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    Kat Aclysm

    “I don’t care about his personality. He’s a nice piece of male.” The Mage gave Seferia a rather lopsided grin and reached out to pat Kalysto on the rump. “Who wouldn’t want that? I mean look at him. He’s young. He still has a baby-face.” He purred. “And he has a tight ass. Believe me, I would know.”

    Kalysto glared rather openly, lowering his head. Though whether he was more irritated at the fact that he was being talked about openly like a piece of meat, or the fact that Seferia seemed like she was going to follow him, it was impossible to tell.

    “Fairenn,” He hissed at the Mage. “Do me a favour – shut up? Go head to the Sunfury Spire… I need a Lead Enchanted Vial. They won’t know what the fuck you’re talking about so you have to push them about it.” He flicked an ear at Seferia. “Yes, I have somewhere I need to be.”

    General Sephiroth eyed the bottle, smirking. “Actually there is enough alchohol in here to kill a man.” He paused. “At least that is what my implants are telling me.”

    He sat down on the bed beside Noemi and popped the clear lid off his Sundae container. Then he dipped his finger in the vanilla sauce and smeared it on her cheek.


    Seferia turned her head to glare at the mage. She then coldly spoke, “I meant that you are an idiot. Now.. Sebek.”

    The hunter waved her hand at the mage, indicating that her pet should take chase. Thus, within moments, the dinosaur roared before it charged at the mage.


    Noemi stared at the General as he began to paint her with ice cream. She then chuckled before she shook her head.

    “General, I am not a canvas! You better clean up after yourself.”

    Kat Aclysm

    The Mage made a loud yelling noise as the dinosaur charged after him instead. He quickly ran off, yelling out to Kalysto as he departed. “I’m not going to come back with your vial!”

    Kalysto placed a hand on his forehead and sighed. “I need to go. It was nice seeing you.” He began to walk away, heading for the front-gates of the city. “I can’t bring anyone else with me… that’s not how this works.”

    General Sephiroth darkly chuckled. “Clean up after myself? Why, certainly…” He moved in to lick her cheek, grinning. “Mmm. Best clean up ever.”


    Seferia snapped her fingers to call Sebek off his charge. She then narrowed her eyes once more before she glanced at Jenna again. Shaking her head, she boldly walked forward to follow Kalysto.

    “Hrmph, does it look like I care for such trivalties? Anyway, it has been a long time.”

    Noemi released a faint giggle as the General licked her. She then gave him a sly grin before she shook her head.

    “Middle-age and you’re still like a teenager,” the captain stated.

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto sighed as he watched where Seferia was looking. *”I told you,”* He told Jenna, *”I told you that those who are magically-inclined would be able to detect you. And as far as Seferia goes… she’s REALLY magically-inclined.”*

    “Yes, it has been a long time…” He stated. “But as soon as I have what I need, I need to go again.” He frowned deeply, still not wanting to explain why he was here. The elf nodded towards the gates of Silvermoon. “I need to fly north. To the Isle. Could you fly me there? It would be a lot easier…”

    General Sephiroth chuckled loudly. “Teenager? You are mistaken. I am nothing but a mature strong adult.” He paused. “Surely you jest.” He set his dessert aside and moved to kiss her on the lips.


    Jenna crossed her arms before she snorted. As she lifted her head up in a haughty manner, she replied, “Yes, I can see that. However, I can also see that you aren’t dealing with an elf there. She’s a dragon, isn’t she? The elves in the area are rather clueless to both of us.”

    Seferia gave the warlock a rather poignant glare before she leaned in to hiss at him, “I’ve told you before not to ask such questions in public.”

    She then straightened up her posture to look around for a moment before she responded in a normal voice, “I should be able to convince one of my mounts to give you a more showy ride than those that you are accustomed to.”

    Noemi released a soft trill at the General before she shook her head. Chuckling, she reached up to brush her hands through his hair.

    “Who said that being young at heart was a bad thing for you, General,” Noemi responded. “It keeps your energetic and entertaining.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto sighed. “Yes, yes they are…” He glanced around, shrugging. “There’s nobody within ear-range of us any more. Your pet already chased Fairenn away. He would have been useful for getting me my Lead Enchanted Vial…. he’s more persuasive than I am in getting things like that.” He frowned, looking around. “I need one of those for containing… well…” He rubbed the back of his head. “We shouldn’t talk about any of this in the open.”

    He nodded off to one side. “Use a… mind trick to get them to get one for me… or something.”

    General Sephiroth grinned. “It certainly isn’t a bad thing for me… I like it.” He purred. “But I don’t want to be seen as childish. That is my only issue.”


    Seferia leaned in once more to Kalysto before she hissed out, “What sort of creature do you think I am? I have very little in the way of mind tricks.”

    She then straightened up and snorted. “However, if you want to get one of those things, I have my ways. Where do I get this… vial?”

    Noemi chuckled at the General before she shook her head. She then moved in to kiss him.

    “You are very much a man.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto pointed to the north. “The Sunfury Spire… around it are some little ‘hole in the wall’ shops. In the back you’ll find the Alchemists. They sell all kinds of things. If you want something strictly off the standard selling list, you’ll have to push them. Offer something rare… like, oh god, I don’t know.” He paused to think. “Some kind of rare herb. I have all kinds of them, some that don’t even grow here. But I don’t have any on hand.”

    He shook his head. “Wait, I think I do have something.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pouch of marijuana hemp seed. “Sell this to them for it.”

    General Sephiroth chuckled in amusement. “I should hope so….” He purred at her. “Only a man can give you what you want. And give you what you desire…” He picked up his dessert again and began to stir it, not seeming to mind that it was already half-melted.


    Seferia looked down at the seeds before she snorted with a slight hint of annoyance.

    “More plants…,” she muttered as she took the seeds. “Very well, I shall acquire this item for you. However, you are going to accompany me.”

    With that said, she gripped onto the warlock’s arm so that she could dragon him to the area that he had described to her.


    Noemi gave the General another large grin before she chuckled in return. She then pointed at the ice cream.

    “Just go ahead and eat that already, General. Or did you intend to play with it all night long?”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Wait, what…?”

    Kalysto frowned as Seferia dragged him off by the arm. He originally had no intention of getting the vial by himself. That would lead to many questions being asked by the party being pressured about the existance of the object. If somebody else got it for him, things would have been easier.

    He sighed and let himself be dragged along anyway. “As long as I don’t have to explain what it’s for…”


    General Sephiroth stirred his ice-cream more, then moved over Noemi, reaching out to rub her shoulder. He dipped a finger into the partially melted ice cream and spread it on her shoulder and upper arm, licking it off shorly afterwards.


    Seferia glanced back at Kalysto before she flicked an ear in annoyance. Narrowing her eyes, she hissed out, “Very well, you can stand there and be the useless pretty-boy that you are.”

    After a few moments, she entered the store that Kalysto had told her about. Once inside, she let go of the warlock before she stormed up to the counter so that she could glare at the clerk.

    “You will give me a Lead Enchanted Vial.”

    Noemi chuckled at the General’s anticks before she reached up to undo her jacket. She then shook her head at him.

    “Seriously, General. You should at least do that on my skin.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “What’s the problem?” General Sephiroth shrugged. “You would have had to do laundry anyway, you know.” He wiped off the ice-cream on his sleeve, and nudged her on the shoulder. “You should move somewhere more comfortable. Yes?”

    He rose to his feet and dusted himself off. Then he set his dessert aside and moved over her, loudly purring once again.

    The male Blood Elf Alchemist behind the desk stared at Seferia like she was insane. He quickly shook his head and scurried off to the side, mumbling to himself for a brief period before replying to her in the native language.

    “You shouldn’t ask about that,” He spoke quickly. “We’re a good Alchemy shop! We only carry regular vials. If you want… something like that… you shall have to go to Undercity. Yes! Go there. Please… don’t ask about it again.”

    Kalysto stood outside and flicked his ears back, already grumpy about the situation. *”He’s lying. Trade the rare addictive herb over and demand two of them. If he’s going to be that obnoxious about it, he can have two taken away from him rather than just one.”*


    Seferia snarled before she whistled, calling for her pet raptor. She then nodded toward the clerk.

    “Do you know that these guys are rather ravenous? They enjoy having fresh meat as often as possible, too. I wonder how fresh your meat is…,” Seferia taunted.

    Soon after, she walked over to one of the displays and poked it.

    “Hmm… this looks rather rare. I wonder how hard it was for you to acquire it.

    Shaking her head, Noemi chuckled once more. She continued to undo her jacket before she slipped out of it.

    “Well General, the jacket can always be cleaned, yes. However, you’d still get fibers all around your mouth.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto sighed in aggitation. *”You really shouldn’t threaten others here. Aside from being in the sanctuary of our own city, the guards may take a dim view to you… just do what I told you and hope it works…”*

    “Don’t eat me!” The clerk began to yelp. “This isn’t my shop! And don’t break anything here, please. I’m just an apprentice! My master will kill me if anything breaks on my watch.”

    General Sephiroth poked out his tongue and moved to stand in front of her, resting his hands on her shoulders. “Little things like that never bothered me, you know…” He began to massage and caress her shoulders, slipping his hands down the clothing on her back to caress the skin under it.


    Seferia rolled her eyes at the warlock’s scolding. She glanced out toward him before she snorted in agitation.

    ~Yes, yes. I know all about your pesky elven guards.~

    She then moved closer to the clerk before she leaned in toward him. Grining, she nodded at him before she continued on, “Good, now we’re on the same page.” She pulled out the bag of seeds that Kalysto had given her before she waved them before the clerk’s face. “This is supposed to be extremely rare. Now, give me that vial.”

    Noemi’s eyes closed as she leaned in toward the General’s touches. She grinned at Sephiroth before she shook her head.

    “Yes, I know. You can be quite… oblivious to things.”

    Kat Aclysm

    The apprentice eyed the bag of seeds, lifting it up to examine it properly. He opened the top, frowning. “These look like ordinary garden-weed seeds.. what’s so rare about them?” He glanced to the back of the shop and sighed. “Let me show these to Sir Morficint… he’ll be mad at being woken up though.”

    He gave a formal bow. “Please, excuse me for one moment.” And then he dissapeared into the back of the shop.

    Kalysto flicked an ear. *”Push for two if you can. It would be nice to take one back to get disenchanted… maybe Rhyderi would be able to tell me how to make them for myself. I am no glass-blower, though.”*

    General Sephiroth moved to push her back towards the bed. “Do I look or sound like I am oblivious to things right now?” He chuckled. “Mmm.. you smell good.” He reached up to caress her face, moving his head in to kiss her once more. “I think I finally forgive you for dragging us away from where we were supposed to be…”


    Seferia straightened up as the clerk left to get his master. She then crossed her arms before she glared at the wall. She maintained her tough girl act, mostly because she felt superior to all of them anyway. However, as her raptor came to her side, she reached over to give it a brief affectionate stroke.

    “Well, I’m glad that you forgive me, General. If you had never come around to that, our relationship would be rather… difficult.”

    Noemi then leaned back onto her bed before she wiggled a bit to make herself comfortable. Her grin never left her lips as she made herself comfortable.

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto hissed at Seferia, tensing as some guards walked past his location, one of them eyeing him off because of his strange posture. He stood upright and glared at them, forcing his Fel-magic to make the glow in his eyes brighter. When they left he relaxed again, smirking.

    *”Don’t fuck this up. I really need that vial. There’s nothing else that will carry what I need.”*

    “I feared that it was going to become difficult, for a while.” He admitted with a frown. He shrugged it off quickly and moved over her, beginning the task of removing the rest of her clothes. He propped himself up with one arm while the other got to work, making the rest of him quite accessible should Noemi want to do the same to him.


    Seferia snarled at Kalysto’s continued instruction to her. Shaking her head, she sighed before she returned to stroking her raptor.

    ~You are lucky that I’ve known you for as long as you could walk. Otherwise, I’d chop off your head and offer you to the undead scourge that you’ve fawned over.~

    After saying this, she moved over to the counter once more so that she could lean against it. She then sighed with boredom.

    Noemi reached up to remove the General’s uniform. She took care to caress his skin as she peeled off his clothing. She then nodded at him.

    “Show me the skills of the Marines, General Sephiroth.”

    Kat Aclysm

    General Sephiroth moved over her, lowering his head to kiss and suck on the nape of her neck, making his way down along her collarbone.

    “I’ll do more than that…” He purred in reply, speaking in a husky tone. “I’ll show you what I learned during my time being bred out…”

    The apprentice came out from the back, his superior following, looking very crabby and tired. The Master Alchemist was an aging old elf, and certainly looked the part with his tattered robes, long beard and greyed hair. He shoved his apprentice aside and glared at Seferia, peering at her over thick-framed spectacles.

    “Who ARE you?” He growled at her suspiciously. “And what makes you think I stock Lead Enchanted Vials at all? Are you mad?” He muttered angrily and crouched down under his desk. He took a key off a chain around his neck and unlocked a trapdoor in the floor, opening it.

    After another moment he gently lifted up a cardboard box, setting it on the counter.

    “A trade was mentioned…” He hissed. “But it had better be pretty damn good.”


    Seferia narrowed her eyes as the shop owner came to grump at her. She didn’t care much for his attitude, for he was below her in all aspects. However, she put up with it since she didn’t want to blow her cover.

    So, instead, she just glared at him before she hissed out, “I am the person who wants your materials. You can either give them to me, or I can take them from here and leave you with nothing.”

    She then waved her hand at the packet that she had shown the apprentice.

    “This is what I offer. It is a rare plant that you cannot get in any common way.”

    Kat Aclysm

    The elder blood-elf glared at the packet of seeds, opening a drawer beside him to take out a jeweller’s loupe. He dipped a finger into the bag of seeds to pluck one up, inspecting it for about half a minute, hissing.

    “What’s so great about this rare plant?” He dropped the seed back into the bag. “And what makes you think it’s rare?” He growled. “The vials are hard to come by. Only a skilled person can make them flawless. That one alone is worth 1500 gold pieces. It shouldn’t even be on the counter right now.”

    Kalysto was fast losing his patience. He turned his head away and growled, tucking his hands into the pockets of his robe. Anything to keep them distracted. Right now he very much felt like setting fire to the whole building.


    Jenna had been standing next to Kalysto as he waited for the dragon to finish up in the shop. She leaned over to look into the shop before she narrowed her eyes. She then rolled her eyes before she simply strolled into the space of the shop.

    Once inside, the sorceress hopped over the counter and moved to the box that the owner had pulled out earlier. Once next to the box, she peered at it before she simply cast a spell to teleport and steal one of the vials.

    Meanwhile, Seferia just thought that the red dragon creature that she could see was being a pain, so she ignored it. Instead, she kept her attention on the shop keeper. As he questioned the packet, she once again snorted.

    “Well, have you ever seen a seed like that before, hm? It comes from a very remote place. Now, do we have a deal or not?”

    Kat Aclysm

    The old male grumbled to himself for a few moments, finally sighing, admitting defeat. He picked up the bag of seeds and slid the vial across to Seferia, raising the bag of seeds to ponder if the trade had been really worth it or not.

    “If these turn out to be some common plant,” He growled. “I am going to report you to the city guards for scamming me. We’re trying to run a business here. Times have been hard. Dishonesty helps nothing.”

    Kalysto briskly walked away, grinning. He wasn’t about to hang around now that Seferia had what he wanted.

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