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    Kat Aclysm

    ~The Story of Moru’s Creation~

    This is essentially Shivaeru’s ‘religion’ as it were, but is not thought of as a religion to a Drakkon. To a Drakkon, this is a story told to them by their mothers while they are still babies (possibly told to a restless hatchling before bed), and the baby will take it as fact. The world around them is influenced enough by the Gods of Moru that they will later know this story to be fact, rather than a religious belief. While none of this occurs beyond Moru once you leave via the Ltiryer (teleportation stone), a Drakkon will continue to believe and talk of such, because it’s a part of their cultural knowledge.

    Do note that other Moru species will find this story to be a load of crap. Especially the more ‘civilized’ society driven non-winged bipedal Dracus. Such stories are nonsense, and myth. Tradition is rubbish to them. But the Drakkon is such an old-world traditionalist, it will proudly believe the story of the planet’s creation, probably forever.

    Another thing you need to know – Moru’s existence revolves around the number 7. It is a revered number to a Moru-born draconic creature. It’s almost holy in it’s own right, even among those who don’t really care about the creation story or the gods. You might find the existence of 7 popping up many times.

    Long ago, the Great Bahamut made the world. He made all the stars and all the sky, and the world that lived among the stars. But in the beginning, he made the world utterly dull – devoid of anything. It was lifeless. Yet, he was pleased with what he had made. However, Lady Tiamat, his mate and the mother of creation, was displeased with Lord Bahamut’s handiwork.

    So she said to Bahamut, “My lord, there is but nobody except ourselves. It is ever so lonely here with just us. What ought we to do about this situation?”

    And Bahamut said in reply; “Yes my friend and my mate, you are indeed right. What ought we to do?” And he hung low in the sky, his great horned head thinking hard. And then he said, “I have but three fingers on my front paw and four on my hind. Seven is a revered number. Our moru* shall cycle in eternal harmony on seven days and seven nights. And within these seven days and nights, the world shall turn and grow and be forever grand. But what ought we to do about this loneliness problem, I wonder? We are the only ones here. I say, I have thought of a grand idea. Our world shall have balance amongst all it’s elements, and I shall appoint a God or Goddess over each one of those elements.”

    “They will be known as ‘Earth’ for the ground and the grand continents in which our inhabitants will live on; ‘Air’ shall be known for her howling winds that bring oxygen and life and steer the weather. ‘Fire’ shall be the one to burn and combust and warm up the world, while ‘Water’ shall flood the world and quench the thirst of all life. ‘Snow’ shall ride on the back of water’s domain and create grand glaciers to counteract fire’s reign, and ‘Lightning’ shall join Air in the sky to create terrifying yet necessary strikes to bring nitrogen and nourishment to the soil.”

    “And finally,” The Great Bahamut said, “As much as I dislike the idea, I shall appoint an element of the underworld and he shall be known as ‘Chaos’. For nothing good can exist without the bad, and our future people must have a right to choose between what is right and what is wrong.”

    And he waved his paw, and it was so. And all at once, the world below exploded in a vast array of colour as continents and water heaved from the ground, and the grass began to flourish. And then the seven grand Gods and Goddesses of Element appeared at once below the Great Bahamut, confused and in a daze, none of them knowing what to do.

    But Lord Bahamut rose up on his hinds and said, “Seven dragons of Element, and later, all dragons of this planet – weave together this world that is Moru. Go forth and make it grander than I have made it in it’s beginnings. And with that, the seven Gods and Goddesses of element parted company, flying off to the farthest reaches of the world to begin their work. And all was well.

    But after a time, the elemental dragons were bored. And annoyed. And soon enough, they began to encroach on each other’s domains. Fire would burn holes in Earth’s territorial continents, melting the inside of the planet, creating volcanoes and a lava system inside. Earth created grand continents and giant mountains that reached high into the sky, challenging Air’s domain. Even Water became testy, creating tidal flows and oceans, and soon began the process of soil erosion, chewing away at the creations of Earth. Meanwhile, Ice was an opportunistic queen. She froze water over wherever she could, making giant snows and the polar caps. Lightning would thrash across the land, always happy to destroy whatever he could.

    At this riot, Chaos saw his opportunity. The eternal trickster and menace addressed each Elemental deity separately, asking; “Why are you allowing the other domains to ruin your grand territory? Rise up and fight against it – show the others who is the ultimate and best of all!”. And soon enough, the territorial battle escalated into a fullscale state of war. Even though each of the Elemental Dragon’s territories were becoming the different environments that would shape the planet, their fighting would bring about the disaster and chaos that the dark one so truly loved. And with each god and goddess bowing in to Chaos, Chaos himself silently slunked away, thinking very much to himself that his domain was the most prominent, now.

    Meanwhile, The Great Bahamut was becoming very displeased. He hadn’t intended for his subjects to do any of this. This grand Utopian moru was becoming a grand dystopian mess. At the sight of the destruction they were causing, The Great Bahamut became very angry and nulled the abilities of all the Elemental Dragons, ceasing their ability to influence the planet.

    “Enough,” Said he; “For I am tired of seeing this terror and suffering. I did not intend for the world to be like this. From this day forth all of you will exist as between-world spirits. While still able to influence life, you will never do so again directly. You must exist as all Gods do, and allow your coming subjects to believe in you as one would hold onto their own Gods with faith alone and spiritual evidence, no more, no less. You will be given your own realms in which to lead – and you will do so. You will only be allowed to influence another via the spiritual realm, and a physical being must carry out your work if you wish it to be so.”

    Tiamat watched in on this change and was well pleased with her mate’s decision, and with gentle loving waves of her own paws, she began the first threads of the creation of life – her power weaving the minds and bodies of the first physical biological living breathing dragons that would populate Moru forever more. And it was so that she created them in her own image, to look like her. The first dragons of Moru were elegant, lithe, swift, intelligent, proud, and very VERY cunning. They had her affinity for bright objects and humming metals, each one a marvel to behold in it’s own right.

    After they were created, she gave another flick of her paw, giving them the first animals to eat. Prey animals, the birds, the fish, the land animals. Tiamat raised her giant head and spoke unto them; “My dragons, my children, go forth unto this world and live in the glory that your forefather dragons created. Honor them as you wish and worship whomever you please. Choose the environments you like best, and I will bless you – you will take on their elemental traits, and you will be gifted with the power of magic. Now go forth, step out into this brave new world, and multiply. Populate the earth with all your kind and show the heavens just how grand you are with your voices and your breath weapons.”

    And it was so. The first physical dragons of Moru went forth and lived among the new world, and they wandered everywhere, multiplying and eating as they went. They ate nearly everything that was to be edible in sight, and soon the food supplies began to become scarce. Dragons would begin to fight over what little was left. They would begin killing each other in spates of anger, the bigger ones growing large and fat while the little ones withered and died.

    Then Bahamut said to Tiamat, “My queen, this looks like a repeat of before. I did not like this chaos when it occurred before, and it shall not happen again. If you cannot control your people, then I shall devise ways to control them.” But Tiamat would not listen and said “My dragons are strong and cunning, and this is just a mere show; survival of the fittest, you might say.”

    This frustrated Bahamut, and he determined to get the better of his mate. So he divided the dragons into six parts, making each group different. He would keep a stock of Tiamat’s original dragons for sure, they weren’t a bad design (they looked like his mate, afterall), but he would change them – for they had bred too fast for his liking. He would change their aging rate so that they could grow to many scores of age, and capable of becoming the oldest dragons of all. They would make just one egg a year and take more than 1000 moons to mature. They would breathe torrents of fire and bellow like thunder. This longevity would ensure that they could still breed as they wished and exist in harmony with the world, yet not cause very much damage. They would also be able to brag that they were the most long lived.

    The other groups however, he would change drastically. He created the Wyvern after altering Tiamat’s Dragon. The Wyvern would be a four-limbed hot headed fellow who used his wing claws like arms to climb the craggiest rocks and live in the most inhospitable of environments, but yet, a very dexterous skilled flier. Next, he created the Oriensu, an elongated serpentine peaceful fellow, created in the image of the oldworld Elementals. He would make the Oriensu because the world needed peace and tranquility, a dragon species that preferred peace and forgiveness over war and chaos. Next, he would create the tiniest dragons of all; the Sprite. They would live in all environments and inhabit the waters, the forests and the plain lands. The sprites would be blessed with all sorts of magical gifts to accommodate for their small size. And with these new Sprites, he would prove that even the mightiest of dragon could exist in the tiniest of packages.

    To the next group, he blessed them with the power to reason and gifted them with grand intelligence. He blessed them with a brilliant mind to invent, to innovate, to be able to change and create new surroundings by merely dreaming of inventions to build that would come out of his head. For this special trait, he would take away their wings, and raise them up onto two legs, and make them wily and attentive against their enemies. He would call this species the Dracus, and they would become the most civilized and intelligent inventive dragons of all. They would build grand cities and leave their instincts to hunt in the wild one day.

    And to the last group? Bahamut thought hard. Of all his dragons so far, he hadn’t thought of which one he would leave the old world legacy to. Somebody still needed to believe in the old ways of the world, to praise the names of the Gods. In time, the other five species would soon forget – but this sixth group would not. He thought hard and soon changed this last group into what would be his chosen people: The Drakkon. They would possess a thunderous roar like him, and grow spines like him as well. They would be very much intune with the world around them, and to the Elemental magics. They would hold fast to the ways of old, living as wild animals. He would make them grand hunters and bless them with poison fangs so they could take down their prey very easily.

    And after it was all said and done, he sent these new dragon species on their way. But then Tiamat said to him, “Lord Bahamut, where is the seventh? Our world rises and falls by the seven. The seven Elemental Dragon Gods who weaved this world were grand, and so there should be seven species to keep it turning forever more.”

    “But my dear,” Bahamut said in reply, “There will be a seventh, all in good time. For all our dragons were born of the same thread, and they shall be allowed to weave their own paths to create new lives of their own. This seventh one shall be created by them, not me. And it shall be as varied as it is powerful. This seventh species shall not be an actual species at all, but a separate dragon classification in it’s own right. It shall be the Hybrid. Created from the others, carrying their own traits unto itself however the threads of destiny weaves it. Each one shall be unique. And that shall be the seventh.”

    And it was so.

    And so, after it was all said and done, the world of Moru was finished. Each species bred and multiplied as it saw fit, weaving the world in the best ways it knew how. And it was finished. The Great Bahamut and Lady Tiamat lay calm and easy in the beyond, pleased and proud with the world below them. With everything said and done, they had nothing more to do except watch proudly as each generation of their children grew and passed on, leaving behind their children who did the same, as did their children’s children. And so it was a neverending cycle of growing, passing, dying, their spirits leaving the world to join the great beyond. And even to this day, the cycle continues and the Great Bahamut watches us as we go about our daily duties, calm and easy in the sky, proud of us and all we achieve.

    So my children, raise your head and do your world proud. For you have been made for this world, to exist in it and achieve all that you can. Go forth and be what you were meant to be, powerful and strong. For you are a free dragon in this world, your Moru, and in full sight of the Lord Bahamut who made you, so be strong and proud of all that you achieve.


    * Moru = Home. Moru and home are interchangable terms. While Moru initially meant home, it also means ‘planet’, for the planet is their home. This is further seen in the Drakkon island territory “Drakklen’moru”, which simply means “Drakkon-home”, with Drakklen being the entire species collective.

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