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    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth didn’t know what to do with them, really. He just glared at the children, having decided almost instantly that he didn’t want them in his quarters. When Seferia asked him about the problem he had called her over for, he turned to Noemi and nodded at her.

    “I told you on the telepathic signal, and I told you just now.” He snorted, feeling frustrated at having to repeat himself. “And here she is.”

    Kalysto stared up at the ‘monster’ dragon coming towards him and flicked his ears down, tensing, curling up into a ball where he was.


    Seferia followed Sephiroth’s gaze, locking her own sights on Noemi. As she studied the hybrid, her eyes narrowed before she shook her head.

    “Ah, I see. Well, I shall see what I can teach her in order to help her out. For now, I must ask for you to keep an eye on these children.” Seferia waved at the two elves as she spoke. “They come from an underdeveloped world, so I’m certain that they will be put into a stupor if you show them video feeds or any other form of technology.”

    With that said, Seferia walked over to Noemi before she gently grasped onto the hybrid’s right arm. Soon enough, she lead the young hybrid to the back of the apartment. Once in a private area, she began to give Noemi instruction on shape-changing spells.

    Kat Aclysm

    “What were you doing on an underdeveloped world?” Sephiroth shook his head. He couldnt possibly think of anything that anybody could gain from a lesser civilization. The silver haired youth glanced over at the elves with an air of disdain, grunting.

    “I have to take care of them?” He grunted aloud, not seeming to care if they could hear him. “Why me?”

    He watched Seferia lead Noemi away and sighed. “Well, I’m stuck with you now.” He said to the children in front of him. “What do you want to do? We have many… things you can entertain yourself with.”

    Rhyderi flattened his ears against his head, thinking that this taller grey-haired male without any pointy ears at all was very stupid and ignorant indeed. His grasp upon the common language was good so he wasn’t uneducated, but his entire demeanour was strange to him.

    “I think we would just rather go home, sir.” The strawberry-blonde youth stated very politely. “It wasn’t much of a home to go to I admit. But it was safe and quiet.”


    “Sephiroth, you should be fully aware by now that I and my queen are regularly on diplomatic missions. Our tasks usually involve contracting new planets into our alliance,” Seferia calmly explained as she looked Noemi over in the back area of the apartment. “Even an underdeveloped world can be of use. For, we need materials in order to create weapons. Also, we can always simply train the members of that world to be useful.”

    Her eyes began to glow as she examined over the spell that Noemi had used to change herself into a more dragon form. Even though the majority of her attention was on Noemi, she did notice Rhyderi’s request. So, she shook her head.

    “My appologies, little elf. However, that is not something that we can do with haste. You will have to wait until either I am done here or a transport that nears your planet comes into port. Your planet has just entered our organization, so I doubt there will be any transports yet.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi lowered his head at Seferia’s apology. It didn’t help his mood any, and at the news the screaming from his little brother was renewed. He patted the spikey-haired younger elf on the head and tried to push him off his arm.

    “Go do something with yourself.” He suggested. “Play with something. Eat some food. Go to sleep. I don’t know….”

    “I WANT TO GO HO-OMEEEEE!!” Kalysto wailed, raising his head to begin wailing anew. He was quite tired out by now though, and looking tired.

    Sephiroth hissed. “God damn it…” He watched Seferia with Noemi for a minute, then picked up a remote control, thrusting it towards the younger screaming elf. “Shut up and watch TV.” He ordered, flipping on some cartoons. “Now. We have nothing to do until they finish in there, so make the most of this time.”

    Kalysto ignored him and continued to scream, coughing occaisonally as it hurt his throat.


    Seferia pinned her ears back at the sound of Kalysto’s cries. Despite her discomfort from hearing the noise, she remained steadfast in concentrating on Noemi’s dilemma. Luckily, the black dragon had been familiar with Noemi’s magical abilities, so she knew what range of spells to look for.

    Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give Sephiroth further instruction. So, without even turning to Sephiroth, she spoke out, “You have a chess board, do you not? Entertain the boys with that. If not, distract them with something else.”

    After a few moments, she began to feel that she had a rather clear idea on what sort of spell Noemi had cast. Somehow, the hybrid had managed to cast a spell that brought out the potential of her genes, thus making her more dragon than she would normally be.

    So, Seferia began to whisper to Noemi and give her the instructions on how to undo the spell.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth stared at Seferia momentarily like she had gone insane. He shrugged and nodded, moving to the closet to pull out an old chessboard he had. He set it down on a table, glancing at both of the young elves, nodding down to the chess board. “You know how to play this, right?”

    Rhyderi timidly nodded his head. Meanwhile, Kalysto quietened at the question but said nothing and darted to hide behind his older brother.

    Sephiroth sighed in exasperation. He had no idea how to deal with children that weren’t already friendly with him. Instead of worrying about them though, he began to set out the chess pieces and the board, fixing the game up properly for play. The pieces made dull clanking sounds as they were set up. “I’m not very good at this,” He lied quickly. “Maybe you could beat me.”

    Rhyderi gave the game a short glance, then sat down to play. “Alright…”

    *”I hope you get finished with Noemi soon. I wouldn’t know the first thing about what to do with these children. I still say you should dump them at the orphanage.”* Sephiroth didn’t look at Seferia as he watched the younger male elf make his first move.


    Seferia continued to calmly explain to Noemi how her magic had reversed the properties of her genes in order to make her more draconic and less human. As she explained this, she told Noemi to concentrate on the magic that flowed around her so that she could feel which strands had produced the effect.

    So, Noemi sat down on the bed and closed her eyes as she felt for the source of the changes that she had been forced to undergo by the programs in her neural implants. As she did this, she took in a few sharp breaths, for her programming initially made her think that this activity was disobedience. Thus, she actually had to fight against herself in order to concentrate on the magical energies.

    “The humans do not trust you much at all…,” Seferia commented as she watched over Noemi. The black dragon knew that she was lucky in that she was under the protection of diplomatic immunity. Her queen would instantly defect if anything was attempted against Seferia, which provided her with freedoms that neither Noemi nor Sephiroth possessed.

    So, Seferia leaned in toward Noemi and entered her mind in order to ease the pain that was being produced by the implants. Since Seferia was concentrating on Noemi, she did not respond to Sephiroth’s request at all.

    Within half an hour, Noemi finally managed to cast a spell to revert her form back into being mostly human. As she returned to her normal state of being, she released a deep sigh before she opened her eyes to look at Seferia.

    “Thank you,” Noemi graciously stated.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth was thoroughly irritated by the time Seferia and Noemi had returned. Although he had been using the programs inside of his head geared at his level of cognative ability for chess, he was still getting beaten by this smart-ass child from the middle of nowhere.

    Rhyderi looked rather pleased with himself. Not only had he proven his intelligence to this dumb older male, he had proven that good tactics could come from an unlikely source. Though he also began to wonder to himself if the dumb-dumb was letting him win. Judging by his current expression… probably not.

    Kalysto just sat near his brother and watched, silent. At least he wasn’t screaming his head off any more.

    “Ah, you’re back.” Sephiroth grunted at Noemi. “Just in time.” He shoved the chess board, up-ending the game entirely. “We have busy things to do now. I’ve no more time for this stupid game. Three more moves and I would have won anyway.”

    Rhyderi yelped as pieces hit him in the face. “HEY!!” He glared. “You liar! You were not going to win, I was! You’re just sore because you were losing!”

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