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Hope: *frowns at Sephiroth. She then shakes her head* Of course you don’t see her yet. Tiamat is inside. Trust me, there’s a lot more to see down there. *With that, she slips through the crack. On the other side, there is a large cavern that leads down under the terrain that the group had been trecking through. The ceiling is illuminated with glow worms and the like*

Seferia: *eyes the crack. For the most part, she’s concerned about getting her current form to fit through it. She then slowly nods* Let’s go check it out. We didn’t come all this way to turn back now.

Sekhmet: *snorts as she sniffs the air coming out of the crack. Swishing her tail, she scowls* I’m going to be filled with even more filth.. *she shakes her head before squeezing through the crack*