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    Seres groaned as she watched Rhyderi tense up. “Will you stop that. Not every woman is looking to jump you, Rhyderi. Sheesh. I don’t know what the hell you’ve been around, but women aren’t like that.”

    “Do you need women 101 or something like that?”

    She rolled her eyes. “And you should know what Halcyon was like. You were there with us for a bit, I remember.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Women 101 – is that a book?” Rhyderi narrowed his eyes. He leaned across the table, his voice dropping to a low whisper as he covered the side of his mouth so nobody else would be able to hear. “Did you see her? She was at least six feet tall. And her chest was huge… she could have killed me if she wanted to!”

    He sat back in his seat normally and plucked up the menu to begin looking through. “Ah, yes, yes… that place. A remote island with a safe-haven is worth far more than you know.”


    Seres stared at Rhyderi for a few moment with wide eyes. After a bit of silence, she suddenly burst out in laughter. “Rhyderi! Oh my…”

    She shook her head as she calmed her laughter. ~Come on, Rhyderi. What makes you think that women like that just want to kill you. So she’s tall and endowed, that doesn’t mean a thing! Seriously, what type of women did you grow up around? It’s like you’re expecting every woman to be a praying mantis!~

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi reached up to place a hand on his brow, lowering his head. “Ugh, you don’t even want to know…”

    He began muttering in a low voice as he flipped through the menu. “It’s always been that way. In my kindergarten class there was Jacinta, an arrogant little blonde girl with parents who were both Farstriders.. er… Archers, as you would probably be more familiar with.” He snorted. “She used to try and beat me down at any opportunity she got. Once, she broke my nose after we got into a fist-fight.”

    He began thinking harder. “Then there was Mariann, a violent lady who liked to knock me off my feet at every opportunity she got during sparring practise. Claria, another scary lady, a rogue. I was always was watchful for her… she would sneak up and punch me in the back. Used to call me careless. She said one day she would kill me but she never actually tried.”

    “Then there was Kaeli, Morgan, Staefia… all the women in the Guard who liked to try and beat me down…” He was quiet for a moment as he continued to think. “The Guard women at Falcon Watch, the blue ladies with hooves in Shattrath who liked to yell at me, the females in the Blood Knight Sanctum who think they were superior to everyone….” He glared at Seres. “…yes. Women like that definitely want to kill me.”


    Seres groaned at Rhyderi. ~Let’s try to keep this silent, ok. Don’t want someone over hearing, huh?~ She gave Rhyderi a small smirk before she nodded at him. ~Ok, the childhood girls probably had a crush on you. You know, I’ve heard of kids beating on each other because they weren’t taught how to show crushes properly. You shouldn’t put that against all women, ok?

    ~Now, for the women that were warriors. Well, from what I know, the blue women weren’t on your side, right? So, there you go. The other ones were just mentally insane. Not all women are like that, sheesh.

    ~Look at our waitress again. Does it look like she can hold much more than a kitchen knife, huh? No. All she that she is would be a meek woman who works for a living. And based off her smell, she has a boyfriend that she goes with every night. I doubt she thinks anything about you other than you being a customer.~

    Seres picked up her own menu. ~I think the only woman you actually need to fear on this island is my mother, and she is happily married. But I’ve heard that when she takes hit jobs… well, she’s told us of some interesting tactics she uses to kill people. But that’s all business to her. Unless you actually piss her off.~

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi watched the waitress walk around to the other tables. He slowly nodded his head. *”That woman does smell of another male. She wouldn’t be interested in me, but she still looks like she would be able to attack us. Never underestimate body size or frame.”*

    *”I already know to be afraid of your mother. She injured me for fun.”* He looked annoyed. *”That’s the kind of thing I’m used to.”*

    He looked through the menu and cringed at the prices. *”Your family eats here often?”*


    ~My mother is strange by any definition of the word. Of course, if you were burnt at the stake when you were young… I’m certain you would turn out quite strange too,~ Seres commented.

    ~And that woman does not look like she can attack you. Look at the width of her arms and legs. She has no muscle to her. She’s tall, that’s it! You can snap her like a twig, Rhyderi. Stop being so silly. Seriously going to put you through the paces when we’re not here having dinner..~

    Seres rolled her eyes before she returned to reading through the menu. “Sometimes. We go to a number of restaurants. The prices never bothered us.”

    Kat Aclysm

    *”This place is expensive. $25 for a steak, or 2420 gil.”* He shook his head. *”And why are the prices listed in both amounts?”*

    *”If you paid for your meal and mine, it would cost as much as my fresh food bill for the week.”* He set the menu aside. *”We should have gone to the cheap burger restaurant near work.”*


    “I already told you, Rhdyeri, I get paid more than you do. The President wants to keep my family very happy with him. He doesn’t want us to try to destroy the world or his company again,” Seres explained.

    “And I’m certain that it is listed in both because, you know, half the people here came from Gaea and don’t understand the new currency yet. Some of the older folks on both sides are refusing to switch.

    “Now, did you decide on what you want to eat?”

    Kat Aclysm

    “I’m thinking this…” Rhyderi picked up the menu and showed Seres the picture of his choice, a smoked salmon steak with decorative vegetables. “But it’s really expensive. But if you want to pay for it…”

    He set the menu down. “Apple-wood salmon. Sounds good.”


    “Ah, that’s a real good dish,” Seres nodded in appreciation. “You’ll like it. I’m going to go with the steamed crab basket.”

    She grinned at Rhyderi. “And yes, I’ll treat since I said I would from the start.” She reached over to playfully tap the tip of his nose. “So, don’t you worry about the finances.”

    Thus, Seres happily ordered her food and enjoyed her dinner with Rhyderi. She treated him in nothing less than a friendly, near sibling-like manner for the remainder of the night. However, she did promise him that she would soon put him through the paces of learning how to deal with women, for he had no good reasons to be afraid of them.

    That night, she retired to Rhyderi’s bed and happily rested without fear of a angry father bashing in her door.

    Meanwhile, Jenna had spent most of the night glaring at Sephiroth and reminding him that she was done searching for their wayward daughter. She had run out of ideas as to where to look, and was now passing the problem to the temperamental man that scared her off.

    As for Desiree, she slept, but it was more fretful. Her mind was still overloaded from thinking about all that Kalysto had asked of her. She just did not know whether this would work or what to do with it. However, she loved it when Kalysto was happy. So, she was going to make him happy.

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi spent the night on his lounge, in front of his television which he left on all night. The lounge was old but comfortable and he had no problems with it.

    He slept all night, motionless as a rock. By the time morning came he was still very much asleep and on his back, his left arm nicely tucked up against him, his right arms sprawled out, hanging off the end of the lounge. During the night his hair-band had come out and his mess of coarse red-blonde hair splayed around him.

    He remained that way until mid-morning, when the children’s cartoons began to come on and the theme-song of the show woke him up.

    Sephiroth had ventured out early that morning. Jenna had failed to find Seres so he figured he would do the hunting himself. She hadn’t been turning up to work and he honestly had no idea where to look.

    Kalysto had also gotten up early. The newborn’s crying had woken him and he had spent the night tending to him whenever he fussed. He was tired, but not unhappy. When it was finally light enough outside, he made coffee for himself, and breakfast for his older offspring while he carried Bane around in a sling on his back.


    Seres groaned with frustration as she was woken up by the sounds of the cartoons. Snarling, she pushed herself out of the bed. However, since it was a foreign bed, she was not familiar with the layout. So, she promptly fell straight to the floor with a loud thump.

    “Damn it!”

    Desiree woke up not long after Kalysto did. Groaning, she shuffled into the bathroom to splash off her face. Once she felt awake enough to function, she moved into the kitchen.

    “Ah, good, you have coffee on… So… are you going to start using that potion today?”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi sat up abruptly. He got to his feet and briskly walked into the bedroom, resisting the desire to laugh as he looked down at Seres. “My,” He grinned impishly at her, “Do we need to put rails on the bed for next time?”

    Kalysto looked up at Desiree and promptly lowered his head again. “Probably…” He headed to the stove and began to mix more pancake batter. “Want some? The other guys are fed.”

    Milena grinned. “I want more!”


    Seres shot an annoyed glare at Rhyderi as she heard his jest. So, she quickly reached over to pick up the bra that she had left on the floor the previous night before she flung it such that it would land right on top of Rhyderi’s head.

    “Shut up! If you hadn’t left the TV on all night, I wouldn’t have been woken up like that. Hrmph!”

    “No, Millena. You do not need any more caffiene. In fact, your father shouldn’t be giving a hyper girl like you any at all!” Desiree reprimanded.

    Still, she wasn’t too angry. So, she just walked up behind Kalysto. Once close enough, she wrapped her arms about his waist and pulled him in close to her.

    “I hope you know that I love you,” the young woman whispered into her husband’s left ear.

    Kat Aclysm

    “I like to have the TV on all night.” Rhyderi sulked. “This is my house. I can do what I like within reason. You’re a guest here, so learn to live with it.” He yelped as the bra came at him and it sailed over his head, the hooks snagging the back of his hair where it stayed. He didn’t notice where the bra had gone.

    “That was cheap.” Rhyderi waved a finger at her.

    Sephiroth wandered through the northern part of the island, scanning the area for signs of Seres. However, with so many people in the area and Seres suppressing her own life-energy signal, it was like looking for just another face in a crowd. It was at that moment that he sensed the life-energy of Rhyderi, the elf that was partnered to work with Seres. He figured that he may have a good idea of where the girl was hiding.

    “I’ll make him talk.” He snorted as he teleported, appearing behind Rhyderi. When he saw Seres, he was relieved. Then he saw the bra stuck in Rhyderi’s hair, also noticing his hair was in utter disarray. There was only one conclusion he could draw from that. He swung his fist, clubbing Rhyderi in the side of the head. The elf went down hard and hit the floor, quite knocked out by the blow. Sephiroth stepped over the elf and snarled at Seres.

    “You’re coming home. Jenna has been looking for you for days.”

    “I didn’t give her coffee, holy shit.” Kalysto frowned. “She’s only five!” He began making more pancakes in the frying pan. He grinned when Desiree came in close to him for a hug. “I hope you know that Baney is still on my back. So careful you don’t crush him.”


    Seres eyes widened as she watched Rhdyeri fall to the floor. After releasing a surprised yelp, she rushed over to the elf to check up on him.

    “What the hell?? Father! Why did you do that? He wasn’t doing anything. I just was sleeping here for a bit. Damn!” Seres exclaimed. as she checked over Rhyderi.

    Desiree grinned at Kalysto. “Yes, yes. I know. I won’t hurt him.”

    So, she backed off. “I still love you though. And I’m glad that you didn’t give our daughter coffee. I don’t want to think of her with caffeine in her system..”

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth didn’t seem to care about Seres’s mood. “So this is where you’ve been hiding, hmm?” He snorted in anger. “Your mother has been worried sick. So have I. What possessed you to hide without telling us where you were going? You know I don’t care that you leave the house. I just care to know where you’re going. And if you’re still alive. You’re not immortal you know.”

    He reached out to take her arm. “He’ll be fine. I suppose I should also say that I half-expected you to start relations with that one. I just didn’t think you would be so quick about it.”

    Kalysto sighed. “I wouldn’t want her to be jumping off the furniture and walls…”


    “Relations?” Seres slowly repeated before she lashed out to punch Sephiroth in the face. “What the fuck, Father? I’m not having any relations with anyone at the moment! You already scared away my boyfriend, just like you did with the one before a few years ago! Why the hell did you think that I left?! You are a control freak!”

    She yanked her hand away from Sephiroth then returned to checking over Rhyderi. “Damn… He just got one recovering from a dislocated shoulder, Father. Why did you do that?”

    “Glad that we’re in agreement there. That would be completely horrid to deal with,” Desiree grinned at Kalysto.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth reached out to counter Seres’s punch, neatly catching her fist in his hand. “I’m not a control freak. I just don’t approve of these low quality idiots who think that they can take advantage of you. You’re better than that.”

    He released her hand again. “He will be fine. He will wake up with a headache, but he will be fine.” He snorted. “I did it because I thought he was having sex with you.” He narrowed his eyes, clearly not amused, his patience also short. “My mistake. Come, Seres. We’re going home.”

    Kalysto gave Desiree a weak grin, then moved away to tend to the pancakes, flipping them over. Baneledis made a vague squeaking whimper as he sensed that his mother moved away, but he settled again.

    “So…” Kalysto’s grin faded. “You want me to do start today?”


    “I’m not going anywhere with you,” Seres hissed out at Sephiroth. “No way in hell am I coming with you after what you just did, Father. You have no right to threaten males just because you think I may have had sex with them. I’m not some innocent little flower who will be damaged by sex! Hell, I’ve had sex pleanty of times already, Father. Since I was fourteen. So, get over it.”

    She gently shook Rhyderi’s shoulder in an attempt to rouse him.

    “I see no reason why you shouldn’t,” Desiree stated. “You already have the tools and materials. And it’s not like I’d freak out over you being female. At least, it’ll give you time to get used to being a female all the time, instead of that one day that you’ve already had before.”

    Desiree reached over to gently rub the top of Millena’s head as she sat down next to her daughter.

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth snorted. “Very well. At least have the decency to inform us where the hell you are going if you want to leave the house for days at a time. While still in our care, we like to know where you are.”

    With that, he stepped back and teleported away again, turning up beside Jenna. “I found her. She’s fine.”

    Rhyderi slowly came to a few moments later. He began to cough and after another few seconds had passed, he slowly sat up, reaching up to hold the back of his head. “Oh what happened…?”

    Kalysto nodded. He finished cooking the pancakes and flipped them onto a plate, setting them down in front of Desiree shortly afterwards. “Eat up. I’m going to put Baney back in his crib. Then I’ll do it.” He left the room.

    Milena purred at Desiree and subtly reached across towards her mother’s plate. “Hi!”


    Jenna had been showering when Sephiroth came home. Since she had not been ready to pay attention to him, it took her a second to process what he said.

    “What? You found her? Where is she? Did you bring her home? Did you at least appologize and fix this mess you made?” she called out over the roar of water from her shower.

    Desiree released a sigh of relief as Rhyderi came to. “My father… He came in here, saw you, and punched you out because he thought that we were having sex… Hrmph, he said he expected me to make the moves on you. What nonsense.”

    Desiree nodded at Kalysto as he left the room. However, she quickly reached out to grab Milena’s hand and stop her from partaking of her food. “I haven’t even started eating yet, Milena. You may not have my food. You can wait.”

    Meanwhile, Orpheus stumbled into the room, for he had recently woke up. His hair and clothes were a mess, since the little boy knew little about dressing and grooming himself. Instead, he climbed up onto a chair. As he sat down, he looked around for any signs of food for himself.

    Kat Aclysm

    “I found her.” Sephiroth stated again as he stepped out of the bathroom. He kicked his boots off and sat down on the bed. “She is staying with the blonde elf-man. And by the sounds of her reaction to my showing up, she wasn’t having sex with him.”

    “Wh…what…?” Rhyderi groaned. “He punched me for an assumption…?” He struggled to his feet, heavily sitting on the bed a moment later. “Why…”

    Milena whined when Desiree smacked her hand away. She wanted food. She pushed her empty plate towards Orpheus and grinned. “You have this.” She slipped out of the chair and wandered to the refrigerator.


    “So…,” Jenna shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. Soon enough, she walked into the bedroom where Sephiroth was. “You did not apologize to her or make up with her. And what does it matter if she was or was not having sex with the elf?”

    “Yes, he punched you out because he saw my bra in your hair, by the looks of it. My father is… way too protective. Hrmph,” Seres shook her head as she reached in to help Rhyderi to his bed. “I guess with the way your hair is at the moment… but that still was not a good reason at all. Stupid Father.”

    Orpheus released a whine as he saw the empty plate being shoved to him. “I don’t want this… There nothing here. That not good.”

    Desiree shook her head at Milena’s attitude. Still, she didn’t stop her from helping herself to the refrigerator. Instead, she simply kept an eye on her daughter as she munched on her own breakfast.

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