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Seferia woke up while Sephiroth was away at the river. Yawning, she slowly sat up before she stretched out her muscles. Soon after, she glanced down at her body before she shifted back to her feline form. Once comfortable, she moved to the side of the tent so that she could check up on her eggs.

Upon determining that the eggs have no signs of any problems or damage, she moved to the entrance to the tent, for she had caught the scent of fish. So, she stepped out of the tent to retrieve the few fish that sat on the ground.

Due to her dragon nature, she was fully aware that Zack had stopped by earlier. She also was aware that Sephiroth had left. So, she did not put much thought into where the fish came from. Instead, she moved into the tent so that she could dig through Sephiroth’s belongings in order to retrieve a frying pan.

Thus, by the time that Sephiroth returned to the tent, Seferia would have already fried the fish in order to prepare a breakfast for the two of them.