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    “Oh… Well, I guess that’s a good thing. I suppose I was an idiot for worrying about it. I just.. didn’t know what language that was and with it suddenly appearing like that…,” Desiree shook her head before she leaned back to sink into the bed. “I’m still sorry.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Oh shut up and just relax, would you.” Kalysto grunted in irritation. “Next time you see something that bothers you, just ask me, huh?” He shook his head. “Hey, Kalysto, what is that weird spot on your armpit? Hey Kalysto, what is that moon-shaped tattoo on your butt-cheek?” He shrugged. “Don’t need to knock me out to peek at it, you know. I’m happy to strip down and present myself for inspection.”


    Desiree released a humored chuckle at all that her husband had just told her before she nodded her head. She knew he was right, and that she had been completely wrong in not just asking him. So, there was no point in arguing that fact. Still, his quipping did make her feel considerably better. That was good for her.

    Jenna and Sephiroth were permitted to take their newborn children home by the end o the week. During that time, the two of them managed to settle on names for the children. For the girl, the name Cael was choosen. As for the two boys, they received the names of Orion and Leo. Thus, several sleepless nights started for the experienced pair of parents.

    Meanwhile, Desiree continued to progress in her pregnancy, healthily swelling as the fetus developed within her. She also had many more attacks of the bakery during this time, for it made very delicious food that she really wanted.

    On the day that Desiree went into labor, she had invited Zach and his girlfriend over for a lunchin.

    Elsewhere, Seres kept Rhyderi occupied with sparring sessions outside of the portal that they were meant to guard, for guard duty was completely and utterly boring for her.

    Kat Aclysm

    Zach and Holly were more than happy to come over and interact with Desiree’s family. Due to the fact that they had gotten their own apartment on the northern side of the island, they didn’t see much of anyone any longer, so any excuse to visit the area they used to live in was a good one.

    The luncheon was a rather amusing affair for Zach. He was not used to the style of such a setup but was happy to sit and talk during it. When Holly began to pace around nervously, he told her to sit and resumed talking to Milena about what his job was, exactly.

    Milena looked bored. Uncle Zach was usually pretty interesting, but right now he was talking far too much. She sat there and waggled her toes, humored at how little they were when she was in her Blood Elf guise.

    Kalysto was at work in his shop, so he wasn’t able to attend. Due to the nature of a very large order he had been working on, he had also been particularly busy lately compiling everything he had needed to finish the order. He was also working on a personal project, but that was very much a secret.

    Sephiroth took time off work to adjust to the new members of the family. With three at once to deal with, he figured that Jenna could do with the help.

    For Rhyderi, having something to guard made him feel useful. However, it had soon gotten boring. Sparring around the portal with Seres had proved entertaining though. She was getting better, which meant he had to be on his guard far more than previously.


    Desiree had spent the last few minutes in the bathroom as she began to realize that she was indeed in labor. After taking a few breaths to stable her mindset, the young woman called out to the living room.

    “Zach! I’m going to need a ride… Now! The baby’s coming,” Desiree called out at the top of her lungs. “Lunch’s over.”

    At the same time, Desiree sent her husband a psychic signal. ~Kalysto, get to the hospital. It’s time!~

    Seres was taking advantage of the fact that the house facade around the portal was still being constructed. So, she had leaped up into the rafters of the house and was hiding in a shadowed area as she waited for a good opening to pounce on.

    Kat Aclysm

    Zach rose to his feet. “Stay calm. This can take hours.” He frowned. “Go find a comfortable chair, lie back and relax if you can. I’ll bring the car around…” He glanced at Holly, looking worried. “Go sit with her. Keep her calm.”

    Holly gritted her teeth at him. “I think that may be impossible, bonehead…” She clutched at her own swollen belly, taking a seat at the table again. “Get the car.. just get it..”

    Zach blinked. “Who’s going to take care of the children here?” He sighed. “Just stay here, OK? Good..” He ran out of the house.

    *”Wait, now?”* Kalysto’s telepathic reply came shortly after Desiree spoke to him. *”That’s wonderful news, but… right now? I’m in the middle of something. If I walk away from it, the reaction could blow up the whole lab here…”*

    Rhyderi patrolled back and forth across the designated area that he was guarding. His ears were raised high over his head and he could hear most of the activities going on around him. His only disadvantage was the amount of noise, cars, people talking in the town many feet away, people moving around. His sensitive hearing granted him the ability to hear their conversations, movements and footsteps… but right now it was hard filtering all the information out so he could listen to his immediate area.

    He paced idly. He was bored.


    Desiree frowned as she felt the contractions before she shook her head. “I have the feeling that this one won’t take hours. It feels like it’s coming now…”

    Still, the young woman sat down and took a deep breath. “We’ll have to bring the children with us. There’s no other choice. Now, hurry!”

    As Desiree received Kalysto’s message, she narrowed her eyes. ~I can’t exactly pick the time, Kalysto. The baby is coming now!~

    A feral grin formed on Seres’ lips as she watched Rhyderi’s movements. She had slowed her breathing in order to make herself more stealthy as she carefully shifted her position to get the best pounce. Just as she felt that Rhyderi was in the perfect position, with is back turned to her and a good distance away from the portal, the young SOLDIER pounced in an attempt to knock him to the floor with her first blow.

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi flicked an ear as he heard movement behind him. He sidesteppded, but wasn’t quick enough. He stood his ground when he felt the heavy blow on his back, but it managed to knock him down anyway. He gritted his teeth as he hit the dirt.

    “Well played…” He muttered as he rose to his feet again. He quickly pivotted on his heels, turning to face Seres, and then in a rush, attempted to slam her with his shoulder, making use of his upper body weight.

    *”I need to finish this, or at least get it outside and shove it into the exploder box so it doesn’t send glass shards everywhere…’* Kalysto was very upset. He had spent the last four hours working on this one potion and he didn’t want to throw it away. *”I’ll be there. Don’t panic. Have somebody take you…”*

    Holly growled. “Oh I hope these aren’t sympathy pains…” She eyed off Desiree’s children, glaring at the window. “Zach, get your ass here already!”

    Milena was frightened. She didn’t know what was going on. She hid under the table and began to cry.


    Seres gave Rhyderi an enthusiastic grin before she hopped away to give herself enough breath to maneuver and prepare for his next attack. As soon as she was far enough, she pulled up her main-hand sword into a position that mimiced her father’s fight-stande. Meanwhile, she kept her second sword in sub-space, for she didn’t feel like she needed to dual weild at the moment.

    When Rhyderi rushed her, Desiree used her Jenova-born speed to side-step just in time to just miss the brunt of Rhyderi’s attack. Still, she released an huff as his shoulder brushed against hers. “Hrmph… Not fast enough yet..”

    ~Zach’s going to drive us to the hospital. Just hurry, Kalysto. I don’t know how long I have, but I know it’s coming!~ Desiree gritted her teeth as she felt her contractions.

    Still, she had been through this once, so she knew to control her breathing and try to ride through the pain. Thus, the young woman did her best to stay calm as she waited for her brother.

    “Hurry the fuck up, Zach!” Well, at least she tried, that is.

    Kat Aclysm

    “Who’s not fast enough yet….” Rhyderi turned to face her again. “You, or me?” His right shoulder made a sudden crunching noise as he wiggled it, shaking the stiffness out of it. “I’m not even warmed up yet.” He smirked. “Bring it on, shorty.”

    Zach brought the car around to the front of the house, then opened up all the doors. He rushed for the front door and opened that too, yelling out to everyone.

    “OK, ready to go. Holly, Des, pile in!” He helped. “Desiree, somebody needs to grab your kids… I’d do it but they’d probably run away from me.”


    “Hrmph, once I’m fully grown and have all of the powers like my father does, you won’t even be able to see me move before you’re on the floor!” Desiree taunted before she rushed in to offensively slash at Rhyderi. While she did hold back enough to not kill him, she went at full strength with each slash she made.

    After several trades of parries and blocks, Desiree found herself pressed up against Rhyderi’s blade with little indication of either of their swords giving way any time soon. So, she decided to take advantage of the position in order to push even closer and then plant a kiss on Rhyderi, hoping to distract him and get a new opening.

    “Right… I undrestand,” Desiree hissed out as she fought back the pain from her latest contraction. ~Droozun, gather up the children and bring them to the car. Be quick about it. I need to go to the hospital. Umm… having puppy.. you may say.~

    Kat Aclysm

    Droozun squeaked. *”Puppy? Only one? You absorb rest of them?”* He bounded into the room and sniffed at Desiree’s belly. *”Break open, bite it.”* He poked at her belly with his left leg-claw, *”And it over in seconds.”*
    He bounded away, quickly finding Orpheus. He nipped at his clothes and began pulling on them, snuffling at him. *”Short Master-puppy, come. Go in box that say hrududududu.”*

    Milena pinned her ears back and began to cry much louder than before. She was frightened by everything around her.

    Holly reached over to grasp Desiree’s hand. “Come… let’s just get moving please…”*

    Rhyderi backed up through Seres’s attacks, blocking what he could see. He lunged forwards and attempted to stab whenever he saw an opening, merely parrying her blade rather than wanting to attack her. Shen she planted a kiss on his face, he stumbled backwards, looking almost horrified.

    “Wh… what was that for…?” He shook his head and glared at her. “That’s very cheap you know. Using temptress tactics against a Paladin? For shame.”


    ~No, Droozun. That isn’t how it works for my kind. We usually only have one puppy at a time. And well, I’m about to give birth. Just lead them to the car,~ Desiree explained the demon as she moved outside to climb into the vehicle.

    Orpheus was staring wide-eyed at the adults in the room when Droozun came to him. Even though the boy wasn’t certain what the demon was telling him, he nodded and moved to follow along with him.

    “Hey, there’s no such thing as cheap or honorable in the heat of battle,” Seres repeated the teachings of her mother as she lunged in to take advantage of Rhyeri’s stumble with a kick. “If you have an opening, you take it.”

    Kat Aclysm

    *”Birth. Yes. Explode.”* Droozun was slobbering now as he nosed the boy outside to the car. *”In hrududududu.”*

    Holly climbed into the back seat and curled up, seeming to be a great deal of pain. She began to pant, cringing every so often as a wave of pain hit her. She was also angry at Zach, but he was focussed on his own sister right now so she hadn’t pressed him about it.

    Rhyderi stumbled back, losing his balance as Seres kicked him. He crashed down onto his rear, shaking his head. “I concede. Stop this foolishness.”


    Desiree leaned back in the seat that she had been led to before she closed her eyes in an attempt to remain calm and fight off the pain. Still, her breathing was heavy and labored due the pain that she was in. For the time being, she didn’t pay much attention to Holly.

    Meanwhile, Orpheus climbed into the back seat as well before he stared at Holly. “You hurt? Gonna make it better, right?”

    Seres smirked with triumphant as she heard that Rhyderi was conceding. So, she simply made her sword vanish before she plopped down next to Rhyderi. As the young SOLDIER settled down, she offered an energy drink to the elf.

    “It’s not foolishness. You enjoy the spars as much as I do. It’s not like anything ever happens here.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Holly blinked at Orpheus. “I’m not hurt…. I think I’m having my own baby….” She kicked Zach’s driver seat. “Shows how much attention you’re paying!! I’m in pain and having a baby and you don’t care!”

    Zach cringed. “I didn’t know… I’m really sorry. I’m going to drive you both there now.” He looked in the back seat. “Where’s the other one? Hurry up and get her…”

    Droozun ran into the house to drag Milena to the car.

    Rhyderi sighed, nodding his head. “Yes, you know how to hold back, and when to stop. Unlike the recruits I fight and train.” He poked at his arm. “I walk away from their sparring with many cuts and bruises…”


    Orpheus blinked as he processed what he was just told before he looked over at his Uncle. “Unca Zach, she say she having baby. Gotta help her.”

    “Yea, I’ve seen it often enough,” Seres agreed with her partner. “I don’t know why you’re still training recruits. You have guard duty, you’re assigned to me as a partner… And no thanks for taking this guard duty and making it so I get no fun missions! Hrmph… And you train cadets? When the hell do you sleep?” Seres grumbled out as she gulped down her drink. “And when is that stupid engineer going to finish the defense systems here? I shouldn’t be able to go into those rafters.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “You’re not authorized to go into the rafters…” Rhyderi frowned at Seres, looking very unhappy. “We are not the only ones who guard this portal. Others guard it also. I do have time off, you know.” He sighed. “As for sleep, I sleep whenever I can. I generally prefer not to, however.”

    He shrugged. “But that is a story for another time.”

    Zach grumbled in frustration, relieved when Droozun loaded Milena into the car. When all the doors were shut, he took off with a great deal of speed. “Yeah, I know, OK? Just let me drive them there… once we’re at the hospital we can get all the help we need…”

    Milena whimpered, clamboring over everyone to hug Desiree. She felt very confused and frightened.


    “Of course I’m not authorized to go there. They aren’t supposed to be accessable at all. That silly elf has been taking his time,” Seres complained. “It’s been months now, and this is all that he and his brother have managed to do? It’s really pathetic.”

    Seres turned her head to glare at Rhyderi. “And you should put some priority into sleeping, A well-rested soldier is a faster, more reactive, and more intelligent soldier. You are doing no one any favors by skipping on sleep and overworking yourself.”

    Desiree continued to control her breathing in order to restrain her pain. When Milena came up to her position, the young woman gave her daughter a grin. “It’s ok, Milena. Remember when your brother was born. It’s like that again. Just that. Everything will be great in a few hours. You’ll see.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi narrowed his brows now. “Yes, I know. I also know that I have difficulty sleeping. I get the sleep that I need. Do not worry yourself over my personal issues. It has never affected my performance as a soldier.” His posture stiffened as he returned to the regal guarding pose he had been taught to do when he was younger.

    Milena whimpered and just clung onto Desiree’s arm, looking miserable.

    Zach reached the hospital within the next few minutes. During the drive there, he got on his cell-phone and called the hospital in advance, preparing them on the fact that he was coming in with two pregnant women in labor.

    When he drove up to the kerb outside of the hospital, staff were already waiting with wheelchairs.


    Seres rolled her eyes as she noticed that her partner had gone into his rigid guard mode. So, she decided to heckle him.

    “Oh, will you stop that,” the young SOLDIER suggested. “You can survive thirty minutes of just goofing off and taking a break. You don’t need to be constantly on guard. Anyway, nothing will ever come out of that portal other than those cats and trinkets.”

    Desiree grunted in annoyance as the contractions continued to wreck her body. However, she put up with it and just waited for the car ride to be over with. Once at the hospital, she gently slipped her arm out of Milena’s grasp so that she could move over to the medical staff who would take care of her.

    Kat Aclysm

    “You were not here when they threw the last Arcane Bomb through.” Rhyderi bit on his lower lip momentarily. “It killed two guards and burned five more.” He scowled. “The Blood Elves of Silvermoon are a proud people, but they are overly cautious. They will make another Arcane Bomb to throw through before too long. They haven’t dared to step through yet, but it is only a matter of time.”

    “Which means…” He scowled, “We can’t let our guard down. At all. Ever.”

    Milena whimpered as Desiree let go of her. She sat in the car when Desiree was taken away by the Medical staff, retreating towards Orpheus.

    Zach waved the staff away, grumbling. “Go take the ladies into the rooms… I’ll deal with these kids. Go!” He looked down at them. “Come stay with me. I’ll look after you until your father gets here…”


    Seres rolled her eyes before she pointed to the spot next to her. “Sit down and relax for half an hour, Rhyderi. I’m here with you. You can survive relaxing for just a bit and taking a small break. Nothing will kill you.”

    Orephus stared with wide-eyes as his mother and not-quite-aunt were whisked off by the medical staff. His ears were sticking ram-rod straight up ontop of his head as he alertly listened to everything around him.

    When Zach came to him, the boy napped his eyes to his uncle before he slowly nodded his head. “Ok. Everything going to be ok? How baby get in tummy?”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi moved over to one of his supply bags and picked it up before he sat himself down next to Seres, a heavy sigh escaping him.

    “Keep an eye on the portal. The fortifications around it will need to be explosion proof in the end.” He opened the bag and took out a small loaf of dry bread and some salted meat rations to munch on. “Want some?” He took a hunk of cheese out of his ration pack to hand to her. “I used to trade this away because of it’s value.” He shrugged. “Some years ago.”

    “Uhhh…” Zach flinched at Orpheus’s question. “Maybe a question for your own parents?” He shut the doors and climbed back into the driver’s seat. “Just sit tight in the back seat while I park the car, kids. I’m in a loading zone… if I stay here, I’m going to get a ticket.” He drove the car away from the front entrance and began looking for a parking spot in the lot nearby.

    “I want my mommy!” Milena suddenly screamed.


    Seres chortled at Rhyderi before she pointed straight at the portal. “We both can see it perfectly fine from here. The only difference is that you’re sitting for just a few moments. Nothing horrible is going to happen, Rhyderi.”

    She then glanced down at the offered cheese. After contemplating for a few moments, Seres reached out to take the offered food so that she could munch on it. “Thank you. Now… seriously, where is that other Kalysto?”

    Orpheus whined as Zach danced around his question, for a lot of adults had done that as of late. Still, he was too worried about things to really care too much. When his sister began to scream, Orpheus scooted closer to her so that he could hug onto her.

    “Mommy gonna be ok. She say everything all right. Member?”

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