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Seferia frowned at Sephiroth as she continued to watch him wolf down the food. However, she felt no need to stop him. Instead, she returned to her own plate so that she could continue to eat. Once she downed all of her own food, she set the plate to the side before she began to gather their supplies so that they could be packed away.

“Hm?” she rumbled as Sephiroth asked about their destination. She then frowned as she looked over at him. “We are to cross the border that America once had between Mexico and the USA today. As with the last few days, our final destination is the Grand Canyon area. There is a set of ruins within the canyon that will be our next stronghold. This village, that was once inhabited by a people named either the Hopi or the Anasazi, I forget which, was built into the canyon’s walls. So, we shall be rather secure from any overhead scouts.”

She tilted her head once she finished her explanation. “I was under the impression that you were fully aware of these facts, Sephiroth. Are there any other elements of our migration that you need further clarification over?”