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Hope: Come on. It’s not far! *continues to jog infront of the group. However, she soon turns that into a full-out run as if she were trying to loose them. Soon enough, she’d lead through a section of the caves that is made of a crystaline material which distorts and refracts the entire area. So, she dashes through the various twists and turns in an attempt to loose the group*

Seferia: *calmly speaks to Sephiroth* It’s fine. It was only a momentary pain.. *She grips onto his offered hand. She then frowns as she begins to realize what Hope is doing*

Sekhmet: *stares at the various reflections of Hope as she jogs away. She then angrily snarls, for she is torn at the prospect of not being able to trust the girl that she had been raised along-side* This has to be some sort of sick joke..