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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth nodded slowly even though Seferia probably couldn’t see him from inside the tent. “I know,” He sighed. “I will get ontop of it shortly. I am just drying off…” As he finished his sentence, he walked out of the tent, his pants back on. His hair was still sopping wet and his skin chilly to the touch for he was still cold from his dip in the river. He didn’t seem to care however, and sat down in front of the fire to warm his hands.

“I don’t cook things just because it is favorable to do so,” He said quickly. “It is done to avoid illness and infection from things like tapeworm.” He frowned. “We have almost no medical assistance out here and we need to take care of ourselves.”

He took out a plate and cutlery and stabbed a piece of fish, pulling it onto his plate, beginning to eat it quickly, picking the occaisonal bone out of his mouth. “Tent is easy to pack…” He said with his mouth full. “Do not worry.”