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At first, Seferia did not take much notice to Sephiroth’s return to the tent. However, upon noticing the way that he was utilizing his pants, she tilted her head. She then released a brief chuckle before she shook her head.

“I hope that no one saw you from behind, for your own sake.”

With that, she turned her attention back to the fish. As Sephiroth questioned her, she shrugged her shoulders before calmly speaking out.

“While I am fully capable of eating this sort of thing raw, I cannot deny that the cooking process can provide a very interesting taste that is just as appetizing. Anyway, those such as yourself find eating cooked foods to be a more favorable choice. So, I might as well cook both your and my meal than prepare two meals. It’s simply more efficient.”

She then nodded to his pack. “Now, please eat with haste. We do not have long before we will need to depart again. We do have to pack up and depart soon.”