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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *loudly snarls and grabs Seferia by the shoulder, trying to yank her back* *”No, don’t be an idiot! Just, don’t. Don’t do this… I, no, the group is nothing without you. They will be lost.”* *growls and tries to pull her away, though he is probably not going to be very successful. His emotion is running quite high now, and he is in a mix of anger, panic, and despair at Seferia’s decision* *”Last thing we need is more idiocy and heroes who end up dead and in memory….”*

Rizon: *makes a bellowing roar as he blasts out enough space to break free into his dragon form. Once morphed, he begins to easily cleave down a ton of rock and crystal with his sharp claws* *”Subterranian claws for the win!”* *doesn’t look back, and tries to get ahead so he can keep clearing the way* *”Follow me, we need to get out of here!”*

Ignatius: *runs out with Gorchev, looking back at Seferia and Sephiroth* What are you doing!? GET OUT!!