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    Kat Aclysm

    Before Notes: Use AC as Cannon. We can keep Sephy as not being revived, but AC is cannon.

    – 3 years post FFVII/Meteor, AC = 2 years after FFVII, Fanfic = 1 year after
    – Midgar is a dump but people move on with their lives
    – ShinRa is trying to clean up planet/at least gather last bits of Jenova cells that are hanging around
    -Gather mission stuffs. Elena goes to Midgar, goes to ShinRa building and gets to the lab. Lab is torn up and stuff missing. Need someone better than TURKs to get the job done.
    – Prez Rufus Rings up Cloud to convince him to search Midgar area
    – Cloud is not interested, hangs up
    – Rufus calls back, says, lulz, it’s Sephiroth (perhaps just Jenova cells and connection to Sephiroth? I don’t know.) and you’re getting paid
    – Cloud says oh shit and because he has no life he goes to investigate ruins for bits of exploded junk around building, in Midgar, from salvager flea markets, etc
    – On the way to Midgar, north of the city, Cloud has the encounter with Jenna. Strange woman flips him over onto his back then leaves. Strange woman is strange.

    End Ch1

    idea for chapter 2:
    -Jenna being Jenna and obsessed with ending it all and killing herself and Sesshou always searches for the biggest bangs on any given planet. So, after reading the information from the ShinRa computers (which she stole during a non-featured but hinted part of the Gather mission) she treks to the northern cave to find the Black Materia.
    -Sephy says oh no you don’t?
    -After a brief shuffle, Jenna goes yoink and sends the black materia into sub-space in order to keep it for herself.
    -Sephy gets pissed and decides he’s going to persue and harass her until she gives back HIS black materia

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