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Hope: *blinks and looks back at Rizon as he storms over to her side* Oh… you guys made it here. *she shrugs and stands up* You were supposed to get lost. Oh well.. *she glances over to the black object* I’m not betraying, I’m just facing facts and choosing the best option. I’m going to see my parents, at long last. *she allows herself a small grin*

Seferia: *nods at Sephiroth’s words* ~Indeed, this is most likely far from the safest spot for us to be in.~ *she moves closer to Sephiroth and gives him a slightly nudge in order to comfort him. She then examines the “egg”* ~Most likely one of Nem-~

*Before Seferia can finish speaking to Sephiroth, Gorchev rushes forward toward the object in the middle of the room. He then snorts in distaste at what he finds as he pokes at it, which only rewards him a slime-covered finger. He then bares his fangs and turns to face Hope. As he turns around, the object begins to move about. Soon enough, a large black wing unfolds from the outermost layer of the “egg” and smacks Gorchev across the room. Meanwhile, the obejct continues to unfurl, pulling out six wings as well as unwrapping a elongated tail from a humanoid body*