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    Kat Aclysm

    Droozun stood there, letting the boy nudge his face with his hand. He instinctively clamped his jaw shut, for he knew that this was not something to bite. He made snuffling noises through his closed mouth before opening it again to pant, tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.

    “Ih-ih.” He said again.

    Rhyderi glared at the demon but let it stay where it was for now. He glanced at the kitchen table, feeling rather foolish. Desiree had mentioned leaving sandwiches behind and there they were, ready to go on the table. He picked one up and handed half of it to the boy, munching on the other half himself.

    “I still have to order the pizza, I guess…” He frowned. “Having gotten your hopes up and all. Besides… code of honor. A Paladin does not lie.” He picked up the phone and began to dial.

    Meanwhile, Milena had seated herself at the table and began eating Desiree’s sandwiches anyway.

    “I have NOT been terrorizing the staff,” Sephiroth snorted at Desiree for her comment, “But yes, they’re here. They are undersized and going into the special heat cribs available for them.” He scowled. “I’m not hungry.”


    Orpheus climbed up into his favorite seat before he gripped onto the offered sandwich so that he could munch away. As he ate, he pulled a few scraps of meat out of his sandwich before he tossed them down to Droozun.

    “Yea, want pizza too! Pizza yummy. Make it really good pizza,” the boy agreed with his uncle.

    Desiree chuckled once more at her father, not really believing him for a moment.

    “Oh, but you have by just sitting here in this chair and sleeping,” the young woman insisted with a wink. “Anyway, I’ve heard that ‘I’m not hungry’ line from you a hundred thousand times, Father. I’m not falling for it. Now…” Desiree waved for Kalysto. “Pick out which of these you want to eat so that we can eat together, hm? You can tell us all about the triplets while we eat.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi frowned at Orpheus’s actions. “Don’t feed the demon your perfectly good food. That food is for you, not for…. it. Demons eat carrion and rubbish. If left to stray, they also eat anything living. Be very careful.”

    Droozun raised his head, bounding over to expertly catch the meat scraps out of the air. He chewed on them a few times, then trotted over to Orpheus’s chair, curling up beside it. Meanwhile, Mahret had heard the noise and came into the room. She raised her head, initially growling at the unfamiliar presence in the house, then wandered through the room and out the other doorway,

    Rhyderi stared at the oversized Felhunter, wary of it. “What… what has Kalysto been feeding that thing? How in the world did it get so big…?”

    Sephiroth rose to his feet. “Fine,” He conceded to Desiree after a moment of thought. “But let’s not eat this in the hallway. There is a common-room that is shared by all. There is also your mother’s room, but I would rather leave her to sleep than subject her to…” He pointed to the bag Kalysto was carrying. “…the smell of that.”

    He headed down the hallway. “Look through the window at them if you want to. Two males, one female. Males are smaller than the female.”


    Orpheus pouted as his uncle scolded him. “But Droozun like food. It only a small bit. See, I’m eating!”

    To emphasize his point, the boy took a very large bite of his sandwich and happily chewed on it. In fact, he continued to munch on his sandwich because it was delicious and favorable. When Rhyderi mentioned Mahret, the boy glanced back at the larger felhunter before he shrugged.

    “That’s mommy’s. She never say. Dunno.”

    Meanwhile, Lezprah had heard all of the complaints of the paladin from his position on Kalysto’s side of the master bedroom bed. So, the demon cat stretched before he slipped into the shadows so that he could soon reappear in front of Rhyderi and pounce the annoying one.

    “That sounds reasonable,” Desiree agreed with her father’s suggestion. As they passed by the nursery, she glanced in at her new siblings before she smiled. “Ah, I see. They look pretty good. I’m glad everything went smoothly for you two. Do you know what you’re going to name them?”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi panicked when the large demon cat came at him. He hadn’t even known it was there and it had taken him completely off-guard. He instinctively attempted to shift into a defensive stance, grunting as the pouncing cat’s weight slammed into him with full force. He stumbled back, wincing in pain as a couple of the stitches in his upper arm broke, the injury site soon bleeding through the bandage, dotting it with red.

    “Fall back!” He yelled. “Fall back and hide somewhere, kids!” He took two more steps back and raised his arms to complete the defensive-ready stance, a growl escaping from him as he stared down the demon-cat.

    Sephiroth nodded his head. “They’re healthy. The medical staff here are taking care of them. They are already upset with some of the things they are seeing, however… I keep asking to be told if there is anything wrong, but there isn’t….” He snarled. “I need to twist Zach’s arm, it seems.”

    He walked into the common-room, dragging a seat out from the table so he could sit. “If you want tea or coffee, there are facilities on the wall here. They seem to provide it for free.”


    Lezprah gave Rhyderi a feral grin before he slipped into the shadows again, fading away into little more than mist. As he shadow-stepped, the demon released a dark chuckle at the paladin.

    ~You think that I’d hurt the children? No, no. They respect me, I respect them. But you have no respect, I can tell. You should be taught, little elf,~ the demon taunted the paladin.

    Meanwhile, Orpheus pinned his ears back before he muttered out, “That just Lezzy. He belong to mommy too. He tame.”

    “The staff probably just aren’t used to those from your lineage, Father. Our genes do produce unique results, right?” Desiree attempted to assure her father as she sat down. “They’ll probably fuss just as much when my new son comes.”

    Desiree then nodded toward Kalysto. “Go ahead and set down the food so we can decide on dishes to eat, Kalysto. And… I doubt Kalyto will even go ten feet from those coffee and tea things over there, Father. He’s rather snobby about his caffeine.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Rhyderi made a rather loud growl and clutched at the bandaged area of his upper arm as it began to bleed beyond the confines of the bandage, stepping back out of the way.

    “I could have done without that!” He spoke out harshly at the demon. “You’re not very smart, are you. The worst disrespect you can do towards your ‘master’ is to harm their caretaker, stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid…”

    He grabbed at a towel to wrap around his arm, stumbling back to fall rather heavily onto the floor. He felt rather lightheaded and weak now.

    Kalysto frowned at Desiree’s comment. “I’m still here, you know.” He set the bag of food down in front of Sephiroth at the table, and then wandered towards the tea and coffee machine on the wall, narrowing his eyes in thought as he checked them over. “These don’t look so bad…”

    Sephiroth picked at the bag, opening it up. He glanced at the meals inside and grabbed the beef one, picking up a plastic fork that had been tossed into the bag also.
    “The staff are not used to a lot of things.” He snorted. “Even after all this time.” He began to eat.


    Lezprah rematerialized himself next to Rhyderi before he leaned in to sniff the paladin’s wound. He spent a good second before he released an annoyed snort.

    ~Don’t blame me for the wounds produced by humans, elf. I barely touched you,~ the demon responded with spite before he turned into myst again so that his myst could wrap around the paladin’s arm. ~Just to spite you, mortal, I will prove every one of your words wrong!~

    So, the demon cat began using his dark energies to heal up the paladin’s arm.

    Desiree chuckled at her husband. “Yes, I know that you’re still here, my dark prince. I just know that you have a fine pallet.”

    Desiree then turned her attention to Sephrioth. “Well, the staff doesn’t stay the same constantly, so we usually get a few that haven’t seen those with our genes, Father.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Where did you get this…” Sephiroth continued to munch through the food, this time with more speed. Now that he smelled the food and was eating it, he realized just how hungry he truly was. Desiree was certainly not going to get anything left over from what she had given to him.

    “Phh…” He continued, scowling. “Yes, the hospital staff here love to take a look at our files as we are foreign to their current knowledge. They see something different from normal and they want to examine it. I suppose it’s natural considering human curiousity.”

    The swirling dark energies around him didn’t make him feel very well at all. Combined with the dizziness he was already feeling due to blood loss, Rhyderi simply curled up as the demon healed him. At least the pain in his arm was gone.


    Desiree took the seafood dish, for she knew that Kalysto had a certain dislike for that type of food before she glanced back at her husband. “Kalysto? Are you going to eat? Come on and sit down already. None of us are going to tear off your ear.”

    She then turned back to her father before she waved in the general direction of wear the Thai restaurant was situated. “There’s a restaurant not too far away from here that serves Thai food. It’s rather good. I like going there from time to time.”

    Orpheus whined as he saw his uncle curl up in pain. So, he slipped out of his chair before he trotted over to his uncle so that he could gently shake him. “Unca Deri?”

    Meanwhile, Lezprah slipped away from Rhyderi once he finished mending the flesh creature’s flesh. After releasing an agitated snort, the demon cat reformed himself before he stalked over to Mahret so that he could plop himself down next to her.

    Kat Aclysm

    Mahret made a loud snort in acknowledgement of Lezprah’s existance nearby. Then she made a hacking cough, regurgitating a large animal’s tibia bone onto the ground in front of her.

    Rhyderi groaned in response to Orpheus, raising a hand to indicate that he was OK. He hauled himself up to a much more comfortable sitting position and lowered his head, still feeling rather dizzy.

    “I’m OK…” He replied after a moment.

    “But I’m looking at the stuff on the wall,” Kalysto pointed it, as if to emphasise the fact.”I’m not hungry right now. I’ll eat, just not right now.” He made his way over to the coffee machine on the wall and began to make some, sniffing it experimentally.

    “My. This has gone through hell before they put it in here. Who drank it before me?”


    Lezprah released a rumble of content as the “lower-class” demon offered food to him. So, he reached in to take the bone before he began to gnaw on the bone so that he could get to the marrow inside.

    Meanwhile, Orpheus slowly nodded his head. Still, he cast one of the healing spells that he had learned from his uncle in order to help him feel better. “Lezzy should no play rough with you. Not nice.”

    “I told you that it wouldn’t be to your liking, Kalysto. Now, come on over and sit down. No one’s going to bite you if you sit down,” Desiree called out to her husband. However, she didn’t get herself worked enough to stop eating. The food was delicious, so she continued dining.

    “So, father. Have you thought of names for the triplets yet?”

    Kat Aclysm

    Mahret hung her tongue out of her mouth and began to pant. She was exhausted from hunting, and full. Although she did not need very much energy to sustain her physical form, she still liked to eat and it showed – her belly was getting so large now, it nearly scraped on the floor when she walked.

    Rhyderi sighed. “I would not expect any less out of a demon… I don’t know what to say there any more.”

    Sephiroth shook his head at Desiree’s question. “No names planned out. I have been thinking, but not enough to come up with anything I like.” He continued to eat.

    Kalysto swirled the cup of coffee around in the bottom of the styrofoam cup, pondering. “I didn’t say it wasn’t to my liking. It’s just… I don’t even know what they did to it.” He finally took a seat at the table and began to tuck in to the only container left over.


    Lezprah snarled as he heard the paladin complain about demons before he released an annoyed snort. ~Foolish, dumb elf. If I was going to harm you, I would have actually done that. You disrespect my kind with your unnecessary hot air. You put us all together as if we are brainless idiots. We are not. I feast on other demons who think they are everything. I am not some brainless brute!~

    The demon cat’s tail angrily thumped on the ground as he continued to chew on the bone.

    Orpheus sighed at his uncle. His ears slowly pinned backwards as he heard what was being said.

    Desiree rolled her eyes at her husband. “Isn’t it obvious? They just put packets in those machines and set them to brew. There’s no finesse to that. Now… what sort of names have you considered, Father?”

    Kat Aclysm

    Mahret snorted at Lezprah’s commentary, and rolled onto her side, nudging him with a stalk. Then she coughed once again, regurgitating a pile of chewed up bloody meat onto the rug for him.
    *”Not worth it.”* She yawned. *”Too little to bother with.”*

    Rhyderi frowned. “Yes, I’m aware of what could happen if I don’t watch my words…”

    Sephiroth shook his head. “I just told you – I haven’t planned out any names. Nothing I like.” He picked up the container and began to shovel the remainder of the package contents into his mouth. He finished it off and blindly tossed it over his shoulder, landing it into the garbage.

    “Thank you.” He said finally.


    Orpheus whimpered at the tension in the air before he cried out, “Stop fighting. Not like it. Unca Deri, Lezzy not bad. He not mean hurt you. Swear…”

    Lezprah snorted as Mahret coughed up more food for him before he shook his head. ~You need to go on a diet, young one. You have too much girth.~

    “No, you said that you hadn’t decided on one. That doesn’t mean that you haven’t thought or considered any, Father. I thought you might have a list of names that you had been thinking about, that’s all,” Desiree clarified. “And I’m glad you liked the food.”

    Kat Aclysm

    Mahret began to make a loud rumbling purr deep in her gut. She rolled onto her side, letting her gut hang out. *”Not fat. Storing. When disaster hits, you see, you see. Thank Mahret for hoarding the food.”* She scratched a claw at her side, purring louder, causing the immediate floorboarding around her to vibrate to her sound. *”Take food home. Feed colony. Become new Matriarch.”*

    Rhyderi sighed at Orpheus’s words and silently nodded again, not really wanting to continue.

    Sephiroth shrugged. “I thought of a few names. Archimedes. Orion. Caeli. Vela. I need to pick up the book to find the rest…”


    Orpheus slowly settled down. However, he just moved to hug onto his uncle instead of his fretting that he was doing earlier. His ears remained lower as he hugged onto the older elf, for the boy was still very upset over what had happened.

    ~There’s no colony here,~ Lezprah reprimanded Mahret. ~And your kind doesn’t eat that sort of food. What foolishness.~

    “Ah, some of those names sound very nice. Kalysto probably has a bunch of very extravagant names already in store for our next son,” Desiree commented before she reached over to gently stroke Kalysto’s left hand. “He does enjoy the dramatic.”

    Kat Aclysm

    “What? Why are we dropping my name, now?” Kalysto frowned. He didn’t mind so much, though. He moved his hand closer, using his other to continue eating. “I knew a fellow Mage with a name so long, it was a joke… Rastali’halothe’moda’ion. We called him “Rast” for short. Sometimes my people just name their children extravagant things to push up their feelings of self-worth.”

    *”Colony,”* Mahret snorted, *”Exist. Three so far. Make more, breed, make more, colony get big. I biggest one, so… already basically the Matriarch.”*


    “I’m bringing up your name because you’re here and you can contribute to the conversation, my dark lord,” Desiree teased. “Father has children to name, we have a child to name. IT is a worthy conversation, no?”

    Kat Aclysm

    “Can’t name your child until you finish growing it inside of you and pop it outta there.” Kalysto frowned. “It’s bad luck to come up with a name before your child is born, you know.” He pointed to Sephiroth, “He has the right idea. You should take heed of it.”

    Sephiroth scowled. “That’s not quite my motivation, but…” He shrugged.

    Mahret pulled the edges of her maw back in a grin. She was feeling very pleased after her statement.


    “Oh, that is pure nonsense, Kalysto,” Desiree rolled her eyes at her husband’s proclimations. “You can narrow down the choices of the names before the baby is born. There is absolutely no bad luck or omens about thinking about the name while it’s still in the womb. Anyway, Father is just terrible at naming things. He’s lucky that his sword was given to him with a name.”

    Desiree grinned at her father as she finished her tease, not really being too serious in the matter in the least.

    Lezprah bared his fangs before he snorted once more. ~The masters will not want a colony of your kind here. You know that.~

    Kat Aclysm

    “Sure there is,” Kalysto frowned heavily at Desiree. “Mom thought I was a girl and look what happened.”

    Sephiroth was unhumored. He made an idle grunt at Desiree’s comment, but didn’t do much beyond that. He eyed off Desiree’s serving of Thai food, almost pondering whether he should take it from her or not. He finally decided against it because doing such would be impolite.

    Mahret growled. *”Not here? Where? No colony here. Good place.”* She nodded. *”Already big enough to be matriarch.”*


    Desiree was still feasting on her meal, so the fact that Sephiroth decided not to take her food was a good thing. For, the woman did stab a juicy shrimp just as he finished eyeing off the box.

    “Yes, you. You’ve mentioned how your mother thought you were going to be a girl and that’s how you got your name, Kalysto. However, we don’t have that problem, now do we?” Desiree stated.

    Lezprah snorted once more before he poked Mahret’s belly with a claw. ~You are only overgorged. That is all. You would make a good meal, though.~

    Kat Aclysm

    Kalysto huffed at Desiree. “We don’t, yet… what if you were thinking of naming it something? What if you had your eye on another name? I don’t know…”

    Sephiroth leaned forward, eyeing off Desiree’s food-box for a moment longer before eyeing off the other one that Kalysto had. While Kalysto was distracted, he turned his head towards the door, feigning boredom. He used his telepathic abilities to reach around the food-box, lifting it up off the table. Then he placed the lid on and teleported it into his subspace compartment. With that in order, he rose to his feet and headed over to look out the window.

    “It’s going to rain.” He commented idly.

    Mahret rumbled at Lezprah. *”You eat me? Try.”* She rumbled louder.

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