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Zack let out a chuckle at Sephiroth’s rebuke. He then shook his head.

“Always the serious one, aren’t you?” He responded. “Come on, Sephy. Most people in this camp can’t understand a word I say.. You don’t want to see what I have to do to communicate with Cloud. Well… maybe you would.. Speaking of Cloud, you really should talk to him. You know, help him remember and maybe move past the Nibelheim stuff and all…”

He then grinned once more before he nodded his head. “And you are welcome. I figured that I should give you something, being pals and all. As for the water, it’s very… wet and it gets into fur. Felt fresh though.”

He reached up to scratch behind his left ear as he finished his statement. As he scratched, he flicked bits of water toward Sephiroth.