, he might be in another town, but you’re certain to find him when you grow up, dear.” A large hand reached down to gently rough up the hair on the top of her head.

    Grinning, she shook her head, keeping her attention on the sky outside. “But Papa, maybe he’s on another world waiting for me? What then?”

    “Then, the fates do laugh at you, little girl.”

    Her father’s hand froze stiff on her head at the sound of the alien voice. Something was wrong, she knew it from the pits of her stomach, and not just because she had no idea who just spoke, but- She just knew it. Tilting her head, she tried to look past her father toward where the voice had come from.


    “Shhh… Little one, do you not want to know the answer to your question, hm?” The woman chuckled at her with every word. “Come now, certainly you must be brilliant to think of such a scenario. Who in their right mind would ever imagine that their destiny lies on lands that you are not meant to tread upon.”

    Pushing her down, her father firmly spoke to her. “Darling, Daddy has business to take care of now. Go to sleep.”

    A flash of gold passed by her peripheral vision before a loud bang echoed through her room. Shivering, she froze up, not even able to turn her head to look behind her. She then squeaked as something warm and wet landed on her hair.

    “Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s very impolite. Trying to interrupt someone while they’re teaching. Not polite at all.

    “Little girl, you better hope that the one for you is not on another world, another place, another time… Heh, you better hope that is not the case at all. You better hope that the one that catches your interest has no higher purpose that the gods did ordain that you cannot interfere with. Oh, yes, you better hope that indeed. For-”

    She took in a deep breath as she heard her father gasp in pain. Why was this happening? Why?

    “-if you find that is ever the case, you will never find the fulfillment your dream of.”

    Finally, her papa spoke up. “Not in front of-”

    “Such nobility. A pity I don’t share the sentiment.”

    Her bed rocked with a sudden impact, and her breath came in even shorter gasps. This night was supposed to be.. Her bed was wet and sticky. This can’t. No, It can’t. He was home. Right? Perfect night.

    “For the record, little girl, don’t steal if you can’t protect yourself from the consequences. Things get quite sticky.”

    Something hard and cold pressed against her head mimicking her father’s touch, but it wasn’t his touch. His touch wasn’t supposed to feel like this. And then, the touch was gone. There was nothing at all. Just the pitter patter and her ragged breaths.


    Gulping, she pressed her blanket against her chest as if that would protect her from the fear that was enveloping her. She reached back to touch the bed around where her father had been sitting. Sticky, it was sticky and wet. It wasn’t supposed to be that way at all.

    Releasing a strained whimper, she turned around to face her father.


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