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Seferia: *glances back at Sephiroth and frowns at him* ~I cannot be certain at the moment.~ *she then hisses as she hears the sounds of flames from the air*

Nemesis: *Reacting the moment that the first stroke of heat brushes across her flesh, she wraps her three pairs of wings about her body to form a barrier. She then pulls her hands toward her chest and begins to channel a ball of negative energy into them. As soon as she flares her now singed and healing wings open, she flings the ball out toward Rizon*

Seferia: ~Foolish youth.~ *shakes her head* ~Rizon, get down here now. I should be the one protecting you. You are too young to waste your life on this sort of attack!~ *she then looks back down at Sephiroth* ~Run. For once, just run. Forget about me, and run.~