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    The Offspring List

    Just so we don’t wind up forgetting anyone. Eldest to youngest.

    Desiree – Sephy’s first child. For the most part, she looks like an average human and has very few unusual aspects to her appearance. She has pale skin like her father as well as luminecent green eyes. Her hair brown with a few highlights of silver strayed amoungst the strands, almost as if she started to age early. The most significant part of her hair is that her bangs are completely silver. She has always been skilled in manipulation and illusions and has fiddled around with contacting the other world. Then later on, she was given power over the astral plane and dreams, so she can now create even stronger illusions.

    Cancer – Clone of Sephiroth and Jenna-clone containing Sesshou’s element. Has black hair with silver streaks and blood red eyes. Used to consider herself inferior to everybody else because she was a clone, but now considers herself to be somewhat superior. She can cast medium level spells at best and prefers lightning and ice elemental spells. Also has morphology abilities, and can change the chemistry of her body to resemble hot black tar or black slime. Currently lives in Cloud’s Villa in Costa Del Sol with three Jenova-species/human hybrids that were taken from Hojo’s ‘care’.

    Zack – Clone of Sephiroth, made from a blood sample that Hojo had in his posession at the time when the Jenna-clone attacked the base. Has absolutely no interest in fighting whatsoever and will allow himself to get beaten up to prove his point. Does not maintain his appearance, so is quite a bit overweight, and has sloppy silver hair that falls down to his jaw area. His main interests include mechanics, chemistry and life sciences such as biology, natural history and medicine. Has a strong fascination for dragons and currently nurtures an dragon he hatched from an egg, given to him by Jenna. Considers the dragon to be his brother. Currently taking residence in Sephiroth and Jenna’s house with Holly and Meirnden.

    Seres – The female faternal twin of Sephy’s second set of naturally born children. Unless Tyler is older than her… I forget… Neways, she is basically human in all outward ways. She naturally has brown eyes, but since she fiddles with magic and has received some power from that, she has developed somewhat orange in tint eyes. She has mostly silver hair with a few brown highlights. She is prone to fighting since she inherited Sephy’s abnormally proportional stregnth which gave her higher muscle density. So she is much stronger than her frame would indicate.

    Dimitri – The male faternal twin of Seph’s second set of naturally born children. He has a pair of red wings which are porportionally large enough to give him lift to fly. However, he has become scared of flying due to his one attempt when he was younger where he broke his wing. So, he unconciously makes himself fail each time he attempt flying with his wings. I don’t think we ever defined his hair and eye color… let’s go with brown for both. He’s the least powerful of the group. He has next to no psychic potential and absolutely no magic potential.

    Tyler – Sephy’s bastard child born not of his choice via a demon taking over him and making him rape Aeris. The boy is part Cetra, part human, and part Jenova, thus very conflicted in ways. He takes after his mother who raised him for the most part, though he also had help from Tifa and Cloud. While he can talk to the planet, he doesn’t really have all that many of the healing powers of the Cetra. Instead, most of his powers mirror that of his father’s, only much more diminished than his. He has silver hair like his father, but his eyes are like Aeris’s, a deep green.

    Xelong – I think he goes here in the order… A red dragon for the most part, though he has silver markings and highlights. His eyes are a turquise green like Sephy’s. He was born when Jenna and Sephy had both been turned into dragons, thus making their genetic structures for the time draconic. Genetically, he is not really a sibling of the other children, but he is one due to parentage. He has been raised by Zack and thus is mostly mild-mannered. It is possible that he has a crush on Aeris, who he prefers to call Squeak, but he’d deny all possibility of such. Instead, he’ll proclaim her a possible part of his future herom because he thinks he’s better than her.

    Iris – The first child born under the agreement with the planet to reincarnate Cetra souls into new lives. Iris has green slit-irised eyes like a dragon, hence her name. She also has a pair of growing horns which jut directly backwards from the sides of her skull. Iris is very much a timid and cautious female, due to recalling parts of her previous life that were none too happy. In her previous life before she died, she was a six year child during the crisis when Jenova was killing the Cetra off. Iris saw her own mother die in her previous life, and thus is strongly loving (and would be protective) of her mother in her current life. Also loves her father to nearly the same extent. Has limited magic abilities and prefers to heal things. Also has mild stealing and hoarding tendencies and is attracted to shiny things.

    Alexander – Despite having a high percentage of Jenova cells in his body, he doesn’t outwardly show it. Instead, he has red-scaled dragon legs and tail. Thus, he appears to be more draconic than Jenova, but his genetic structure is quite the opposite. His hair is silver and his eyes are green and have the same shape as Sephy’s. Because he has a high percentage of Jenova cells in him, his psychic powers are quite strong and may even surpass Sephy’s one day. He also has potential for magic, but not quite as strong as his father. He has a crush on the humanified Jenova and thinks that he can somehow reform her one day.

    Azul – Another child born with a Cetra soul inside. Is very strongly influenced by Jenova’s cells, so much that her skin colour is bright to cobalt blue in colouration. Has long brown hair that has grown down to her shoulderblades, and brown eyes. Has a long prehensile tail with spines on the end much like a porcupine. Also has blood-red winglike growths emerging from her back. Azul is a very headstrong and argumentative female and does not like to be told what to do. Has a very short temper. Is very strongly psychic oriented in her abilities, and has recently learned stealth and assasination skills from Jenna. Loves to ambush people.

    Kether – Another one that has near to the most concentration of Jenova cells in his body. He had a strong potential for being very powerful, but then Clawina came along and had to shake the baby. Thus, he still has the chance to become very bright and very powerful, but he’ll always be a bit on the off-side. Most of the damage occurred to his speach centers and ability to speak and behave. He has tentacles in addition to his regular arms. He also has a pair of red-scaled wings and a tail. His hair is silver and eyes are very much like Seph’s, even have a bit of a glow to it.

    The triplets…

    Cael – Female (human appearance? Contains Jenova cells)

    Leo – Male, dragon spines down his back. Usually fairly quiet and good natured, prefers to sit on the floor and play quietly. Will push the bounds of authority to see how far he can get.

    Orion – Male, dragon spines down his back. Somewhat boisterous in nature, more prone to starting arguments and being pushy to get what he wants. Likes to wrestle or force his dominance over the siblings that are the same size as him.

    Chimera – Male, Cat/Dragon/Human with Jenova cells

    Kat Aclysm

    Other Characters

    Holly – Originally a prostitute on the slum-side of Mideel. Has hazel/grey eyes and mousey brown coloured hair. Used to be Zack’s favourite prostitute until he realized that she was a timid human who never had a chance in life, so he bought her from the pimp she was a slave to. Kept her around as a mistress and a ticket to free sex until he made her pregnant. Later developed feelings for her and despite their many arguments and insecurities, Zack is quite attached to her.

    Meirnden – Female child produced from Zack and Holly. Has soft green eyes and brown hair with tiny bits of grey in it. Has shown absolutely no psychic properties whatsoever. Is still a baby, but old enough to walk around. Is loud, playful, and very very curious.

    Jenova – The Original Calamity from the Skies (circa 2000+ years ago). Frozen in crystallized Mako/rock/Geological stratum after she tried to suck up the lifeblood from the planet, freed from her icy prison by Professor Gast and Hojo. Caused more havoc, defeated by Cloud & Co, grew to cause more havoc. Had her soul and body seperated by Jenna, then her soul was placed into a sickly young orphan human female. Currently exists as small growing human female.

    Cancer’s three adopted Alien-offspring children – TBA
    Male –
    Female – #19
    Male –

    Komsulc’mee, Moetua’mee, Ysaty’mee

    Kat Aclysm

    Sephiroth and his A/U Version List

    Sephiroth (from the main storyline thingamajig) – Sephiroth is a psionic that is very grumpy and can fly

    Seph (as freed by Jennah) – Less grumpy Sephy, but no less of a jerk

    General Sephiroth (Noemi universe version) – Really pissed off Sephy

    Pastor Sephy – Church grumpyface in exhile

    Sephiros: Evil cranky Sephy with red eyes. The one who actually succeeded in making Meteor hit and absorbing his planet’s energy. (element not brought up yet in forum RP: currently being held be Desiree as her play thing)

    Pimp Sephy – A homey-g wth STDs. Jenna note: We can ex this guy.

    Blind Sephy – has a hawk who’s name I forget (it’s Crimson). We can ex this guy too.

    ***TO BE WORKED ON***

    Locita note: I see a trend here.

    Kat edit: You mean the fact that they’re all cranky?

    Kat Aclysm

    ~ Dragon List ~

    Chara – bio bio bio bio bio bio

    Chara – bio bio bio bio bio bio

    Chara – bio bio bio bio bio bio


    Characters/scenerios introduced in IM RP that need to make appearances here:

    Rizon –


    Cyrus & other whelps-

    Phoenix- Daughter of Cloud thanks to Tiamat raping him. Best not to ask how that happened. Tyler forces Cloud to keep Phoenix.

    Edgar – Son of Noemi and Gen. Sephy that was born on the Planet. The first and perhaps last child that Noemi had carried to full term inside her body.

    Dragon elders (human personas):

    Duminsani – African male, around 40-45 years old

    Micah – Jewish old guy, about 55-65 years old

    Song Ning – Chinese woman in her thirties

    Aeron – 20’s blonde male


    Noemi retrieves an egg for Gen. Sephy so that Rizon is born.

    Zack being hired as a dragon expert by Noemi & Co.

    Gen. Sephy retiring.

    Noemi becoming pregnant. (Edgar)

    Retrieving Micheal and (Kelsey?) from other planet

    Other things are non-important and can be changed. But those are main points.

    Notes for Kat

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