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Kat Aclysm

Rizon made the slightest hint of a hiss in frustration, but he knew any more than that may be interpretted as defiance. Maybe even mutiny. In any case, he knew better than to hiss openly at what was essentially the queen.

“I know what you said.” He grumbled. “And I don’t mind resting. But we can’t keep moving for much longer. We’re going to need to find another place to set up before too long. And then we need to be able to fortify our defenses.”

“Oh I remember,” Sephiroth frowned. “How could I forget? There still remains a problem though… I shrunk? I thought I would have reached my adult height by now. I was short before puberty, and then I shot up like a sunflower. I never thought to compare myself between then and how I am now.”

Sephiroth didn’t seem to notice the fact he was being observed. He just twisted the edge of his mouth into various discontent expressions as he observed the others in the surrounding area. He knew they had been the last ones to the rest-stop and so he wasn’t worried about any stragglers.

“Is the mortar cup and pestle packed away in a hard to find place?” He wondered. “I think I might want to get it out now while we are resting, actually.”