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Kat Aclysm

Rizon: *howls back at Hope* You’re not selling us out to the devil! What even makes you think for a second that she’s going to pay up?! You fucking traitor, I’d get you if I could! *begins to retreat the way he came, using his psychic energies and magic to begin blasting apart the area. He blasts a much taller and more wider than he probably should, and if one is cluey enough, they might work out that he has other intentions with his hole forming in the area*

Ignatius: *collapses in a heap on the ground, landing on his paws. He loudly hisses in defeat, then turns his attention up to Gorchev* We should get out of here…

Sephiroth: *glares at Seferia and moves with her* Don’t be an idiot. Get out like the rest of your group!