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    Kat Aclysm

    “If I never see the other Kalysto again, then I will consider myself lucky.” Rhyderi bit into the loaf of bread and angrily tore another chunk of it off with his teeth. “My actual brother is standable. The doppleganger is completely disgusting.”

    “Let him stay away for all I care.” He announced aloud, frustrated. “I think he operates on different shifts.”

    “Mmm…” Milena whined. “Want…”

    Over the course of the next few hours, both Holly and Desiree were sent off to the labor ward rooms so they could go through the birthing process properly. Zach had parked the car and took both of Desiree’s children into the building, escorting them off to the waiting room so he could keep an eye on them.

    “Play with the toys or something.. keep yourselves occupied.” He pointed at a large box of them in the corner intended for that exact purpose. He sat on the edge of the seat, looking very tense. He wanted Kalysto to come and take care of the children so he could go be with his girlfriend. He had seen many births, but this one was significant and he did not want to miss it.


    Seres narrowed her eyes as she contemplated Rhyderi’s words before she snorted and shook her head. “No, he is supposed to be on the job today. He’s been lazy as of late. Hrmph… I should beat him up for slacking off.”

    Still, the SOLDIER just snacked on her food, more than content to have something in her stomach. All the chemicals from her Jenova treatments did give her a huge appetite. In fact, she pulled out an energy bar just as she finished the cheese because she was still hungry.

    As she finished eating, she tilted her head in order to examine Rhyderi. After a few moments of thought, she blurted out, “I hope you know that the goatee there looks really dumb. You should just grow it out and stop wimping out with that look.”

    Desiree was not having a fun time, things were progressing quickly and Kalysto was yet to arrive. She panted as she tried to control the waves of pain and anger that were flowing across her. Still, she wanted her husband here already.

    ~Kalysto! You better be hurrying!! It’s coming!~

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi raised his brows slightly at Seres’ comment, finding it very random. “You’re making fun of my beard?” He reached up to stroke it lightly, humming in thought. “My father’s beard was more full than this but we typically don’t grow thick beards like humans do.”

    “So what brought that up? I would have guessed you would make fun of the way my eyebrows stick out, or my hair colour, or the fact that my hair sticks straight up in places.” He reached behind himself to flatten some of the spikes that made up his fox-tail. They sprung straight back up into their natural place. “You think I should grow it out? It would surely look untidy…”

    *”I am hurrying, you goddamn woman!”* Kalysto was every bit as aggitated as Desiree was. His hair was coated with purple ash due to the fact that his potion had backfired and exploded on him. He had been rushing to finish, and now it was ruined.

    He stood at the kerb of his shop, still waiting for the taxi to arrive. *”I am sooo not tipping this driver.”*


    “There’s nothing to do, and you’re there,” Seres explained her track of mind. “It’s something that has bugged me for some time. You have your tough guy image with our armor and all. Then you get to your beard. It just looks completely dumb.”

    Seres emphasized her point by sticking her tongue out in distaste. “It just makes you look like you’re younger than me or something.”

    ~I don’t care what you do to any driver, Kalysto! Just get your ass over here. Ride your dragon, do something!~ Desiree demanded.

    Kat Aclysm

    “My beard does not look dumb…” Rhyderi muttered. “This is standard for my kind’s hygiene code. It’s neat and properly trimmed and…” He shook his head. “This is a stupid line of conversation. The status of my beard is irrelevant to anything.”

    “Also – how could I possibly look younger than you. I’m over thirty years of age.” Rhyderi frowned at her. “I am taller, my shoulders are most definitely broader and…” He shrugged again. “I am just all-around larger.”

    *”But there’s a city, and…”* Kalysto called his Nether Drake and climbed on, flying off towards the hospital.


    Seres rolled her eyes at Rhyderi’s insistence. “Yea, yea. Most guys my age are all that. You have soft skin, for a guy, for starts. And that beard definitely looks like the choice of a teenager, not a man. It just isn’t something that makes you look like you deserve respect, that’s all.”

    “Anyway, what else are we supposed to do here? Stand here and stare at the wall?”

    Desiree released a short howl of pain as another contraction hit her. She simply was not getting any chances to recover at all this time around. Gritting her teeth, she directed her anger at her husband, ~Just get your ass over here already!!~

    Kat Aclysm

    “Really, now… hmm.” Rhyderi was pondering Seres’s words. “And yes, most guard duty involves standing there and staring at inanimate objects, or at others whom are passing by. And let me tell you, if that’s all that happens, then you are having a good day.”

    He gritted his teeth, remembering too many stories of guards whom had been overwhelmed by attacks.

    Kalysto dismounted his Drake when he landed in front of the building. He shoved past other hospital patrons and pushed ahead of the reception queue. When he had his information on where Desiree was, he rushed towards her room, panting as he got in the door.

    “Yeah, yeah… sorry…” He sat near her bed, quite out of breath.


    “Yea, yea, yea! I know that by now. How many months have you been on this job?? Did you not think of the fact that you have a partner who has been driven bat-shit insane bored by all of this? Day after day, spend hours staring at the sparkly hole with pointy-haired people on the other side!” Seres stuck her tongue out at the portal.

    “I want excitement. I want to test my skills. I want.. not this! So, yea, of course I’m bored.”

    Desiree seethed as the latest contraction finally began to wane down, noticing Kalysto’s appearance at that time. So, she shot him a glare before she growled out. “Took you long enough!”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Pointy haired people…” Rhyderi muttered. “We have pointy ears too.” He wiggled them as if to demonstrate. “I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place, for they are my people, and I am protecting this side. Perhaps a diplomat is needed…”

    “I know that you are bored, but consider it a good thing.” He reached into his rucksack to pull out a box of rations, handing it to Seres. “Here. Occupy yourself with the things in this. I don’t want this one. Even though you are of legal age, I do not want to see you using the liquor whilst we are on duty.” He poked at the rations pack. “This is the one with liquor in it. I have a habit of getting it in the event that I may need to trade it away.”

    “Yeah yeah…” Kalysto hissed. “Well I’m here now…?” He frowned. “Where are the kids…?”


    Seres deftly caught onto the box as it was tossed at her. Frowning, she turned up her nose at Rhyderi’s offer. “You know, I’m not controlled by my hunger. I just ate! I don’t need to constantly eat. Hrmph..”

    Despite her complaints, the girl opened up the box and began to chow down on the rations. As she ate, she paced about, not even caring that she just contradicted herself.

    “Good luck finding a diplomat…”

    “I don’t know. I think I left them with Zach. I haven’t seen them in hours,” Desiree sharply responded before she panted.

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi sat, watching Seres pace while she ate his extra box of rations. He was very amused at her behaviour, but too polite to commment and call her out on her contradiction. Instead he just reached into his backpack once again, taking out an apple and a knife. He began to carve chunks off the apple and eat them, seeming pleased.

    “I have more apples if you want them. Despite the fact that they are my favourite food, I am still willing to share.” He relaxed his back against the wall. “A diplomat isn’t that hard to find. Simply find somebody willing to step through and negotiate. I suppose I could always do it, as I hold a higher rank on the other side of that portal than I do on this side.”

    “Damn…” Kalysto looked stressed now. He peered out the door window, but he couldn’t see very much because the window was made of frosted privacy glass. “Should I check on them…?”


    “Yea, yea… You’ve mentioned that before. Something about Blood Knights being all so great and stuff,” Seres grumbled out before she tossed her left-over food into the portal. “You’d have to talk to the president if you wanted to do that though. Got me how well that would work out for you.”

    Seres then paced back over to Rhyderi. “And I told you, I’m not controlled by my hunger. Hrmph, do I look fat to you?”

    Desiree yowled in pain as she fought off another contraction. Gritting her teeth, she snarled out at Kalysto, “Find a doctor while you’re at it. I really think this kid isn’t taking its time.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi shifted his weight slightly as he rose off his butt, moving to his feet again. “Maybe I should… because if there is no negotiation, eventually a war will break out.” He scowled. “They’re already up to something. I know they are.”

    He stepped aside suddenly as Seres’s leftover food came flying straight back out of the portal after she threw it in.

    “I don’t advise doing that again.”

    Kalysto nodded his head. He quickly left the room and headed into the waiting room where Zach was seated with his children. He was given a rather hostile greeing by the Sephiroth clone, who left him with the children before he stormed off to be with his girlfriend in one of the other birthing rooms.

    “Damn it…” Kalysto sighed. “Er, kids. Come with me…” He grabbed both of their hands and ran off to find a doctor. After directing the medical professional to Desiree’s room, he headed outside, summoning his Drake again.

    “Kids, climb on. You have to take this journey without me. I’m going to have my Drake fly you to Rhyderi, but you have to be nice to her. Give her lots of pats and back rubs. OK…?”

    Milena whimpered. Everything was so confusing. Everyone was in such a horrible mood.


    Seres yelped as the food splattered at her feet before she hissed in annoyance. “Oh come on! It’s just apple cores and stuff like that! It’s not like it was a bomb!”

    The girl proceeded to stick her tongue out at the portal, for she was not impressed with the elves on the other side at all.

    Orpheus quickly scampered to follow after his father. When he was presented with the dragon, he stared up at her before he slowly nodded his head. “Ok… Going to Unca Deri? Mommy going to be ok?”

    Despite his wave of questions, the boy climbed up on the dragon’s back. Once in place, he began to gently stroke her neck.

    Kat Aclysm

    “I told you before,” Rhyderi sighed at her, “They’re a very suspicious people. You have to understand where they are coming from, however. Our entire civilization was wiped out and we have had traitors amongst us for years. It’s not even unwarranted suspicion…”

    “Please show them some understanding.” He picked up his shield, hauling it over his back. “Then again I suppose you couldn’t understand to the proper degree. You would have needed to have been there..”

    “Your mother’s going to be just fine. If you give her some time, you’ll have a new baby brother.” He grinned. “Cool, huh?” He gently pushed Orpheus onto the Drake’s saddle properly, picking up Milena so he could set her behind her brother.

    “Okay…” He patted the Nether Drake’s rump. “You know where my brother is. Take them to him.”

    The female Drake made a loud playful roar and leaped off into the air, flying away. Kalysto ran back inside to be with Desiree, though he hesitated in the doorway when he discovered that the doctor was already attending to her.


    “I had my home fall ontop of me because of my sister. Does that count?” Seres attempted to counter. “Anyway, it was just stray food. How can you be suspicious of that? Maybe if I was throwing arrows into their area there, but food? Yea, that’s gotta be the worst call to arms ever!”

    Seres huffed before she returned to pacing in front of the portal. “Stupid guard post. So boring. Stupid pointy-eared people. I hate this all…”

    However, Seres finally stopped her pacing as she spotted Kalysto’s dragon in the distance. She had seen her sister and brother-in-law ride it a few times, so she wasn’t completely unaware as to what it was. Still, she found it strange that it’d be heading their way. For, last she checked, Kalysto hated his brother.

    Desiree was a bit relieved that the doctors were there and preparing to help her deliver. However, that didn’t stop her pain at the moment. So, she gritted her teeth before she shook her head.

    “I just want to be pushing already!”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi’s eyes widened slightly. “Stupid pointy-earred people? I’m one of them.” He stepped over to lightly cuff Seres’s arm with a punch. “Be very careful what you say. You are fortunate that I do not have a hair-trigger temper like my brother.”

    He was about to add to this statement, but his attention drifted upwards as he saw the incoming Nether Drake. When it landed, he was confused. Kalysto’s Drake had come with his children, but not with him…

    “Is everything alright?” He frowned suddenly. “Where are your parents?”

    Milena began to cry. “Want to go home!”

    “Calm down, Desiree…” Kalysto groaned. “When they tell you to push, push it… otherwise you break something, and you sure as hell don’t want that.” He pinned his ears back.

    Meanwhile, the doctor continued to buzz around Desiree, checking up on her occaisonally. Soon, another one slipped into the room and began to set up the birthing chair in the room along with the birthing stirrups attached to it.

    “You’re nearly dialated and ready to begin pushing. If you’d like to move over here, it will make things easier for you.” The doctor near the chair patted the backrest. “Your husband can help you when you want to get up.”

    “Yeah, move a pregnant labouring woman…” Kalysto hissed. He grasped Desiree’s hand and nodded at her. “I guess the idiot wants you to move.”


    Seres yelped as she was punched before she shot Rhyderi an annoyed glance. “I meant them! They’re stupid. You actually have brains under all that hair of yours. So, you’re not stupid. Hrmph…”

    Still, the girl went silent as she spotted only the children on the dragon. As she tilted her head in confusion, Seres moved closer to them so that she could reach up and pull Milena down onto the ground.

    Orpheus gave his uncle a relieved grin before he shook his head. “Mommy and Daddy not coming. They at doctor place. Baby coming out.”

    Desiree looked at Kalysto as he grasped onto her hand. After a moment of thinking, in an attempt to clear her head, she gripped onto his offered hand in order to haul herself up to her feet. However, she was soon hit by another contraction, which caused two things. First, Desiree violently clamped down on Kalysto’s hand. Second, the pain was enough to make her unconsciously unfurl her singular wing and whack Kalysto with it.

    Kat Aclysm

    “It’s nice to know that a teenager doesn’t think I’m stupid.” Rhyderi mumbled. He crouched down to place his hands on Orpheus’s shoulders, nodding at him. “Ah, excellent. I’m glad to hear that you have been sent here under those kinds of circumstances.”

    He glanced around the area. “Should I put somebody else on guard duty and take these youngsters back to their house? We can’t leave them out here…”

    Kalysto sat there with Desiree, gritting his teeth when his hand was clamped onto. While he wanted to leave his hand where it was, it was getting crushed. He made a pained whimper and decided it was better to try and remove his hand from her vice-grip.

    “H-help…” He cringed. “Let go…”


    Seres straightened up her posture as she listened to Orpheus and Rhyderi. When asked if they should move the children, the girl shrugged. “I dunno. It’s not like some advancing army is approaching.”

    To emphasize her point, Seres turned around to wave at the portal. She then stuck her tongue out at the nearest elf that she saw.

    “See. Nothing.”

    Desiree’s wing thumped Kalysto a few more times before the contraction passed and she loosened her grip on his hand. Her breath shuttered as she tried to regain composure. However, she quickly moved to the delivery room so that she could get this done with.

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto kept his head down as the wing bashed him. He cringed in pain, not at all happy about any of the abuse he was receiving at that moment. When she was moved away to the delivery area, he headed in, relieved that somebody else could deal with her.

    “Don’t kill me…” He offered her a grin.

    “I see that.” Rhyderi nodded his head. “Very well. If you can hold things down here for a few hours, I will move these kids somewhere safe.” He nudged Milena and Orpheus. “Come on, kids. I’ll take you home.”


    “Yea, it’s completely qui- W-wait! What?!” Seres exclaimed as she snapped around to glare at Rhyderi. “You aren’t seriously thinking about leaving me along here? Oh hell no! No way! I am not staying here alone to be tormented with endless boredom. I said it was safe for the kids because nothing ever happened. I did not volunteer to be holed up here all alone, Rhyderi!”

    Desiree grunted at Kalysto in response as she was escorted to the delivery table. Since her mind was not in any condition to concentrate, her single wing remained very much out and exposed. However, Desiree didn’t care so much right now. She just wanted to get this done with.

    Thus, when she was instructed to push, she happily began to do such.

    Kat Aclysm

    “What am I supposed to do then?” Rhyderi gave Seres a rather hopeless look. “I can’t leave them sitting here. They’re young civilians. You cannot leave them sitting near dangerous classified material. If you want to be so adamant about this one, YOU take them back to their house.” He scowled. “I just hope they are familiar with you, for you would be minding them until their parents return.”

    Kalysto stayed close to Desiree, holding her hand while she pushed. He kept his attention elsewhere, mostly because of what had happened last time he had watched her give birth.


    Seres balked once more before she scowled. “I’m not a babysitter. I’m not going to take them home and change their diapers. Hrmph..”

    Seres then wandered to the side of the room before she picked up her PHS and sent a very angry message to Sub-Lt. Kalysto, informing him that it was his turn to watch the stupid portal.

    Several curses passed Desiree’s lips as she continued to push and suffer through the pain. As she pushed, hse squeezed down on Kalysto’s hand. Once the infant was outside, she collapsed back onto the bed and released a loud sigh of relief.

    Kat Aclysm

    It was Rhyderi’s turn to scowl now. He huffed in annoyance at Seres’s comment before he shook his head at her. “Milena is nearly five. Orpheus is three. Neither of them are in diapers.” He folded his arms and glared at her.

    Sub-Lt. Kalysto was slow to respond to the PHS. When he finally did, his tone was very friendly. “Hey there, I’m busy right now you know. Can’t go watching portals all the time. I’m building more casing for the rig back here.” He chuckled, “But fine, you need somebody to watch? I’ll be there if I get to watch your pretty face.”

    Kalysto gritted his teeth when his hand was squeezed down on. When the baby was finally born, he wriggled his hand out of Desiree’s, wanting to get a peek at the youngster while the doctors began to take care of it and clean it.

    “Heh, you did it… good going…” He clutched at his squeezed hand, both grinning and unhappy at the same time. His hand was in pain.

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