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Seferia nodded in acknowledgement to Sephiroth’s concerns. She then scanned the camp again before pointing to Zack and Cloud.

“Those two seem to be struggling. If you don’t want to do nothing more than watching over the eggs while I am gone, go assist them.”

With that said, she walked away to the nearby river. Once at the edge, she knelt down, taking care not to put too much weight on her bad leg. First, she filled up Sephiroth’s water canister. Once the water was gathered, she cast a series of spells that would filter out the impurities as well as kill any organisms within the water. Then, she repeated the process with her own water canister. Within ten minutes, she finished off with both canisters and returned to the camp.

Meanwhile, Zack was doing his best to help Cloud pack up their belongings. Unfortunately for the ex-SOLDIER turned wolf, he lacked opposable thumbs. So, the most he could do was carry items in his mouth and stuff them into packs. This left Cloud with most of the work.