Re: Tainted blood


If you don’t mind, I’m going to go ahead and work on a intro post for this section. I may do such for others as well.

Thunder clashed outside and streaks of lightning lit the room in sporadic paces, mirroring the turmoil of her everyday life. So much was darkness and lack of answers on most occasions, but every now and again, there was this glimmer of something, anything that hinted to the full truth which she feasted on for the precious few moments that it was present. Such was the life of a laboratory specimen, even if they said she was special. For all her importance to their cause, she was left out of the loop as to what was really happening.

She drooped her head and rested it on her crossed arms, silently watching the rain drops trickle down the window pane. How she wished she could be like those drops and just drip away to non-existence. Disappear and join into the crowd, or become swallowed up by the darkness. But that could never happen, she was theirs. Even if she did escape, she’d stick out like a sore thumb with the way her eyes were slitted and her human flesh intermingled with the red sheen of draconian scales.

But, that was her life. Since the day she was born, she had been held captive under their guidance and scrutiny. She was to be their savior. But in a land of monsters, they needed to create a monster of their own to design their savior. Thus, she was born, made by subjecting several females to cross into the dragons’ territory and tempt those monsters who thirsted for power and domination. She could only imagine how many had been torn apart or tortured with the cruelties of being used by those creatures before the humans finally managed to find a pregnant female out of the process, her mother.

She didn’t even know her mother, barely even knew her name. She knew that she herself had several similarities to the woman, but other than that- Nothing. It wasn’t that she was denied by choice of the scientists and technicians who were in charge of the projects, no.. It was because her mother could not handle the stress of being raped then giving birth to a half-human, half-monster..

Yes, that was what she was, just a monster. A putrid freak of nature who should not exist.

She slowly shook her head and glanced over at the partner in her cell, her only friend, giving him a tiny grin. The young boy who was created and commissioned four years after her. He was meant to be her competition, but to her, he was a kindred soul. Both of them were less than human… or was it more than human? It was hard to say.

Either way, the scientists had been kind enough, or rather cruel enough in their minds, to house them in hopes to prove that one project was superior to the other. Such trivialities meant nothing to her, but they gave her a friend of which she did not know what she’d ever do without.

She lowered her head once more and glanced at the small cut on her hand where she had scraped it on a medical knife during today’s procedures. Silently, she studied her own blood, tainted and much richer, darker, and thicker than any normal human’s would be. Finally, she snorted at her own activities and moved to lick the wound again, wanting it to cease the bleeding.