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Kat Aclysm

Rizon: *continues to follow the group, trying to keep everyone else in fairly high sprits. He does a lot of the hunting work, and even manages to gather small fruits for the humans in his group. When Sekhmet complains, he begins to hum some of the melodies the other dragons taught him, but resorts to singing them telepathically when told to shut up. He mostly keeps nearby her, wanting to protect her the most out of the group. Finally when they reach the unimpressive hill, he is quick to the defensive and stands ontop of the hill, scanning it for signs of danger or of life* I’ll check this one out!

Ignatius: *keeps to the back of the group, keeping his head down and out of more trouble. After the threats of punishment, he isn’t so willing to step out of line or piss of his superior officers. When they reach the hill, he takes a bow and quivers out of his backpack, preparing himself for anything*

Sephiroth: Where are we going anyway… *remains with Seferia, not too worried about much else. However, he is highly suspicious of the crack in the hill, finding nothing of interest about it* We spent days exploring, risking our lives, and you bring us to this? I don’t see any Tiamat… This is garbage!