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Kat Aclysm

Cloud kept his head lowered as he struggled with even the most basic tasks of grabbing objects, clumsily stuffing them into their appropriate bags. He raised his head as Sephiroth spoke to him, but shrugged and put his head down again, wanting to help finish packing away the tent.

“Nibelheim….” He slurred. “My home town…”

“Yes yes, I know that much.” Sephiroth sighed in exasperation. “I was asking if you remembered what happened to it. You know… do you remember anything?” He awkwardly bit at the edge of his mouth. “It burned down. I burned it down.”

“You what…?” Cloud raised his head again, focussing his eyes on Sephiroth, some semblance of anger surfacing through his hazy mind.

“I burned it down.” Sephiroth said louder, in a much more clear voice than before.